FIRST ON 3: No confirmation Smith was armed when shot and killed

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Submitted: Tue, 10/15/2013 - 5:50pm
Updated: Thu, 10/17/2013 - 6:22pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — As details continue to be released regarding the shooting and killing of Brandon Smith by a New Hanover County Sheriff’s Deputy, one big fact cannot be confirmed yet – whether or not Smith was armed when he was shot.

A request for confirmation from the Sheriff’s Office was referred to the SBI, which is investigating the shooting.

An SBI spokeswoman said she couldn’t confirm whether or not he had a gun, because the shooting is still under investigation.

Investigators say Smith shot a deputy in the leg late Thursday morning in Creekwood. Investigators say he showed back up in the area Sunday afternoon, then led officers on a chase that ended in Castle Hayne on a dead end street.


  • Guest-o-matic says:

    And haven’t even a distant clue as to the magnitude of total chaotic anarchism is as exists in Somalia. A place where children carry fully automatic AK’s with gun belts and mammas strap bombs under their nasty, sweaty clothing and forget panties. No, I KNOW you don’t know!

    This is a growing city with a few problems that have to be addressed and changes that are necessary. The police are doing their job. Now, we have to get the judicial system to do THEIRS and totally restructure the prison system to make it, let’s say, a weeeee bit more uncomfortable. Similar to Mexican and Bolivian prisons. That bell start’nta ring with ya yet there Greenie?

  • Benay Cotten says:

    Law enforcement officers is no better than you and I don’t give you the right to take someone life and everybody that’s making evil comments that tells what kind of people y’all are let’s see what side y’all will be on judgement day …..

  • Benay Cotten says:

    Sorry my child is not throwing gang signs it’s john cena his favorite wrestler on a 10 year old page wow

  • guesty says:

    Another punk taking a dirt nap.

  • Greenie says:

    I’ve seen your troll posts before. I am a former Marine who helped evacuate the US embassy in Somalia during the First Gulf War, and have many friends who passed through Somalia during their careers. The spirit of my post was to point out the general lawlessness in certain areas of Wilmington, any the reluctance of certain law enforcement departments to rein them in. Further, when you have a population with nothing to lose, and a low esteem of life in general, then how long before the violence is pointed out instead of within?

    And it does have impact on all of us in Wilmington. Already, these people are being manipulated by forces based elsewhere, in the form of gang bosses, to finance their operations through drug sales to our children, our co-workers, and our friends and family. Property values certainly aren’t tripling in these high crime areas. With shots fired nearly every day for months now, how long should it take to restore order?

    I stand by my previous statement, and believe change will either have to come from community involvement and dedicated parenting, or a wrecking ball to the “projects.”

  • Brandons friend says:

    You know nothing Brandon is loved by his children wife mother Brandon was and still is a child of god how bout check his wife’s page for family pictures slum bag

  • B a good man and father says:

    It doesn’t freaking matter what yall say they had no business killing him he didnt kill the freaking officer and then ontop of that they dont even know if he was armed which in my eyes he couldn’t have been shooting back on the day he was killed justice needs to be served Tip to a good man/father B as I know him

  • yys says:


  • PublicAvenger says:

    A chip off the ole block. And to think we dumped another $40 million into Creekwood.

  • Lives in the neighborhood says:

    If you understood just how heavily wooded the area he ran into was, you’d understand that the officers would have no way of knowing if he was armed or not. If he had not died of a gunshot would, he would’ve more than likely died of several Cottonmouth bites. We killed nine in our yard, last summer. His driver really chose a horrible getaway route. He drove him right into an area that is swampy and snake infested. Who’s really to blame?

  • Greenie says:

    Has it occurred to anyone else that the gang situation is not far off from becoming a mini Somalia? Complete lawlessness, “billy”mentality, gun culture, rivalries, vacuums of power, drugs, child recruitment. I keep hearing about cease fires, church meetings, and Sheriff crackdowns (no pun intended), but you can lead a horse to water…

    Change has to either come from within, or from a wrecking ball.

  • GuestGSide says:

    Hey WWAY, why don’t you show a current picture of Smith, that can easily be found on his facebook page…Search for Bez Smith (Be easy? Yep, easy now.) He just happens to be wearing blood red. His son’s facebook page is interesting too…he’s wearing read and throwing signs, a little kid!
    Or post the comments of his friend Lashia Latrice Bailey, who was threatening people openly on facebook and threatening gang violence.
    This guy made his bed. He should lay in it.

