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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police are on scene after another report of shots fired near Creekwood.

New Hanover County Dispatch says officers were called to Spaulding Drive and Stewart Circle just before noon. That’s just north of Creekwood. Dispatchers say there was a report that the person shot at was on a bicycle and may have been hurt falling off the bike.

Lt. Green with the Wilmington Police Department tells our reporter on the scene that officers continue to investigate near that intersection, but that no one was taken to the hospital.

Police say they are still looking for a suspect.

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  • Jasper Fant

    Why doesn’t the Wilmington Police Department simply park a squad car in Creekwood 24/7? It would cost much less than all those proposed solutions by idiot consultants who have probably never even been in there. The overwhelming majority of Creekwood residents who are law abiding citizens would probably welcome it.

  • MyHood!

    I have been wondering the same thing. They sit on my road daily pulling over speeders on a 25mph road and they have checkpoints weekly, mostly on sundays during church HRS.(Because it generates income which is important but not as much as stopping robberies and shootings) I live next to mayfair where there is next to ZERO crime!!! Great use of WPD resources!! Rogersville road is a speed trap. BEWARE!!!

  • windy

    … they would surely claim that any officer parked 24/7 in that community was “targeting” them. Anything to try to get media attention in attempts to get more freebies tossed into their outstretched greedy hands…

  • GuestReply

    A continual presence would be very helpful. It would annoy criminals who would not be free to conduct illicit activities at all hours of the day and night. It would discourage drive bys and give a sense to the residents that they made have some measure of peace in their community.

    Here’s another thought:

    Creekwood is one of the few areas that can be better regulated. 2 of its exits can be shut off at the north end of Emory and at Hurst street. Manned gates can be installed at the remaining 2 exits and only residents be allowed or pre-arranged visitors allowed in.

    It could become a model for how to secure a problem area instead of allowing it to remaining a pariah in the community.

    There are solutions, just lack commitment by the agencies involved so I know it’s just a pipe dream. Too bad. I haven’t seen or heard anything more effective.

  • Guest 325841

    For What???? For them to holler RACIAL PROFILING!!! Make up my mind… What they need to do is RALLY TOGETHER AND TAKE BACK THEIR OWN COMMUNITY!!! THEY THEMSELVES ARE THE PROBLEMS!!. They are hollering about the Smith guy that was just killed IMAGINE what they would do is they had 24 surveillance service and someone shot a cop. Back to point A!! Clean UP YOUR OWN neighborhood!! Yall like the killing!! OF I forgot UNTIL IT HAPPENS TO YOUR FAMILY.. THEN ITS A.. what PROBLEM.. Jokes, Jokes.. Yall should get paid for those Jokes! Like Creekwood is the ONLY neighborhood in Wilmington.. Wasting tax payers MONEY!!! Plus, I am sure that NO OFFICIAL OFFICER nor their families want them involved in that FOOLISHNESS!! PARENTS!! and WHOMEVER is raising these thugs or have raised them WHIP their @ss AND TURN THEM IN to the POLICE.. How simple can it be???? IF all yall WORK LIKE DO then YOU WONT HAVE TIME TO INVOLVED IN THAT FOLLISHNESS… Dang!!! Now thats a THOUGHT for you!!! GET A JOB!!! BOYS and GIRLS!! GROW UP NO ONE OWE YOU ANYTHING!!

  • nofaithnlaw

    They are running down the list!

  • Cnspeace

    You better know they are…shoulda never got out

  • guestin

    wow that’s not a shock its a everyday thing nd has been for years

  • windy

    This has been mentioned many times before, and would be the most economical solution by far … why not just allow these gangbangers to continue their activity, they will eventually take care of the problem themselves as they will eradicate their entire species. That would be the end to the gang violence, the end of the blight called Creekwood, and the law-abiding citizens of Wilmington can resume living civilized lives without fear and without paying large sums of money supporting these ungrateful lazy thugs.

  • thor

    The cops should things something is up one day when their ISN’T shots fired one day around Creekwood

  • guesty

    Try again once you sober up. And put that hammer down before you hurt yourself.

  • mebehvac

    You must put your officers where they can generate the most money for the system. Just watch all the departments in the area. It’s not about crime but the bottom dollar….

  • jj

    You can’t help people that won’t help themselves

  • guesty

    The signs in parks say “Do not feed the bears” because it is thought the bears will associate people with getting food and will lose their fear of people and lose the drive to provide for themselves.

    Then we have welfare recipients that have the same mentality, they have lost the drive to fend for themselves.


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