Obama signs bill, government back open after 16-day shutdown

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Submitted: Thu, 10/17/2013 - 11:52am
Updated: Thu, 10/17/2013 - 2:23pm

WASHINGTON, DC (WWAY) — The government reopens its doors today after a battle-weary Congress approved a bipartisan measure last night to end a 16-day partial shutdown and avert the possibility of an economy-jarring federal default.

President Barack Obama signed the measure early this morning.

Many House Republicans, including one who represents part of southeastern North Carolina, voted against the compromise to reopen the government through Jan. 15 and increase the nation’s borrowing authority through Feb. 7.

Rep. Walter Jones, a Republican who’s 3rd District runs from downtown Wilmington to the Virginia line, voted against the measure last night.

“As the only member of Congress to vote against every debt ceiling increase in the last 10 years, I cannot in good conscience support a piece of legislation that does absolutely nothing to address the most pressing issue facing our country – out of control spending,” Jones said in a statement. “When the national debt is an astonishing $17 trillion, the last thing Washington needs is permission to continue its reckless spending habits.”

Jones also says he does not like that the bill leaves Obamacare in tact.

The government has been shut down for 16 days, and the Treasury Department says today the country would have run out of money to pay its debts if a measure was not approved.

With a predicted economic catastrophe looming, the deal has support from the rest of the Cape Fear’s Congressional delegation.

“I wasn’t elected to shutdown the government or play political games, and it’s time for Congress to stop manufacturing crises and get to work on a long-term, bipartisan and balanced plan to get our fiscal house in order, grow our economy and give certainty to families and business owners,” Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC) said in a statement. Hagan voted in support of the compromise.

Rep. Mike McIntyre (D-7th District) says he’s been working with colleagues since the shutdown began to end it.

“It is good that we will avoid an economic default and open the doors of government,” McIntyre said in a statement. “However, we should continue bipartisan discussions with the goal of putting forth a long-term deficit reduction agreement to get our fiscal house in order and finding other areas of cooperation, including a Balanced Budget Amendment.”

McIntyre also voted in support of the measure to end the 16-day shutdown.

Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) was the only member of the delegation who did not say ahead of the Senate count how he planned to vote. In the end, he joined the majority in the upper house to get back to business in Washington.

“I have been clear that I believed that defunding Obamacare by shutting down the federal government was unachievable,” Burr said in a statement after the Senate vote. “The decision to shut down the government has been viewed, rightfully, by the American people as irresponsible governing.”

President Barack Obama signed legislation after Congress passed a bill to allow the Treasury to borrow normally through at least Feb. 7 and fund the government through Jan. 15. And federal workers will be paid for the time they were furloughed.

Standard & Poor’s estimated the shutdown has taken $24 billion out of the economy.


  • A free man says:

    About the ACA
    I will Not enroll
    I WILL Not comply
    I will refuse to pay any penalties
    The Government will not force this Law down my throat.
    Repeal of ACA Will be the litmus test on how the law makers voted.
    Those that voted for ACA will be removed from Office in the 2014 mid-term by the will of the people
    the ACA is a money grab for the government, resulting in sub standard health care…
    I’m not paying for that..I refuse

  • jj says:

    The poor people have been voting for the Democrates forever and they are still poor. The gov’t gives them just enough to keep them hooked and not wanting to better themselves.

    I will I could get a free 16 day paid vacation.. Didn’t understand, we lay people off because we can’t pay they. They when we get money to fund the gov’t we back pay people for doing nothing. Would it not made sense if we were going to back pay they to make them work?

  • bhambywayofwilmy says:

    So your saying that 1. you can not afford health insurance and despite the fact that the government will provide it for you…you refuse healthcare or
    2. are you saying I can afford insurance but I will not get insurance and will not pay a tax, I will just go to jail?????

    There is only a tax if you can afford ins, yet refuse to pay and just run up the cost by using the ER as your primary care DR.

  • GuestToday says:

    You will pay the penalties (if you don’t participate) because they will be added to your tax return – if they don’t the penalty from you that way, they’ll garnish your wages.

  • Free country says:

    Oh your such a rebel. Like who cares?

  • beach guy says:

    I agree with you completely but the real kick in the pants is that they have the right by this law to ether take the money from your checking/savings account or your tax return or garnish your wages or file a Tax lien and confiscate your real property.


  • Getemfido says:

    Wow me neither. Way to go james dean.

