Woman accused of embezzling from Cancer Society in court

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Submitted: Tue, 10/22/2013 - 5:03pm
Updated: Tue, 10/22/2013 - 11:16pm

BURGAW, NC (WWAY) — A woman who allegedly embezzled tens of thousands of dollars from the American Cancer Society made her first appearance in front of a judge Tuesday morning.

Last week the Pender County Sheriff’s Office accused Wendy Perdue of stealing $68,000 from the charity after detectives say she opened an unauthorized bank account under the Relay for Life name.

Perdue’s case was continued until November 13.

After her appearance, Perdue refused to comment on the 10 counts of embezzlement the Sheriff’s Office has charged her with.


  • felipay says:

    A thief is a thief all she needed was a pistol..no better than the thugs robbing people in the streets. Behind bars she should goooo!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I do beleive that Anna actually thought that it was me who posted your comment.I am so glad that you set her straight. 1 – for showing her that she was wrong in ASSUMING that it was me and 2 – for telling her how WRONG it is to wish Karma on someone, especially who’s sister died from cancer. I agree with you 100%. GO GET EM GIRL !!!!!!

  • QTPI says:

    It speaks volumes that when l first heard that an arrest was made l immediatly thought of Wendy Perdue and told my husband so. I have known her for about 12 years and have always found her to be a very cold and condescending person and often wondered how she kept her position as long as she did. Was there a checks and balances system in place. Was this an isolated incident. Who does their book keeping. Someone dropped the ball. I will be watching the outcome of this trial as will many others. It could very well affect the future donations to ACS Relay. Prove to us that no others have found it easy to do this. Prove to us how much money is actually ending up funding what it is intended for.

  • Party Girl says:

    You must be a ASC staff employee please please tell us more. I bet your HR Department would love to know that you are putting this kind of information on the new media website. Maybe someone should call and talk with them about it. I would also like to put out to everyone reading this trash that one of the ASC employees from her travel miles that should not be for self use (not Wendy) funded her honeymoon from Raleigh to Paris airline tickets and her hotel room. Wow what is really going on with your ASC $$$$????

  • Party Girl says:

    “The American Cancer Society is more interested in accumulating wealth than saving lives.” – Chronicles of Philanthropy, 1992

    Dr. Whitaker, of the Whitaker Wellness Institute, believes that people giving money to these agencies are actually “perpetuating the failure” to finding a cure. It states in the ACS bylaws that if they ever found a cure for cancer they would have to disband as an organization. In 2008, the annual salary of John Seffrin, CEO of the American Cancer Society was $1,045,887. It’s mind blowing to imagine what that number is today. It is impossible for me to see an incentive for them to stop that kind of cashflow.

  • John Dye says:

    I would imagine that the reason that she hasn’t proved her case is because she has attorney doing that for her. It takes time to gather information. It’s in the courts hands. I am sure if you were “accused” would you say anything. Would you leave it up to someone to defend you. I would! You can bet that she knew this was coming and her defense has been working. I would not assume anything else other than that. To the person that worked for ACS, wow you have a lot to share. I can only think what is happening in a non profit. I will only work for profit.

  • BHH Echo says:

    “Bless Her Heart” I want to echo a few things that you have already said….that this is truly a BIG LOCAL NEWS story and one that has the potential to not only do much damage locally, but far sweeping on a state and national level. Whether it be $1 or $68,000 (all that they caught her taking from an illegal account that she had opened up…..naughty naughty…..she knew far better)……it nonetheless is a travesty against an organization that has done great work and has helped millions of people and families who have been struck down by this dreaded disease. The American Cancer Society(ACS) is not a bad organization…..but rather a horrible judge of character! As you so well stated, so many had tried to warn ACS about her rabid behavior towards fellow staff, lower/mid/upper management, volunteers, and cancer survivors, yes I said cancer survivors. They chose, for whatever reason, to consistently turn their heads and allow it to continue. So NOW, as Paul Harvey would say….”We know the rest of the story!” I don’t feel sorry for the organization, but I do feel so brokenhearted for all of the volunteers, cancer survivors, and their families…..individuals who so willingly gave of their time, talents, and treasurers over the many years that Wendy Perdue has had a choke hold on SENC. The resulting damage, as I said initially, will be far greater here than any other part of the state of NC or on a national level. ACS might as well pack up shop and move on, because it will be a cold day in you know where before many of those who have been so committed and so giving will give to an organization that would allow any one person to have the control as she has had on so very much! This is the price you will pay for having turned your head one time too many. AND before any one reading this thinks that I don’t know what I am talking about……and feel that she is innocent until proven guilty I want to assure you I do know first hand what I am talking about because I have been part of several of the groups I mentioned above AND no one needs to prove to me that she is guilty for she is guilty as sin. I know how calculating she could be and cutthroat, but will admit…..I never thought that she would stoop to this level of behavior. Guess I should not have been surprised because I often said she would “sell her own mama down the river for her own gain.” Now we know that she sold countless cancer patients down the river as well. Wendy Perdue if you are reading this I want you to know that I can go to bed at night and put my head down on my pillow and sleep …… knowing I did all I could to alert those whom I needed to alert. I’m not sure those above me knowing what they knew and knowing what so many of us knew could then and now do the same. You all now will have to live out the rest of your lives coming to grips with it. And just a piece of advice to those of you who feel you “KNOW” her and feel that she would never do anything like this……think again, she could, she would, and she did! I pray for you all.