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    The police did exactly as they should’ve to protect the LAW-ABIDING citizens from a PROVEN very dangerous person. Are you one of those citizens? If so, and you aren’t a multiple convicted felon, the only thing you have to be “frightened” about is running across the other “Brandons” that are still on the loose in this metropolis. The courtrooms release them everyday! I encourage you to go sit in superior court and watch the cockroaches stroll out, back on the street with smirky grins on their faces.

    In today’s world being at the wrong place at the wrong time with these thugs loose can be very deadly! Normally, only criminals fear the actions and duties of police officers!

  • Marty says:

    I hope there is a just and fair investigation. I am disturbed that Brandon was shot and killed. I am trying not to be reactive but thoughtful and open, not assuming the police acted prematurely. We need to feel protected by our policemen – all of us. I am frightened by the lack of trust between all of us in the Wilmington community. What must our children think when they are escorted home by police officers? The children are watching and searching for who will help them to feel safe. We are all responsible for that.

  • antithug says:

    Raise your kids to not do wrong. And if they find themselves in a situation, don’t run, and simply cooperate.

  • Steve says:

    Tell them not to shoot at the nice Police Officer and I am sure they will be fine.

  • Guest2020 says:

    They are not saying that the officer didn’t know whether or not the suspect had a gun. They are saying that the police department and the SBI are not commenting on an open investigation. There is a difference.

  • GuestSpeaker says:

    living the thug life ? why are you guys downing him. Ok he shot an officer. The fact is which ever officer shot & killed Mr.Smith was dead wrong. He didnt know if he had a gun on him or not. :( R.I.P Mr.Smith

  • Guest275 says:

    Something aint right in Leo town. The last thing Wilmington need is a wrongful shooting especially with District Attorney there taking his publicity shots smiling in all the glory of a job well done?

  • Guest91111 says:

    It doesn’t say anywhere he was unarmed. They can’t comment on it yet because the investigation isn’t complete.

  • Bookem says:

    Brandon proved he was capable of concealing a pistol and being able to pull it fast enough to shoot a Deputy. That officer could have died and may not ever be physically able to work as a police officer again. If he jumped out of a car after a car chase with police and ran into the woods disobeying orders to stop, no way on Gods green earth anyone of us would not feel like our lives were in danger. They already knew the suspect had no respect for the life of an officer. Gun or no gun they were justified in believing their life’s were at risk.
    Shame on WWAY for trying to turn this into a witch hunt of the police. They just watched a brother officer get shot by this waste of oxygen. Glad he’s not wasting anymore.

    Great Job NHSO. We stand behind Sheriff McMahon and Chief Evangelous. Prayers from our church will continue to flow from Pine Valley to your officers.

  • Guest350 says:

    Who really cares whether he was armed ot not?

  • Mr . America says:

    To meet his maker the second he decided to draw down on the 1st deputy.. Hey Brandon you play you pay… All this nonsense about whether he was or was not armed is pointless. He should have simply complied with the Law.. Let’s just move on and have a good ol fashion pig pickin!!! The way I see it is very simple….
    Law Enforcement=1
    Brandon Smith=0
    Keep up the great work Officers…

  • sakz says:

    She is complete utter trash. That girl is clearly under the influence. I’d be glad that he couldn’t whoop my ass anymore if anything. The “estranged” wife and everyone else in the “hood” thank God this stray animal acting idiot didn’t send a stray bullet thru your window and into your childrens head. Good riddance. How do you all say it “no justice no peace!” What did you all think was going to happen, you guys couldn’t of thought he would escape “this one??” He has been a threat to our community for so long, don’t believe me go to the South side of Wilmington and find the big angry monsters in the video with the “estranged.” Ask them what is it that he is known for? They won’t tell you for being a absolutely wonderful father that worked to feed his family. Better yet ask them how many times has he shot at and possibly hid or killed people that he just didn’t like because of the side of town they were from. He was known for his “BILLY” hood(gang) term for “badass” mentality and ways. He was a cold hearted criminal that should have never left from behind bars to begin with. Known drug dealer too, so Im sure everyone from the gangs and hoods of Wilmington will find a way to retaliate even though they know he was never a good person. He would steal your car then help you kill an innocent person for his wrong doing. This right here is exactly why I don’t understand why everyone is in denial. You know big billy Brandon would shoot up a daycare if he didn’t like the childs teacher, the same way he and his cousin shot up a club with the mother of his children inside. Wake up Wilmington. “Estranged” who are you better than? You are only human just like “us” now I bet. Go collect and use some more of OUR tax dollars for you to run the streets, while your kids are at home with grandma. Yep or better yet to buy more hat and earrings from the local hair store, so you can walk around like you’re more than life itself. You married him RECENTLY, gave birth to another child RECENTLY, what do you mean you have not spoke to him in years, we know that you won’t to keep your government assistance but don’t lie. We can’t believe anything you say now.

