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AP White House Correspondent

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is acknowledging his health care law’s rollout “hasn’t worked as smoothly as it’s supposed to work.”

Obama is encouraging Americans who want to sign up for insurance under new government exchanges to keep trying. He spoke from the White House’s Rose Garden.

The remarks came at Obama’s first health care event since widespread problems with sign-ups online became apparent.

He blamed problems in part to an overwhelming response. He says the program doesn’t depend on website and there are other ways to sign up.

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  • Besty_Guesty

    So the Obama administration has had 3 and a half years and has spent as much as $600 MILLION to develop basically a dysfunctional website. According to Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, that is roughly 4 times what Apple spent to develop the original iPhone.


    iPhone = Huge Success

    Obamacare = Huge Disaster

    Obamacare = iFailure

  • person

    Sing it like it really is!!! I’m glad someone besides me gets it!!!

  • taxpayer


  • me

    Mr Obama always blames everyone and everything but never takes responsibility for anything!! Stop acting like a two year old and be a man and accept you have faults!!! It’s time for OBOZO to be a man instead of a finger pointer!!!

  • Guest7969

    problem is…the media lets him get away with it!

  • beach guy

    The King has spoken! all you peasants must wait until my henchmen are good and ready to spoon out your gruel! but you must still stand in line or be punished for disobeying my kingly decree.

    What a Joke! Now does everyone understand that you might ought to read something before you pass it and that government controlling 1/6 TH of the entire economy is a bad thing?

    Ever hear the sarcastic remark “we are from the government we are here to help”
    Or here’s one from WW2 Snafu situation normal all fouled up

    The federal government has never made anything better just more cumbersome and confusing to a point that no one understands it, not even the ones enforcing it.
    I challenge any of you Obama supporters to point out two things the government has made better by government control Just two do not use any ACA items because apparently it’s not working.


  • antiteabagger

    While we’re at it tell me two things Ted Cruz, Michelle Bachman, Rand Paul or any other tea-bagger has made better.
    I’m waiting…

  • Guest7969

    “You can keep your current insurance…” LIE, my policy is cancelled because of the ACA

    “Each family will save 2500 dollars…” LIE, mine went up by 58%…AND I have a higher co-pay and more out of pocket.

    So in essence, I GOT SCREWED. My level of coverage IS LESS and I am paying MORE. ALL of this forecasted by those against this thing to begin with!

    The ACA is affordable if your stealing the coverage out of my pocket and away from my family! PARASITES!

  • gherkin

    ACA also resulting in lost jobs – those in medical device field due to medical device tax as well as medical transcriptionists due to Obama’s mandate for doctors to go to electronic medical records. Most docs I know would not have switched but for the mandate.

  • Stewart

    Down with McEntyre and down with Hagan! These bozos are just as culpable in this mess!

  • beach guy

    Mike M. is not a supporter of the ACA now Hagen on the other hand is an Obama Bot

    As a registered Republican and a moderate conservative I Have voted for Mike M. many times he is a good honest man and deserves our support no matter what it says on our voter registration cards. He has served this state honorably and cannot be pigeon holed with the rest of the left leaning Dems. I believe that he is his own man and votes for what he believes is best for his constituency despite which side of the Isle it comes from.


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