Police hear rapid gunfire while investigating reports of shots fired

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Submitted: Thu, 10/17/2013 - 11:53am
Updated: Thu, 10/17/2013 - 4:14pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police and New Hanover County deputies are looking for answers after several reports of shots fired overnight, but no evidence to be found.

After getting several calls reporting shots fired around Wilmington and New Hanover County throughout the early morning hours, police who responded say they heard rapid gunfire while investigating in those areas.

It all started shortly before 5 a.m., when New Hanover County sheriff’s deputies responded to the first of several calls for multiple shots fired near Alder Ridge Road. When they arrived at the scene, deputies say they learned that the shots may be coming from Appleton Way in Wilmington, so police also responded to assist in the search.

Deputies and police say they searched the areas and woods around River Road, Echo Farms, Wilderness Drive and Balfoure Drive when dispatchers got several more calls about shots fired in those areas. That’s when officers say they heard rapid gunfire themselves.

After completing foot patrol in the 4100 block of Echo Farms Blvd., a search left both law enforcement agencies empty handed. There is speculation the shots could have been raccoon hunters in the area, but ShotSpotter didn’t pick up any signs of gunfire either.


  • ILM LOCAL says:

    Maybe because the area has not had repeat issues since it’s existence.

  • bhambywayofwilmy says:

    there was a shooting there in 2005 where a guy last name mcfarland, was letting off a fire arm

  • Really says:

    It was just gunshots. There was not a sheriff that was shot. There was no victim. There was not a bunch of people standing around who witnessed the shooting but would not talk to the police. The gangs cannot police themselves. They have already proven that innocent people get shot when they try to do so. Have some pride in your community so more innocent people do not get shot. It is time to think about other people and not just their own selfish how can I get something for nothing while I make a conscious effort to not be a productive member of society.

  • guesty says:

    No, there are no comments because it doesn’t appear this is thugs shooting at houses, other thugs or innocent people. It even states it may have just been hunters back in the woods. Nice try but you failed.

  • bhambywayofwilmy says:

    What no Comments… does this neighborhood not need to be BURNED DOWN, I mean there is a school across the street….OHHHH I know why there is no comments cause its not in the inner city….

  • SnatchHammer says:

    I bet this was gang violence too. What a rough neighborhood, always shootings etc there. Oh wait thats the “inner city” neighborhood.

  • TiredOfLeeches says:

    No, it’s just because that there isn’t gunfire three times a week and a shooting per week on top of a known gangland and drug dealing community. Unlike the one in the “inner city”. Are you apart of this “inner city” community? You must not be able to move to a nice place like Echo Farms, I don’t think your Obama tax rate will work there and your Obama phone won’t get cell coverage there either. “Hearing” gunshots is not rare in parts “outside” of the “inner city”. See…out here, we are responsible, tax paying, gun owning Americans that may hunt from time to time…wildlife that is. And you can hear a gunshot, especially larger caliber from over a mile away.

  • ILMLOCAL says:

    Maybe because the area has not had repeat issues since it’s existence.

  • CCRES says:

    Another example of someone with blinders, showing their ignorance….Get your head out of your tail.

  • bhambywayofwilmy says:

    How do you know

  • Guesting 123 says:

    No shells, no up close gunfire reported, no holes in houses. Non violent, non illegal gunfire is actually pretty common this time of year outside of the places shot-spotter can actually detect it. In fact, on any given day, there’s lots of gunfire audible downtown from the LE shooting range across the river. No violence there either.

    Oh, and another media source said that the police confirmed it was from hunters. In other words, nothing to be concerned about after all.

  • MAX says:

    “well, it was just gunshots”. Right. It was just families being terrified at five in the morning. It was just raccoons exploding and while they yuck it up. It was just shots fired within city limits (yes, it is, my neighborhood, pay the city taxes). It was just another example of uncivilized people–probably men–playing with their phallic toys. These guys should be volunteering at hospitals or helping people in some way, not blasting their boom sticks in or anywhere near a residential area. Want to hunt? Get a permit and go to the country.
    It was “just” gunshots.

  • Please stop says:

    They just put out a BOLO for a vehicle possibly involved in shots fired in the Creekwood area. Also a person on a bicycle was possibly shot. I wish this could all stop. Prayers for the person on the bicycle and innocent people.

  • bhambywayofwilmy says:

    The point is no judgment was thrown because it was not in the inner city….

  • guesty says:

    No judgement was thrown because there is the potential for a logical explanation for the gunshots, if they were even gunshots and not fireworks.

  • Guest3130 says:

    . . . is having a really good time, at the expense of the police, their time & resources.

  • Guest1984 says:

    I live in this area and we often hear gunfire late at night. Normally it’s firecrackers, sometimes it’s hunters, as technically this area isn’t within city limits.

  • Max says:

    I write this thread with the assumption themshots are hunters or people showing off, asmthere have been no bodies or people reporting beingnshot. I live in this area and already called WPD once about hearing gunfire. I have heard “pop pop pop” many times: I know the difference between fireworks and gunshots. My spouce and i jave frequently stopped dead in our tracks, stared at each other, and said, “was that…a gun?” the article says the WPD thinks its people hunting racoons. Who hints raccons with guns? They would explode. Get a trap. Challenge yourself and get a crossbow. Plus, Rapid gunfire is not necessary if hunting deer and such: unless you are a worthless, hopeless, unskilled hunter. And it’s illegal anyway, in that area. This area is most certainly in city limits: I have a ILM zip code and pay ILM taxes. My point: these gun happy hungers need to stop poppin off shots in neighborhoods. Move to the country if you want to hunt, or the other: stop masking your impotence through phallic gunplay and get a new hobby.

  • Cowboy says:

    Though I would agree careless shooting is a recipe for disaster, but to attempt to paint the entire hunting community reveals not only your ignorance, but probably your delusional liberal Yankee mindset.

    Want safety from guns? Move to Detroit, jersey or DC, they are banned there.

    Seems to working out well don’t cha think skippy?

  • Voice of Reason says:

    “Who hints raccons with guns? They would explode.”

    You are an idiot.

  • blushing says:

    Wow, I actually remember that incident. If I’m not mistaken, it started with a fight (allegedly with uneven numbers) at the Rusty Nail and the losing party in that scuffle decided they wanted satisfaction. After going to the Macfarland home and getting said satisfaction, the kid’s father came out with a gun to scare them off. I seem to remember that the residents of that home came out badly from the incident – something about extensive dental damage.

  • localman says:

    Obama phone? 2009 called…

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