Police: Statutory rape suspect made advances toward teen victim

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Submitted: Tue, 10/22/2013 - 12:32pm
Updated: Tue, 10/22/2013 - 11:18pm

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — Leland Police have provided more details on an investigation that led to a 29-year-old woman being charged with the statutory rape of a teenaged boy.

Detectives arrested Hannah Whitlock Friday and charged her with statutory rape/sex offense of a victim over the age of 6.

Investigators say the victim’s grandmother was a neighbor of Whitlock. They say over a period of time Whitlock made numerous sexual advances toward the boy, which eventually led to a sexual relationship. Police say the relationship lasted for a period of three months and ended when Whitlock moved out of the area. An arrest warrant says the boy was 14.

Leland Police say the Department of Social Services received an anonymous tip about Whitlock’s relationship with the boy several months after the relationship ended. This tip eventually led to an investigation by Leland Police detectives.

Whitlock is in the Brunswick County Detention Center on a $200,000 secured bond. Jail records show she is also being held under $15,000 bond for failure to appear on felony charges in Columbus County. There’s no word yet on what those other charges are.


  • felipay says:

    Not surprised when it read..Leland .most of the communities are involved in the inappropriate conduct with minors..

  • Sarah says:

    What would you know about it ? Clearly you know nothing about love or family !

  • ohohoho says:

    that none of my 29yo family members or friends would sleep with a 14yo.

  • Matt says:

    Hahaha ……. You’re an idiot !!! Thank you people for being such holier than thou butt heads !!! Because they just found evidence that she is innocent of ALL charges and she is about to be free !!! So thank you for you negative comments because that shows how ignorant most of you are ! Now maybe she can have peace with her children and husband !!!!

  • Terressa says:

    you don’t know anything!!! You say he is 16 and not 14? How about proving he is 16 and not 14. I will make it easy on you just tell me and the rest of the world what is his birthdate? I can easily tell you cause I was there!! Be careful of what you say and make sure you can back it up. T
    here is a law on slander!!!!

  • Carl O says:

    The fourteen-year-old boy is most certainly not damaged by the sexual experience he had with the older woman.

    According to a report in Atlantic Magazine, boys his age are regularly accessing internet pornography. They are not sexual innocents.

    Boys of his age are as sexually knowledgeable as their fathers, or more so. They have seen pornographic images with their eyes wide open.

    Rape? Please . . . this sexcapade was anything but. The woman should have had more sense, but she is not a rapist. She deserves to be punished, but this public humiliation is probably punishment enough.

    And the boy–as another poster said–is strutting around like a little rooster.

  • burgerboy says:

    man, just because you are a degenerate WEIRDO who thinks it’s normal for adults to molester underaged minor children don’t get on here in a public forum and brag about how you think it shouldn’t be a crime, i bet your a hippocrite too, if it was your 14 yr old daughter having sexuol congress with some old man 29 year old perverto you’d prolly be saying he needs to have his wee wee cut off, but you don’t do that when it’s some gross chick doing the molestration, and i got news for you, she ain’t no prize pig that anyone would be proud of having sex with either, i wouldn’t touch that old sow with a ten foot pole, and no other man her own age would either, that’s why she’s a sexuol predator because she can’t get a normal man lol

  • OtherGuest says:

    Burger boy….take it easy.

  • Matt says:

    You people disgust me ….. You know NOTHING at all about her case ! I know her !!! And he was NOT 14 he is 16 and she did NOT rape him !!!

  • Tina marie says:

    First I would like to say that I agree with you Matt. I also know her and her family and they are the most caring, loving, people I know. They will go out of their way to do anything for someone in distress. This family, all of them is going through a lot of shock, heartbreak, and loss right now. I am part of that family. I ask that you please refrain from name calling. Its okay to voice your opinion as this is what this forum is for and I totally understand. But for you BURGERBOY, YOU REALLY NEED TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL AND GET AN EDUCATION, LEARN HOW TO SPELL. YOUR VOCABULARY IS TERRIBLE. FOR YOU TO WRITE SUCH UGLY STUFF ABOUT A PERSON YOU HAVE NEVER MET, I AM WILLING TO BET YOU HAVE A REALLY LOW SELF ESTEEM AND I (correct spelling )PROBABLY WOULDN’T TOUCH YOU WITH A 20 FOOT POLE. So I will now leave this forum as I have spoken my mind and will not be answering back to any comments. Thank you everyone

  • GRR says:

    Matt. regardless if the kid is 14 or 16 you do realize it’s statutory rape regardless. Your point is well taken that he was 16..It’s funny how on every story on here there will be someone on this discussion board that knows the accused and they are always innocent. You know so much then do tell. Enquiring minds are wanting to know.

  • Denise says:

    Matt, don’t worry about these people. I know Hannah very well. She wouldn’t do this. The truth will come out.

  • Guest2020 says:

    Rape is when someone has sex with another without their consent. In North Carolina the age of consent is 16. Therefore no one under the age of 16 can legally consent to sex. Since the boy cannot legally consent to sex, then this is rape.

  • Matt says:

    GRRRR ……. I do not need to explain anything to you ! If anything HE raped her ! Trust me and we are bringing charges up on him !!!! That is all you need to know ! And if you must know the news channel has a way of makin things seem much worse than they are !! Pay close attention to the way they word things

  • ohohoh says:

    That now his sister will be labeled a pedophile.