  • Vog46 says:

    Our illustrious politicians gave government workers 16 days off and then paid them retroactively effectively giving them a 3% pay raise.
    And these guys call themselves fiscally responsible by Giving Billions in earmarks for McConnells state and others?
    BOTH parties are at fault here but when the HOUSE voted for retroactive pay for federal workers I knew they were bluffing.
    What a bunch of buffoons – 16 days, risked credit down grades, and for what? Income verification that’s already in Obamacare?

    Good grief

  • Citizen123 says:

    One short comment….. This is a result of an incompetent government. But ultimately it falls on the shoulders of our Commander And Chief. I pity this Counrty under the leadership of Obama. God help our country.

  • Vog46 says:

    You pay for Tricare for military
    You pay for healthcare for active military
    You pay for Medicare for seniors
    You help pay for retiree Healthcare for state and local government workers.
    And No ONE, NO ONE wants to recommend NOT paying for it because they’d lose too many votes.

    You’ve been paying for it for years.


  • We are future says:

    So I would like 2 ask is there a possibility that there will not be any tax returns come March April ?lol no 30 day tags every where

  • GuestMan. says:

    I certainly am glad that the Democrats hung tough with the tea-baggers and did not touch one thing with the Affordable Care Act.
    The John Birch Society, excuse me, Tea Party will be the ruination of the USA if we let this band of right-wing zealots with no more agenda than get rid of the President and health care for all the people to dictate how Congress works. They are too stupid to know when they are licked.
    Look at what they have done to NC already.
    Anyone who votes for any of them is an idiot.

  • jj says:

    GuestMan, once you sign up for the Affordable Care Act, please let me know how it works out for you… My health care cost doubled and the coverage is less that what I had before.

    This was such a great deal that they President is exempted and Congress has vouchers to cover their cost. Please look at what the Tea-Baggers were trying to do. They were just trying to delay the start date by one year. This being the same delay that Obama gave to big business.

    You will find that this isn’t such a sweet deal down the road.

  • JediKnight2 says:

    They are the only ones WHO GET IT! The ACA will go down as one of the WORST things to happen to the middle class. I, for one, am glad SOMEONE up there is fighting for the Constitution!

  • tke1 says:

    You seem very tolerant of other’s opinions. Anyone who disagrees with you or your party (The Dems/Libs) should be squelched and cast aside as mental deficient. Seems to me like there was a German fellow in the 1930’s and 1940’s that had that same idea.
    You probably think it is OK to pay one credit card debt with another credit card indefinitely.
    Someone has to have the guts to put their foot down and put an end to the endless government spending and it is obvious that the dems/libs aren’t going to be the ones (and not many of the current republicans either.)
    The feds take in enough tax money even with the government “shut down” to pay the interest on its/our debt with money left over, or didn’t CNN/NBC/MSNBC/CBS/ABC happen to mention that fact. They probably left out the fact that the government is required by law to pay that debt no matter what is going on.

  • Erlkoenig says:

    GuestBoy hangs tough with Obummer to destroy America. You should at least thank me for your food stamps.

  • John A. Difloure says:

    Another liberal who most likely lives off government handouts. Come back and let us know how you fare.

  • Guest7960 says:

    your not supposed to understand that!

  • guest123456 says:

    In other words, come Febuaury we will do the same thing over again. You can’t pay on a loan with a loan.

  • GuestMan. says:

    are you signing up for health care? If you are signing up then you didn’t have health care and this would certainly cost more than nothing. Your coverage is bound to be better if you had none.
    How did you get through to sign up?

  • jj says:

    No, I had health care until that covered what I wanted to cover. However, the plan wasn’t good enough for the gov’t. They thought I needed maternity coverage. I guess the gov’t was trying to look after a single retired old man.

  • Guest2020 says:

    My husband and I will also have to pay for maternity. He obviously doesn’t need it and I had a hysterectomy over ten years ago. I hate that I will have to pay even more to carry the weight of others.

  • Not Fooled says:

    It’s interesting if you check the records, there are enough funds for the government to continue paying it’s bills shutdown or no. And Congress sent to the senate everything they needed to pay everyone minus The Affordable Care Act=ObamaCare…they are one and the same. Nothing needed to be shut down. That was a ploy of our Senate and President. I’m baffled at how uninformed the public really is…including this station. Or, was that an oversight too? There is more to the story. Creating unrest and mass hysteria is one. Martial law is another.

