Some say WPD is racial profiling in light of violence

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Submitted: Tue, 10/15/2013 - 10:16pm
Updated: Tue, 10/15/2013 - 10:34pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Some in the African- American community say they’ve noticed a change in police attitude.

Alvin Moore is one of the people who say they feel like a victim of racial profiling in light of recent violence.

Moore says he is extremely angry by the way Wilmington Police talked to him last week after a deputy was shot in Creekwood.

“‘You people?’ That’s wrong. We are not living in the 20’s anymore. Don’t say ‘you people’, I have a name. I put my pants on like you do every morning,” said Moore.

Others also said they feel their friends and family have been targets because of their skin color during law enforcement’s search to track down Brandon Smith, the man they say shot Michael Spencer.

“I know four black men in my life and all four got pulled over,” said Sherri Ulcak.

Ulcak does think this coincidental.

“That goes to show they don’t know what to do at this point. They don’t know what to do other than to harass all black people,” said Ulcak.

But not all the people we spoke with on Tuesday think police are harassing them.

One African- American man, who wanted to remain anonymous, said he feels more threatened by the people he passes on the streets.

“Me and my girl were walking down the street and we were looking over our shoulder every minute.”

We asked the police department what it thought about the allegations and a spokeswoman released this statement: “We take every complaint seriously and would encourage anyone who feels they’ve been profiled or mistreated to file a complaint with the Wilmington Police Department. Our Internal Affairs Unit will make sure this complaint is reviewed and follow-up is made with each complainant. The Wilmington Police Department has a strict policy against profiling and we hold each of our officers accountable to obeying this policy.”


  • deputy25 says:

    proud of you. this is what was done back in the 60 and 70’s . people were responsible to themselves first and did things right. i dont know where it went wrong , but my guess is when they took GOD and the paddle out of school and the switch from the parents hand!!

  • guesty says:

    “I put my pants on like you do every morning,” said Moore.”

    I bet you do put them on the same way, but the question is, how do you then wear them? Do you walk around with your underwear showing? Does it look like you took a huge dump in your pants?

  • originalwilmingtonian says:

    What the people of the community are trying to convey to the world is that they don’t like how the police are treating them during the search. It appears the police were handling the “innocent” people like criminals and that’s not right. Case in point my 26 year old female cousin and her fiancé. There were recent reports of drive by shootings in the area and the car description was similar to my cousin’s car. My cousin lives in a home near the creekwood area. The police have pulled them over at least 5 different times and roughed them both up. My cousin was pulled out the car and slammed against the hood. Now tell me… how is this acceptable behavior by the cops?? I told them to go downtown to report this to the chief. This is harassment that can not be tolerated. So if they treated my cousin like this b/c her car was the same color as the car they were looking for… I couldn’t imagine how they treated those boys/men in the search of the man who SHOT one of their own! I guarantee it was not a lovely encounter. These comments are coming from those racist who hide behind the keyboard. It’s really uncalled for people.

  • Guest1971 says:

    Well it’s not racial profiling if your right!

  • guesttony says:

    I had to reply to your post because it warmed my heart! Good for you! You are an inspiration and thank you for your perseverance. I applaud your courage and willingness to be a productive member of society, despite the culture that tried to get you to embrace government dependence.

  • Greenie says:

    It has occurred to me that on the subject of race, all people want to treated like everyone else, however, they want to strongly claim an identity by what they are. To quote Popeye, “I yam what I yam,” and I am ok with that, are you?

    I’m not sure there’s anything new to say here. We’ve all seen this subject come up on these posts a million times. I don’t believe racism is as prevalent as some minorities would make it out to be. It is a socio-economic truth, that in any society poverty and ignorance breed violent crime, regardless of race. Doesn’t matter what people think of your color if you graduate with a masters and drive a BMW bought from honest work, and raise your children to be responsible members of society.

    Martin Luther King would be very confused as to why minorities haven’t taken advantage of the freedoms that he helped win. It’s more like slavery than ever with people housed, fed, and cared for by the government and kept down by the Man for his political gain. All you race card pullers: get educated, get a job, and get a life. Not for me or for any of the “racists”, but for yourself.

