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City of Wilmington experimenting with new smart parking meters


WILMINGTON, NC (NEWS RELEASE) -- The City of Wilmington is now testing new "smart" meters that accept credit cards. The meters were installed on Monday on the following streets:

· 100 block of Market Street
· 0 block of Ann Street
· 200 block of North 2nd Street

The program will be evaluated in three months, and, if successful, the new meters will be added to other locations in downtown Wilmington. Click here to see a map showing where the new meters were installed.

More information about the meters, including instructions, a video and a survey for parking customers is available here. Customers can also take the survey on their smart phones by scanning the QR code on each of the test meters. Results from the survey will be considered when evaluating the meters.

The new meters accept coins or Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club and Discover cards. They feature a lit screen which displays parking rates, hours, time limits and other information.

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Thay're Smart Alright!

Keeps me out of downtown Wilmington. You can have the parking fees and crime.

Great !

Anything that makes my life easier is good for me. I never have change anymore !

Guess the price to park your

Guess the price to park your car will go up, now. It is a shame you have to pay for the privilege of spending your money. Maybe some day Wilmington will wake up and get rid of the meters all together. Maybe then, the down cess pool will begin to become an important retail area.


SSSSSSSSSSHHHHHH.... Wilmington thinks that it's a major city and that there is really something worth paying to park for downtown. Don't be a spoilsport and burst our leaders' bubble of delusion.

More money spent

Just how long does it take to pay for one of these meters? You can already pay by credit by phone, and by app. If they want to decease the need to empty coins, get rid of the $.35 surcharge for the pay by phone. Then, no need to spend lots of money on new meters. I get the idea that meters are supposed to keep spaces available for customers, but how about enforcing that with big tickets for people who DO park in the same spot all day, and just feed the meter. Wilmington IS NOT enforcing that.

I remember sometime back

I remember sometime back when there were no meters, but cops would mark tires with chalk. If that car was there over a designated time, maybe the second or third time the officer came back, a ticket was issued for overparking. However, there was no meter and parking was free.