  • Bless Her Heart says:

    First, speaking to those who are upset with the news that is reporting the NEWS…this is a BIG LOCAL NEWS subject for a LOCAL NEWS STATION (WWAY) in a community that has raised HUGE amounts of money under the leadership of this particular individual. You didn’t mind making the news then? Maybe the reporter could have gone about it a different way, but it is still big news. WWAY donated tons of air time to promote your Relay’s! So many people work so hard to raise funds and to see this (not the first time with National Organizations)happen is pure heart breaking. The only ones upset about the NEWS are the ones who are trying to MEET THEIR GOAL for ACS/Relay For Life. We get it, but there is a bigger picture for the organization as a whole. Goals are one thing, but stealing from survivors and loved ones is another. And it’s not the first time this organization has had this problem. Steal a dollar or steal $68,000…it is the same. Volunteers have no idea what goes on behind the scenes sadly with some people, apparently neither does the organization(10 years too late). So many organizations for cancer may have the right mission, but sometimes their goal minded and salary paying ways get in the way of the initial focus. I can tell you first hand, this particular person spoke horrible of staff, volunteers and even survivors. I am sickened and deeply saddened for all those who were hurt in the path of this behavior so many tried to warn ACS about for years with this particular individual. I am also saddened that ACS lost so many great individuals that were honest, caring, loyal and hardworking for the right reason…because of this individual. Bless Her Heart.

  • nofaithnlaw says:

    If that is her attorney I recognize….She has a good one!

  • Bless Her Heart says:

    Why was Anna’s comments on telling me who she knows who I am and karma got me by my sister dying? I don’t have a sister… so Anna should have done more research. You think she rethought telling someone their loved one died from karma was a bad idea??? Hope Anna doesn’t work for ACS, because they are in the business of SAVING lives right???

  • Concerned says:

    Squeeze Me, I know where you are coming from! I was a volunteer in Eastern North Carolina for quite a few years. I gave my heart and sole to Relay – and Wendy was one of the people I worked with. She was always nice and helpful to me – I never saw a bad side of her. I left Relay because I didn’t like the way volunteers are treated. I did not realize staff was treated badly also. I wonder how Relay can continue to be in existence? Cures for cancer are needed – but how much money raised really goes to research? I’ve looked at financials in the past but the last time I requested a copy – actually, last several times, I was never provided the information.

  • Squeeze Me says:

    I have been following this story and use to work for the American Cancer Society. My last day was September 19, 2013, because of transformation. The thing that struck me funny is Wendy looked right at you, she is not hiding. For those that did not know Wendy did you know that the event that she was responsible for goal and went over by 17%. That meant that the event raised more money than the American Cancer Society thought it would. Yes, just this year. You are looking at the bad right now. Wendy, was always a yes person, and took a lot of crap inside the organization. I know I did too. But Wendy always said “sure” or “yes” I will do it. She did great things and saved many lives, increased money in Southeastern North Carolina. You should be ashamed of yourselves! But the ones that should be more ashamed are still working for the American Cancer Society. All of you media are making this so hard for a great lady, kind woman, and a hard worker that gave her life to ACS. Her direct management was not as easy. You have no idea what it was like working for the American Cancer Society. Transformation came along our managers changed, jobs changed, and people left because of not getting jobs. This organization expected you to give your first born and you are vilifying Wendy. Only if you knew. The current staff have been asked not to talk, but to make volunteers aware. However, those of us that have left we know how this organization works. The American Cancer Society uses the staff, takes advantage of good people and this is what happens. This is terrible. I wish nothing but good things for Wendy Perdue. I am sure she will never recover and her life will never be the same and the American Cancer Society will continue “brain-washing” staff and volunteers. After my seven years, is nothing to the 15 Wendy gave she is a far better employee than you will ever know. You have marked her guilty.