  • Guest654654 says:

    Oh…that’s real nice…Alvin Moore

    Let’s quote someone telling us how evil the police are…someone who is TRESPASSED FROM ALL WILMINGTON HOUSING AUTHORITY PROPERTY because of his criminal history.

    Wasn’t he in the mugshots for being arrested the other day…for trespassing…after he started running his mouth to the police…in Creekwood…where he wasn’t supposed to be to begin with????

    Wonder why he doesn’t like the police. Real brain surgeon there.

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    You should probably pick more upstanding citizens for these interviews.

  • Guest BILL says:

    why are blacks supporting gangs by muddying the water with this profiling diversion when they need to support authorities who r trying to help them? get out of their way! just an observation,but i have noticed the race card comes out often in these situations. interesting isn’t it?

  • tracie currie says:

    This is NOT Correct! I Live Off Princess And My son and My Nephew were on the next street over when a police officer stopped them both and why they doing over here in “THIS” neighborhood..My son who is 16 said that he lived on the next street over and he asked the police officer was it because they were “WHITE” the reason they were stopped and asking for their ID’s and the police officer relied “YES” THAT”WE” Talking about my son being “WHITE” were in the wrong area, That alot of crack “OVER HERE” Last I checked “WHITE” people do crack also..So they are NOT only stopping black people white people are getting stopped too.

  • CM says:

    If this was a general police policy, divorced from any circumstances, I might be inclined to think this was racial discrimination. Yet, in light of the facts, uncomfortable as they may be for some, that this spate in violence is taking place in a black community with black perpetrators and black victims, it isn’t racist at all but a reflection of the situation. No, I wouldn’t like it particularly either if I was randomly pulled, but I would understand why if I lived in a neighborhood and I matched a profile.

    Instead of carping about racism and complaining about being inconvenienced by police, where is the outrage about the gangs and murders? What about outrage against the glamorization of violence, crime, and degradation that enables a culture of death? The community needs to seriously examine itself and engage in some self-criticism rather than projecting their problems onto everyone else. If this is to stop, this will have to be combined with cooperation with the police, religious/community leaders, and non-profits. Furthermore, I contend that Creekwood must be demolished as Jervay was. Will that cost something? Yes, and that is unfortunate. But in the long run it will be cheaper than sinking money bit by bit, piece by piece into a failed neighborhood whose very physical setup is conducive to crime.

  • Mr. Pants says:

    Hey Mr. Moore. You are wrong. You don’t put your pants on like me every morning. Because when I put my pants on, I pull them up to my waist.

  • Guest Reply Redux says:

    “Some say WPD is racial profiling in light of violence” (Unquote)

    Isn’t that statement racial within itself…with some???
    Kinda like…the Americans shooting at the Germans in WWII was racial…and/or visa versa by the Germans.
    Or…Korea/Vietnam/Afghanistan/The Civil War/etc…etc…

  • deputy25 says:

    this guy is just plain stupid!

  • Guest33 says:

    You said it yourself Mr. Moore, “we are not living in the 20’s anymore”, so stop trying to pull the race card! Seems to me like you are looking for a reason to claim discrimination. How do I know this? You take the term “you people” completely out of context and immediately feel like it’s a prejudiced comment. Keep up the good work WPD!

  • Guest45 says:

    If a “white” man robs a bank, there’s not much point in stopping black males and questioning them is there? or in this case the description was the opposite.

  • Pat says:

    Is this the same lady from day 1 that was complaining about the crime in her area?

  • Wilmington Observer says:

    opposite……… but oh, so common.

