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Good Samaritan charters jet to fly Marine's dogs cross country


ONSLOW COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- When one Marine was reassigned cross country; he quickly learned his dogs were too large to fly on a commercial flight to Albert J. Ellis Airport.

Andrew Morales, a Staff Sergeant in the US Marine Corps, rescued Dusty and Wyatt during his deployment overseas almost three years ago.

"In Afghanistan, they are pretty much your best friend,” said Morales.

When his tour ended, the dogs made the trip back to California with him.

“They quickly became a big part of our family,” said Kristen Morales, Andrew’s wife. “They're my babies."

Morales and his family got word he would be transferring from his base in Southern California to Camp Lejeune in October.

While making travel arrangements, Morales called commercial airlines to book tickets for the dogs but it was a task that proved to be more difficult than he first expected.

"We couldn't really get them on the aircraft because this airport doesn't take large airplanes," he said.

The airlines could not accommodate the size of the part Anatolian Shepard dogs. Searching for advice, Morales called the rescue league that helped him bring the dogs to America.

The rescue league posted his story to Facebook where Helen Rosburg, the heiress of Wrigley Gum, saw and vowed to do whatever she could for someone she had never met.

"I chartered a jet," said Rosburg. "The family was going to be split up."

Thanks to Rosburg, the family with their dogs flew together on a private plane from the west coast.

"From the bottom of me and my wife's hearts we really appreciate what she did for us," said Morales.

Morales said he would love to be able to express his gratitude in person to Rosburg one day.

Rosburg, who lives in Florida, said she hopes she will be able to meet the couple and the dogs the next time she is in North Carolina.

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Not to rain on the parade but...

a couple things worth mentioning; I commend Staff Sergeant Morales not only for his service, but for his efforts in transporting the dogs with him overseas back to the US. I also think it was a phenomenal gesture for Rosburg to charter the family a private jet. However she also states "The family was going to be split up". As a dog lover I would never abandon may animals even if it was life or death. Is it inconceivable to think they could have just driven? Again, no offense to any of the parties aforementioned. I just feel like I must be missing something here.

That's a long drive.....

That's what I though when I first read the idea to drive. Then, I realized that the problem was the Airport in Jacksonville. There's video on the website of a station up towards Jacksonville that shows the dogs are not too big to fit in normal crates- about the size of a large German shepherd. Fly to ILM and drive to Richlands. Their vehicles got here somehow.

Still, a nice gesture on the part of the woman that did get them moved.

Now, he needs to get them fixed. The video on the other station shows that they are still intact.

His vehicles were already

His vehicles were already being transported to NC.

God Bless

This is what life is all about,Helen Rosburg helping other. God Bless. AMEN