  • Bubb7 says:

    Based on what and how you wrote this, it sounds like you are well connected to what is going on down there. Thank you for having the guts to call this for what it is> Live hard and die hard. What a mess. No amount of cops or welfare programs or social service programs are going to change the problems going on in Creekwood or Houston Moore or the other projects. Has to be done by folks like you from the inside. As absolutely terrifying as it will be and even potentially dangerous, I hope some other people follow your lead.

  • PublicAvenger says:

    It was the deputies duty to apprehend him. He ran to a “heavily wooded” area, after shooting another man, and refusing to obey lawful orders to cooperate, and surrender. It appears he chose to stay in, or go for, the woods.

    What were the deputies supposed to do ? Run in there after him, exposing themselves to another ambush. Let him shoot another one, so the 3rd will have a “reason” to shoot him ? Let him get behind a tree, take aim, and shoot. While they run in, completely vulnerable.

    He left those deputies no other choice. They not only had a “reason”, they had a “duty” to shoot him.

    He was chased to a “Heavily Wooded ” area, where he chose to go. They knew he was either going to get away, or possibly kill one of them. Any reasonable person would conclude that.

    Great Job NHCSD Deputies. Thank God, we have a good sheriff, who stands behind his people.

  • GuestV says:

    Let’s not forget the danger he posed to the public at large. Were shots not fired from the vehicle? What if someone’s child had been hit by a stray bullet or the vehicle itself? He didn’t care about anything but livin’ the thug life.

  • What Matters says:

    All that matters is that the Officer knew the fugitive was capable of using deadly force in turn did what he had to do just in case. Should the officer approach the suspect in hope that he didnt have a gun? No!If they would have pulled over with hands in the air then there would have been a different outcome!!

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    …you are rightfully AND legally considered “armed and dangerous” at ALL times! He was running even as they got him and deserved what he got. His ONLY way out would’ve been to have his family surround him upon entrance to the police department to turn himself in immediately after he shot the officer…period!

    All of you need to remember, if this criminal was desperate AND stupid enough to pull a loaded, concealed and likely illegal weapon and shoot a well trained police officer, he wouldn’t have given a second thought about killing a woman, child or anyone else that got in his way at any given time!

    The only thing I’m grateful for is, he couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with a baseball bat 2 feet away!

    Case closed! No injustice done here.

  • Guest705 says:

    This is a man who just days ago shot a law enforcement officer in front of credible witnesses. The officers have a right to protect themselves and he should have been considered “armed and dangerous.” He forfeited the right to the benefit of the doubt when he ran instead of obeying a lawful command to stop. While I do not endorse the killing I also don’t expect officers to wait for a violent criminal to kill more officers before they return fire. He had ample time to turn himself in. Put yourself in their shoes.

  • Guess82836 says:

    It dont matter you guys still have to look at the fact thats thats someone child thats dead. They didnt have to kill him. Im pretty sure he wasnt armed because if he was he probably wouldve shot at them. They officer he shot is OK. they whole while they just wanted him dead. smh R.I.P B. youll be missed :(

  • Guestliving says:

    The officer was shot in the leg by a person sitting in a car during a traffic check if I read the recent postings lately by WWAY. The officer was standing, the offender was sitting. The shooter obviously had a better advantage if that was his intent to cause deadly harm. If the perp had meant deadly harm towards the officer, he would have aimed higher dont you think if he was sitting in the car?. My question to all you commenting in favor of the police, why do you all think the police had a shoot to kill order? Was the perp wanted for murder?

  • PublicAvenger says:

    Amen- I fully agree. Bookem

  • Bookem says:

    Anytime you point a gun at another human being and pull the trigger you are attempting to kill. Bullets have no GPS device attached. There is a huge artery in the upper leg, that officer could have bled out. Silly commment Guestliving. Silly.
    Also, the shooter Brandon wasnt in the car, he was outside on foot in Creekwood as the reports read. Nothing about him sitting in a car. He got out of the vehicle, pulled a handgun, and decided right there to kill an officer. If you have any experience with handguns, you would realize the difficulty of placing a shot during stressful times. He meant to kill that Deputy and almost succeeded. Brandon lived by the sword and Died by the sword. God have mercy on his soul as he will need it based on his criminal history.

  • RC says:

    Look at your quote..”Im pretty sure he wasnt armed because if he was he probably wouldve shot at them” What kind of mentality is that? I’ll tell’s the typical piece of trash, thug mentality. You also said “they didn’t have to kill him”, so in your stupid simple mind it’s OK for criminals to shoot at cops but the cops shouldn’t shoot back? Sad group of people you are to live and think the way you do.

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