    Wilmington Observer

  • Guest8698 says:

    I have known Cheri and Al a long time. They have been stupid they whole life.
    Don’t take what they say serious. If you was to ask me I say stop and search everybody.
    Till this killing slows or stops. I grew up in Jervay moved to Creekwood in 99, went to CFCC in 2001,graduated from there in 2003 an now work as a dental hygienist. I used every asset offered to me to leave that terrible place!
    I bought my own house with my own money with my own credit and didn’t want the section 8 brand that some folks tried to force on me. My 11yr old son has lived with me the entire time through all this stuff. His father was never around and when he wasn’t locked up, he still never showed up or paid but 3 times. Although guys around there still looked up to him for being sorry! My grandmother and grandfather helped raise me due to my parents not being there for us. They told me the way out of the projects is through education and hardworking. They told me once you get out stay away from any government help. That’s why I refused section 8. For the most part the people that choose to stay in the projects are for the most part content with being an ignorant, lazy government slave. “As my grandparents would say”. If we had korean men shooting folks in Pine Valley, I sure hope they pull over Korean men to see if they are the ones. No need to pull over old white guys if korean men are shooting. WPD keep doing what you are doing. If my younger brother who is a gang member gets caught up in it, lock him up too. I sure hope this all stops but it won’t!

  • OnlyMe says:

    As I read the comments from all the shooting that have taken place over the last month, it really grief my heart how some people can make excuses for the wrong that have been done. Two wrongs don’t make one right. Both families are victims, one is without a father,son, etc.. while the other is on leave, but with pay until his recovery. We don’t know what really happen the day that Mr. Smith was killed, sometime the media or police dept don’t disclose all the facts. Right now we need to be praying that all the violence stop, because innocent people are getting hurt. Sometime I think that Law Enforcement let the uniform and badge go beyond their head. Everyone deserve respect, but in order to get respect, you must give respect. It is not what you say, but how you say it!! So sometime the way you say something and the tone of voice has a totally different meaning. Think before you speak,or post. Put yourself in that person’s place.

  • Wilmington Observer says:

    I, absolutely, abhor big government, high taxes and wasteful government spending. Now, someone is proposing the use of my tax dollars to demolish Creekwood??

    Not only would I support such an endeavor but I would write a check to help cover the cost!!!

    Wilmington Observer

  • Frank says:

    The Bloods and the Crips Street Gangs are made up of primarily African Americans. I am a retired cop from a major city where we had numerous gangs. These gangs primarily prey on the communities in which they live. The crimes they commit are mostly black on black crimes. The people in Creekwood and other gang infested areas should be happy that their Police and Sheriff’s Department are willing to put their lives on the line to protect all the people in these crime ridden and dangerous neighborhoods. As a retire police officer and a citizen of New Hanover County I applaud both the Sheriff and the Police Chief in taking immediate action. So if you are stopped and questioned by law enforcement and you have done nothing wrong, just answer their questions and be on your way. This isn’t racial. This is a law enforcement strategy to try and protect you and the citizens of that gang infested community.

  • Guest 74593 says:

    I am sick of YOU PEOPLE!!! What about the racial profiling that you are doing in your OWN community!!! Selling that MESS!!! to your GRANDMOTHER, GRANDFATHER, MOTHER, FATHER, SISTER, BROTHER, COUSIN, CHILDREN and the list goes ON.. And you not gving a _____ about WHO you sell it too!! ROBBING your families, neighbors, friends and the list goes ON.. Being disrepectful to your family, etc and the list goes ON.. NOT TO MENTION KILLING EACHOTHER!!! Now you are the ignorant one. YOU PEOPLE go to the store and BUY WHITE PEOPLE named brand clothing,shoes etc. Yall are FUNNY!! NO HILARIOUS!!! YOU PEOPLE MAKE US PEOPLE that are OUT HERE WORKING EVERYDAY TRYING TO MAKE AN HONEST LIVING, RAISING RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE CHILDREN LOOK BAD!!! BE ABOUT A POSTIVE CHANGE.. IT IS NEVER TO LATE TO CHANGE. Oh, and a hard working Afro American what about YOU PEOPLE????

  • Guest 4593 says:

    You are so CORRECT!!! Continue to STRIVE.. You came from a SOLID GROUNDED family!! You have to want change.. You have a STORY to TELL and it was worth reading!!!

