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HAMPSTEAD, NC (WWAY) — Highway Patrol says a 74-year-old woman ran her SUV into the entrance of the CVS on US 17 in Hampstead this afternoon.

Troopers say the woman pressed the wrong pedal and drove over the curb and into the electric doors.

Investigators say the woman was not seriously hurt. No one was coming in or out of the building at the time of the crash.

Highway Patrol said they charged the driver with reckless driving.

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  • I Care Why

    Are americans getting that lazy? Thanks welfare for doing a wonderful job!

  • Guest Reply Redux

    And…are you really serious??
    Some how…I thought your last sentence in your comment would have been you blaming Obama :-O
    My wife works in a pharmacy, and believe me, a lot of elderly that come to get their meds “aren’t in great shape or sound mind”.
    Why are they driving then? (you may ask). Well…a lot of elderly don’t have love ones to tend to all of their needs…and driving is something they have to do.
    This incident had nothing to do with Welfare…nothing! Confusion on her behalf perhaps…but no fault of the Welfare system.

  • whut?

    I’m just as much against giving handouts as anyone in America, but blaming welfare on this? What? She’s 74, my guess would be her mind isn’t 100% there anymore.


    I am 73 years old, certainly don’t consider my self “elderly” and damn sure not confused! The woman made a mistake simple as that!


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