New Walmart shopping center could be headed to Burgaw

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Submitted: Fri, 10/18/2013 - 2:34am
Updated: Fri, 10/18/2013 - 3:47am

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) – Residents living in the town of Burgaw met Thursday evening to talk about a new Walmart shopping center.

Those who attended the public meeting were split. Some say the new shopping center will bring revenue and traffic to their small community, while others say it will hurt the town.

“I think those people who are trying to keep the Walmart out are just plain selfish,” said Johnny Stringfield, Burgaw Resident.

Stringfield was just one of the many residents that came to voice their concerns about the new proposed Walmart store.

“I am for the Walmart, because it will bring jobs. People are suffering right now,” said Stringfield.

According to town officials the proposed location is inside the city limits on Highway 53.

A location that is too close for some residents.

“I chose to live here and I don’t like the corporate culture of Walmart,” said Ross Harrell, Burgaw Resident.

Harrell is a local businessman who says he is worried about what the new store will do to his business.

“I think it will be detrimental for downtown Burgaw and the overall texture of life,” said Harrell.

However, residents like Stringfield say building the new mega store in their community will be something positive.

“It will generate more traffic, industry and will bring revenue to Burgaw,” said Stringfield.

The planning board will continue to complete a technical review before making their final decision.


  • Burgaw Native says:

    I’ve lived in Burgaw almost all of my life and I don’t see what the big deal is. There is one Hardware store in Burgaw and it is a Big Franchise that doesn’t buy anything locally at all. This is the only business I can see being affected by Wal-Mart and at least Wal-Mart buys local produce and seasonal items. These haughty Burgonians need to let Wal-Mart come for the sake of their fellow Pender County neighbors. Do you realize if you live in Currie or Atkinson or Penderlea you would have to drive all the way to Wilmington or Wallace to buy household goods at a fair price. There are 55,000 residents of Pender County standing to benefit from this Wal-Mart and they are being held up by a few residents of the 3,900 population in Burgaw. They will save on gas driving to town. I know several folks that just don’t drive in Wilmington either. I know one man 45 years old that has never driven to Wilmington because of traffic and busy streets. Have some sense and let Wal-Mart come

  • A Burgaw Resident says:

    Yes, I am tempted to be excited about the potential of new jobs. But I know the majority will only be minimum wage jobs. We would be far better off attracting industrial production/manufacturing/assembly work, where the average wage is notably higher. The truth of the matter is that small local businesses will immediately feel the economic effects…and eventually they may have to reduce their small, but stable, long term staff. And what happens when Wal-Mart is not making the profit margin they expect and they move out and leave that big building? I am curious to know estimates of the potential tax revenue to the town and related potential income from Wal-Mart…

  • rocky point resident says:

    Don’t want it burgaw send it to rocky point we will gladly take it. I honestly think so.e burgaw residents are scared of change this is no longer 1960 or 1970 nor the 80’s times change towns change I’m not saying forget downtown burgaw it will always be historical but sometimes change is a good thing so if y’all don’t want it I’m positive rocky point should love to see it come here.

  • beach guy says:

    I think we should have a poll by the residents of Burgaw and Pender on the Wal mart super center. it should be broken down by economic demographics
    I think you would find a great disparity between who want’s it and who doesn’t based on economic and employment data. Just a thought, you will then know where people are coming from with their comments.
    I am sure there will be protests by some impassioned well intended types but not everyone has the financial ability to go out and protest a possible job for someone less fortunate.

  • NCRavensFan says:

    Actually Southport has had a Wal-Mart for several years, but it is a good 2-3 miles away from the Historic District, I’m not sure how the proposed Wal-Mart location would play into the distance between the Burgaw Historic District and the site of the proposed Wal-Mart.

  • Lelandgal says:

    To me Burgaw has always been the town with History. Visiting there has always been a surprise. Eating there in the cute little cafes and shopping in the little stores downtown. To me Burgaw and Southport should stay like they are now. The movies bring great news about what is new there and makes me want to visit it again. . It is a shame when a little Town changes after Walmart moves in the neighborhood. When Walmart takes over the towns lose a lot in the long run. There will be no more little stores, places to eat that are not in other cities, and the down town county looks will change too. Trash will be on the Highways and more red lights and stop signs.

  • Beth says:

    But I drive through there from time to time. I love all the old homes there, even the ones that are falling down. There is a certain quaintness about it that big business build up would certainly destroy.

  • Timothy says:

    the only business that burgaw gets is from those who work in burgaw sorry truth hurts i work in wilmington so i cant drive back home every time i need somthing during the week. and all is closed when i get home.

  • A Burgaw Citizen says:

    I am opposed to the idea of a Walmart in Burgaw. I love the small town feel that Burgaw has. There are a lot of small businesses that a corporate business such as Walmart would destroy. As far as the jobs go, if they offered high paying jobs verses part time minimum wage jobs then I could see how it could possibly help. As it is Burgaw has all the amenities that you need, if it necessitates going to Walmart there is one in Wallace & several in Wilmington. Drive the distance… Stay out of Burgaw!!!

  • unknown says:

    walmart would be good for burgaw. its low prices and it would bring people jobs. also it would being more people to burgaw

  • Guest350 says:

    Wal Mart is the best thing that ever happened to Southport. Before, there was only a Roses store with a very limited offerings. For the most part, it was a drive to Wilmington for most anything you needed. Grocery prices at the local stores were too high due to lack of competition. I personally feel that Wal Mart has been a great asset for us. I believe Burgaw will feel the same once it is there.

  • tke1 says:

    The lower prices will be good for the citizens but not so good for the local businesses. I am sure Burgaw can use the tax dollars from the Walmart. Local businesses will have to learn to be a little more creative to keep their local customers—be a lot friendlier and more helpful than the normal Wally World employee and participate in a lot more local events in order to stay in the spotlight.

  • Burgaw says:

    Walmart will produce some jobs. They will provide cheaper products. But at what cost? There are a lot of businesses that are barely holding on. This will probably be the straw that breaks their back. Most of these businesses have supported many things that a lot of people around this town take for granted. Let me list a few of these items: local high school yearbooks, menus from the restaurants in the area, sponsoring the many t-ball, soccer, football teams, along with their all star trips, pender adult services, boys and girls homes, local parades. This is just a short list of the many groups that come around and call on the local businesses for support.

    Like I said they will provide cheaper products but what most people don’t understand is how much it cost to try to inventory products and pay employees. Walmart has the luxury of buying in extreme bulk not to mention pretty much telling the vendor what they will pay for a product. Small independent stores don’t have that option.

    Look at the site they are proposing. Hwy 53 doesn’t need any more traffic congestion so close to the existing problems. How about the water issues already causing problems to the residents along 53. When you cover 8 acres with asphalt and concrete your are going to have even more water entering a saturated area. Yes they will have a water retention pond but what is going happen when we get rain like we have had in the past and the water in the area is at the height of the retention pond guess what, that pond serves no use. Now you have even more problems.

    All I’m saying we need to look at all angles before we jump in with both feet.

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