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ONSLOW COUNTY, NC (WCTI12.com) — A Camp Lejeune Marine has admitted to assaulting a cab driver in Onslow County, causing several facial injuries on the victim.

GySgt. Adam Kinosh pleaded guilty Monday afternoon and was sentenced to five years of probation and one year of house arrest using electronic monitoring. In addition, Kinosh must complete counseling for alcohol abuse and pay $8654 in restitution for the victim’s therapy.

According to investigators, Kinosh assaulted cab driver Charles Hawkesworth, 26, in the victim’s taxi cab on the morning of Sept. 10, 2012. The attack was caught on dash-cam video.

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  • PublicAvenger

    So a honest guy, is trying to earn a living, and he is attacked by this cheapskate, coward, bully. The USMC is a great organization. This punk is a disgrace to the uniform.

    Now he wants to “play crazy”, to try to get a government check, for the rest of his freeloading life. He’s not “sick”. He’s just a criminal. He needs to go to jail, pay restitution to the victim, then get a BCD, Bad Conduct Discharge, or ‘Big Chicken Dinner’, as we called it in the Army.

    The Marines are a great organization. But even the Marines have a few bad apples. I bet if you asked his direct peers, supervisors, and subordinates, 90% would say he was a “jerk”.

    Please Post Commander, do not let this criminal, who has already given our great Marines a black eye, get to ride out as “mentally disabled” like his fake, selfish, coward-bully self, is trying to do. It would be sick, if this bully, coned his way out of this thing, as a pension-drawing “Disabled Veteran”. What a rip-off to the tax-payers, and a disgrace to the truly Disabled Veterans.

  • Brian

    Sounds like the USMC has some issues if they promoted this guy up to gunny…

  • Guest98765

    Another local media source says “Former Marine”. Does this guy get to continue on in the Marines despite the felony conviction?

  • Guest 131

    It’s my understanding he was given a general discharge…

  • Guestmike

    Wow.I can’t believe the outcome of this case.sounds like marines can do what they want with little or no repercussions.hard to believe its recorded,he admits he was on drugs and drunk,and gets to do his time in the comfort of his out of state home.a facebook page was created to support this brutal thug with talks of making a movie about this hero.really?hello.hard to believe it had to come to this to determine ptsd. He probbly will file for 100% disability to pay the fine.If that’s how we find out if they have it,eastern nd is in for a wonderful future

  • Dana Williams

    It is not for me to say whether or not John Adam Kinosh got the punishment that he deserves. I would be interested to know what the victim Charles Hawkesworth would say about his sentence and whether or not he is satisfied. Kinosh has been ordered to pay for all of Hawkeworth’s medical bills and this he should do. Maybe he should be awarded more money but what amount of money would it take for Mr. Hawkesworth to get his life back and the trust he had in the passengers he would pick up? I have read on some forums from SOME Marines who say that the cab driver was trying to take advantage of this Marine and it has been proven by the video that all he was trying to do was give the Gunny a break on the cab fare. Victim is victimized again. What a world.


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