  • Guest1221 says:

    It seems pretty obvious to me that if the police are looking for a black male, they’d be stopping only black males. Mr. Moore, shame on you, the white man ain’t keeping you down, your ignorance is.

  • GuestUSMC says:

    Congratulations on your well-deserved success. May it follow you throughout your life. If only more felt the way you do.

  • Guest, just another says:

    Your words should be told over and over. So true.

    Government slave. That is the perfect definition. Once the yoke is on, its so hard to get it off.

  • LelandNC says:

    You are a wonderful example to your son! Continued success to you!

  • westla says:

    Are you serious ? Maybe at the time they were looking for a black male because a black male shot a cop. Now it wwould be stupid to pull over white males if you were after a black male. Just saying. And maybe if white people were out shooting up the neighborhoods and at cops,it would take some heat off the hoods.Thank god the woman who says the cops are racist is not the police chief. No crime would be solved cause we might upset the possible suspects who fit the description.

  • Jblack says:

    Are you kidding me. ALL of the shootings since shotspotter was installed have been by blacks why would the WPD question whites when it comes to looking for a black man that shot a detective.

  • Guest, just another says:

    If the cops are looking for a black man who shot an officer, they aren’t going to stop an asian or caucasian driving by. Its pretty simple.

    If you look at all of the previous articles where someone has shot someone here in Wilm, its a black male. Its not racial profiling, its black men shooting. There’s no profiling about it.

    If you’re a black man walking in Wilmington it seems you need to be looking over your shoulder – you can’t trust your neighbor.

  • 240 says:

    This is criminal profiling, not racial profiling. If you want to make a difference in your community for the better, stand up for what’s right and stop hiding behind this race card! I never see other races yelling racial profiling. Yet, if somebody fits the description of a suspect, Al Sharpton and the NAACP is all up in the news wanting an apology and policies changed. Take your communities back, people. Make it a better, safer place for your families to live. And when something happens, don’t tell the police you didn’t see anything. And then, when they only have a vague description you complain? You’re doing it to yourselves! Think about it. Continue on WPD.

  • antithug says:

    Good police work. If you are a victim in a crime by someone of your race,and you gave the description. Would you want the police to waste their time investigating someone of a different race? Though so, so deal with it. Race is simply the description in these instances.

  • ItsOBAMASfault says:

    So, you feel Law Enforcent has “harassed” only black men while searching for Brandon Smith? Wow! You may have a point! If memory serves me correctly, the description that was given for the suspect was “a black male 5’8″ or 5’10”, 215-230 lbs…” With that being said, one could deduce that they should rule out all white/brown/pink/purple.. people!! Now, for all “you people” that are pulling the race card, please do everyone a favor and stop wasting our precious oxygen. That’s all!!

  • Guest65465465 says:

    This is stupid.

    You are only stirring the pot.

    Younger black males have been responsible for ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of these shootings that have been in the headlines.

    So who do you think the police should focus on? Chinese delivery people?

    These neighborhoods are almost exclusively black. That is not racist, that is a statistical fact. Are the police beating people up for being black? Are they stopping every single black person that is driving up and down Princess Place Drive and taking them to jail for nothing? Or are they DOUBLING THEIR EFFORTS, DOUBLING THEIR MANPOWER, PUTTING THEIR LIVES ON THE LINE FOR THE BLACK PEOPLE OF THESE COMMUNITIES WHILE HITS ARE BEING PUT OUT ON THEM AND THE COMMUNITIES BERATE THEM?

    Think about that. They are trying to identify and arrest the people responsible for shooting up these communities. Those people have been described, by the very members of those communities, as younger black males.

    If the two words “You people” are the strongest inclination of “racial profiling” that you can come up with…that’s pretty ridiculous.

    How about you work with the police and be respectful and support them…see if that makes your interactions a bit better.

  • Guest111 says:

    WWAY, why would you even waste your time reporting such an expected response from the black community? You are doing nothing but trying to stir up “the kettle” to keep more and more crap boiling. Seems like you need to get off the narrow fence in your repoting..

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