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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Studies show that military veterans are twice as likely to become homeless than the average american.

The Good Shepherd Center in Wilmington does its part to try to fight the problem, but it needs the community’s help. Today it got that help in a big way.

From Sept. 11 until Nov. 11 Home Depot stores across the country are holding a Celebration of Service; a celebration that hit the streets of Wilmington today in the form of rehabilitation at the Sgt. Eugene Ashley Memorial Center.

Fifty Home Depot employees flooded the center to paint, fix the landscaping, and install cabinets and appliances. The project is worth more than $20,000.

“As a company we see 1.4 mMillion veterans that are homeless nationwide,” The Home Depot’s Jacob Roberts said. “Over 10 percent of our company are veterans, and we know that when these veterans come back from serving the country they’re twice as likely to become homeless.”

At any given time the Eugene Ashley Memorial Center houses between 12 and 23 homeless veterans, all of whom gave the home depot a big salute for their hard work.

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  • homerpoe

    That Home Depot was able to help a fellow vet that’s awesome they deserve all the help from the community. I just wished Home Depot would take care of us vets that actually work in the store for them. Part time 20 hrs a week and treated like a piece of crap.

  • Store Associate

    To all of my fellow vets I salute you for your service and thank you to all members of the community who do help us vets.
    I as well am employed by this oranged apron organization and have never been treated worse in my life by a company who states that they live by a certain set of values… That’s a bunch of HORSESH*T!!!!! Eastwood Rd location has set the tone for treating us orange aproned vets like trash. Just my opinion of course. Better yet next time u stop by to buy some nails or attend a kids clinic I challenge you to ask us how we are treated here at the Eastwood Rd location.

  • Sharon

    With so much negativity being reported regarding my hometown, it is refreshing to read of Home Depot contributing such a wonderful gift to the true heros in Wilmington!


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