    I do know one thing if anyone in my family or friends was to ever be the subject of a news story I definitely would never go to a forum and try to defend them. Especially making accusations and comments against the other party involved. It does not make you look very intelligent.

  • parulski says:

    I somewhat agree. Assumeing it was the kind of sex that you imply, nobody was hurt, the young guy is probably strutting around with the highest self-esteem he has ever experienced and she is in jail. Just does not seem right, somehow. I don’t really condone what she did, but I really don’t think it is a big deal.

  • Visitor says:

    When is says age of six it means that they are either six years or move apart in age. And are you trying to say boys/men can’t be raped? Last time I checked ANYONE has to give consent to have sex and even if he did, it is still illegal to have sex with a minor. It is called rape because the minor is too young to consent to sex. You might wanna check your facts before you talk.

  • 5-0 says:

    Look up NC GS. The age of consent is 16 years of age. This is not SC. Under NC Law you have the 13,14,15 years of age rule….which will also explain the different felony charges for having a 4 year difference in age compared to 6 year diff. When we want to know something about frying something or NASCAR we will call upon you. Other then that, keep your comments about the law to yourself please.

  • GRR says:

    Maybe you need to touch up on the law there Carl.. Yes arousal had to have occurred but it doesn’t matter if he was the one that initiated the events, he is still only 14 years old and she is 29. That is statutory rape anyway you look at it. I think Ms Whitlock has children almost as old as this kid.. I don’t see how you can say the charge is ridiculous.

  • Carl O. says:

    ” . . . a victim over the age of six . . . ”

    There is a huge difference in a child of six and a young man of fourteen.

    The young man was fourteen, hardly a child, and Ms. Whitlock could not have “raped” him. The boy had to have been aroused for sex to occur.

    Ms. Whitlock showed very poor judgment in engaging the young man in sex. She should not have engaged him in sexual behavior. However, she is not guilty of rape.

    She enticed him, but she did not rape him. This rape charge is ridiculous.

  • Keith says:

    As a parent of a 14 year old… he is still a child. Erection ability or not.

  • guest0101 says:

    I bet that dude is getting non stop high 5’s at school and his Dad gave him a raise in his allowance. Good for him!

  • Angry Mom says:

    I can not believe some people think this is not rape! You sound just as guilty as her. Would you feel the same if the roles were reversed and a 29 yr old man done this to a 14 yr old girl. Do you not realize this is a real life changing crime. This child is 14 years old. A CHILD! This woman is a mother herself. At age14 what boy wouldn’t want the affection of an older woman. That doesn’t make it okay for someone to take advantage of them. Because of her actions his innocence has been taken away. Who is to say that she hasn’t spread STD’s to this child. She should be held accountable for her actions. I hope she gets the maximum penalty! It is a proven fact that sex offenders CAN NOT be rehabilitated. She is not worthy of being among society especially around anyone under the age of 18.

  • Burgerboy says:

    They should lock that sick old heifer up and throw away the key, thanks to these libber judges we have nowadays they let all these discusting child molesting FREAKS out on the street to do whatever they want, and if they get caught they cry abot how they have their civil rights, they should put her in prison in a cell with big old backdoor bertha and let her get cozy with her lol

  • Guest2020 says:

    The judges’ hands are tied by the North Carolina General Statutes. If you don’t like the sentencing system then you need to write your Representative and/or Senator.


    I think justifying her actions is beyond ridiculous. When you are an adult you behave like an adult should. Whether he is 14 or 16 is irrelevant. Most teenagers have raging hormones and when they get attention from a older woman they are going to accept that. If she was showing sexual affection to a kid…that is manipulative. As adults we are suppose to protect and help them do the right things…This is not right. Personally if the boy was pursuing her she should have stopped him. She is the adult! There are multiple ways that could have been handled. Speaking with parents, family members and so on. BTW boys brains are not even fully developed at this age. They are thinking with another part of their anatomy. I have a 14 year old…and sorry I am not a fly of the handle kinda gal, that being said she should accept the consequence of her actions. Now if he forced himself on her then he should also face the heat. I am just saying!

  • guesty says:

    She is at it again.

  • Guestwhoknows says:

    The reason you cannot believe some people do not think it’s rape is because not everyone is an “Angry Mom”. Men, young men and boys are built much different…physically, mentally and emotionally. I enjoyed my experiences with older women when I was young and it had absolutely no impact on my emotional well being. A young lady under the age of 18 is totally different. Please don’t use angry female emotion and apply to heterosexual males. I say unless it was forcible, leave her alone! Yea, yea, I know, it’s against the law. There are lots of stupid laws, mostly due to angry moms!

  • Disgusted says:

    I guess you will say she’s innocent of these charges as well???

    2013053154 CR
    Arraigned Defendant Name: WHITLOCK,HANNAH
    County: COLUMBUS
    Court Date: 11/12/2013
    Session: AM
    Court Room: 0001

    Offense Code Description Statute
    2212 Felony BREAKING AND OR ENTERING (F) 14-54(A)
    2356 Felony LARCENY AFTER BREAK/ENTER 14-72(B)(2)
    2013053155 CR
    Arraigned Defendant Name: WHITLOCK,HANNAH
    County: COLUMBUS
    Court Date: 11/12/2013
    Session: AM
    Court Room: 0001

    Offense Code Description Statute
    2325 Felony LARCENY OF A FIREARM 14-72(B)

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