  • guest 12123 says:

    I do not like the idea of telling me that I have to pay for one of these plans. I pay for all of my health care out of pocket and get a 35% discount from my provider. I will just pay the fine and be done with it.

  • robo says:

    What an individual state decides to do is not a good reason for the entire nation to adopt socialized health insurance and medicine. It’s the way changes to health care were rammed down Americans throats by the Progressives in government that caused all the resistance, and will continue to be a thorn in many sides as the true “benefits” of Obamacare become better known.

  • GuestPopeArt says:

    I just don’t understand the GOP/Tea Party virulent resistance to the ACA, which is based on what Gov. Mitt Romney introduced in Massachusetts to great success supposedly. It’s still PRIVATE health insurance.

    Is it simply because Pres. Obama initiated it and they hate him no matter what he does? That’s what it certainly seems like.

  • Beach Guy says:

    Private my A$$ the subsidies are all public money and the cost of these so called low cost plans is outrageous. A friend of mine saw a 58% increase per month and an 11 thousand dollar deductible for the same policy from the same carrier through the exchange.
    So do not strangle on the kool aid until you see what the hell is really going on! it is a money grab by the democrats remember that come election day!

  • Beach Bum says:

    I have a pre-exsisting condition. At my new job I have to wait a 9 month waiting period till my pre-exsisting condition will be covered.

    My current premium per month through my employer is $71.00. The premium per month using the bronze package from Obamacare is $210.00 per month.

    How exactly is the Affordable Health Care affordable?

    And since I am having to pay my employer $71.00 per month for insurance I can’t use, what exactly am I supposed to do considering the only reason I even go to my doctor is BECAUSE of my pre-exsisting condition?

    I won’t be able to qualify for subsidies because I am white, a male, no kids and I am not a fag.

    So, what exactly am I supposed to democrats? How exactly is this helping me?

  • Guest2020 says:

    I am not surprised the way these people voted. I knew from the beginning that the idiot republicans would cave. They have once again reaffirmed my decision to leave the party.

  • GuestMan. says:

    I do, but, mostly, I do from answering comments from people with a tea-bagger mentality. You know what I mean?

  • John A. Difloure says:

    You must suffer with yourself quite often.

  • GuestMan. says:

    One of my faults, and I have many, is that I don’t suffer fools very well. I just happen to think 3rd generation John Birchers are idiots.

  • Besty_Guesty says:

    According to CNN, the clean bill may not be so clean. It apparently contains a good measure of pork manure.

    $2.2 BILLION for an Ohio River Dam project in Kentucky that just happens to be in the Republican Senate Minority Leader’s district.

    $450 MILLION for flood recovery in Colorado.

    $174,000 death benefit to Democratic Sen Lautenberg’s widow in New Jersey. Sen Lautenberg was one of the richest members of congress, worth more than $59 MILLION as of 2011.

    $636 MILLION to agencies fighting wildfires.

    $3.1 MILLION to a privacy watchdog group.

    But no cost of living raise for congress who will have to cut coupons and scrimp by on just $174,000.


  • bhambywayofwilmy says:

    you do know the pres. won re-election, which means your buddies who smile in your face and drag the pres name through the mud actually voted for him…..all the welfare reciepants in the nation could not turn out enough of a vote to win the presidency…Open your eyes

  • Erlkoenig says:

    Obummer’s core constituency are freeloaders. Plain and simple. If you are a self made individual then I hope you are paying your fair share for your fellow Dumocrat bums.
    Are you paying your fair share?

  • beach guy says:

    What Kind of insurance do you have ? I imagine The aca wont effect you what about your JOB when this government health care effects that will you care then?

  • bilbo burgaw says:

    Freeloaders, really? My wife and I work 80+ hrs./wk, pay our taxes, donate to various charities, I am also a veteran. We voted for the President and will seek to support much more progressive candidates. You might want to pick up a book instead of devouring the vomit spewed by Rush,Beck,Foxnews and any other domestic terrorists. The delusional hypocrisy of these right wing comments would be hilarious if real people in the real world weren’t being slammed by the cruel policies of the people these sad folks vote for.

  • C845 says:

    What a very ignorant comment to make… Every Obama/democrat supporter isn’t a recepient of government assistance. I for one am a college graduate, RN, and own my own home… All obtained without assistance & still without assistance… Stop stereotyping so much & maybe you will actually learn something!!!! Smh… Idiots

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