  • Former Employee 2 says:

    I am two a former employee of the American Cancer Society. I will agree with the above statement and add a few more comments that I feel are noteworthy. I left the American Cancer Society when the severance packages were offered while transformation had just started. Wendy Perdue is the most genuine, caring, loving person that you will ever meet. She has gone above the call of duty for the American Cancer Society. I am so sick this happening to her. But I too, know who she worked for on paper and off. I am not surprised! Let me tell you my role was a Manager with the American Cancer Society and Wendy was bullied. Because we were a health based organization she was not the product that some wanted. They wanted her out. They hated her. But when they needed her they sent her to solve problems, because she was the only one that could handle the volunteers and deal with the problems that our internal management could not handle. Her supervisor on paper was not liked and to reach goals for CPS-3 would go through the phone book to get names to reach goal. SHE STILL WORKS with ACS! ILLEGAL. The other is so pathetic she is so weak and if it wasn’t for Wendy she would not be able to keep her head up and certainly can not build relationships. Her attire is sad and she is not 21. Wendy would do anything she asked just to make her look good. She is a sick lady both of them and them and the American Cancer Society have left them working. I am so thankful I took my severance package and left this organization. God bless Wendy and her family. God bless the cancer survivors that are suffering from the media and god bless the volunteers that continue to work a full time job and a full time 40 hour work week with this organization. I stand behind Wendy more ways than one. I heard about this weeks ago and gossip is widespread internally.

  • Guest2020 says:

    With any job, you have the option of seeking employment elsewhere if you don’t like your job situation. Her history of doing good does not entitle her to steal money.

  • glassdoor.com says:

    Your right she could have left. Go to glassdoor.com and search the American Cancer Society, read the reviews from across the county about the Staff that work there, and some still do, in regards to ACS. This is really interesting reading and will make you think about working for a non profit organization. She can’t be the only person that had problems there or the ones that had left. This must be a nation wide problem. There are a lot of people that like it. But there are plenty that do not. WORTH the read. Take the time to see what is being said. Don’t just read the first few posts read several. I thought I would read up on it because staff were complaining. I almost have to stay for the former staff that I am happy you are gone to. I hope you find a job that is more structured.

  • RFL Volunteer says:

    The news media is making this terrible for us to fundraise. Whatever Mrs. Perdue is accused of doing is between the courts / ACS / and her. You are hurting cancer patients yourself every time you decide to cover this terrible story. Ask yourself if every time you cover this story does the American Cancer Society get more money or less? But for you its about the story, right?

    I feel terrible for her, her family, the cancer survivors that are suffering right now because you are making it harder to fundraise and ask for money, as you keep this a media focus. Please stop! I ask on behalf of my committee that is working hard. YOU are making this harder for research to continue.

  • guesty says:

    From RFL volunteer: “But for you its about the story, right?”

    Well, lets think about it for a second, shall we? What is the business WWAY is in? Do they deliver pizzas? Are they a taxi service? No, they are a news station and their business is the report news stories. And a person being arrested for embezzling $68k from charity is, wait for it, NEWS.

  • rowdy says:

    “I don’t come to your work and throw rocks at you while you are mowing so shut up”

    Rodney Carrington

  • Guest2020 says:

    You are wrong. The people who donate money have a right to know what is being done with their money. You shouldn’t blame the media for your low donations, you should look no further than the thief for the blame. You should use your time and energy in an effort to denounce her actions and to assure people that she is the exception not the rule. Complaining about the media coverage just makes you look like a cry baby who doesn’t know how to handle your business. Worry about your own back yard before you worry about the media’s.

  • Jamie Falls says:

    I was in court today. You were all but chasing this lady out the courthouse and to her personal vehicle for a story. You should be ashamed. I hope you are sued for harassment, just for a comment.

  • Ashley Owens says:

    I have seen this story so much and heard it. It makes me sick. For many reasons. But that it will not go away. Wendy Perdue is likely paying the price for this already because of the “court of public opinion”. Let it go! The courts will decide her fate, the media should not. It goes right back to investigating where the dollars go when you donate money. Look at the American Cancer Society 2011 990. I bet it was not where you thought your money was going. Those high salaries are stealing from cancer patients, take a look its real. This girl is going to have a hard life the rest of her life guilty or not. But the cancer society will always have high salaries that are taking from cancer patients, and research.

    What makes those people any better? They are not. Let the courts decide and let this lady go through the process without you in her face.

  • Movie Studios says:

    I needed to know what was going on around 10:35 so, I looked it up. Little lady you are very aggressive and I am surprised that you didn’t make that older lady fall. You need to be careful. I am hopeful a resolution happens fast for this lady or you folks are going to endanger her and or who ever is with her. I am sad to know that the media angle is so aggressive and a little more upset that Pender County Courts and Police allow you to be in the Court House and event are allowed on the property in such a aggressive manner. I would say if that was my sister or mother I would ensure a restraining order was taken against you. And further more if the defendant was the one you were harassing and she told you “no comment” I would suspect “no comment” meant just that. You kept on. I am trying to locate this woman to tell her I will be a witness for the terrible treatment that you gave her today. I do not agree with what happened. But I certainly do not agree to what you are doing and how you represented WWAY. She deserves respect as you would want yourself to have. GIVE IT.

  • Anderson says:

    Looking Good Sista. Keep your HEAD held high all of this will be behind you soon and people will see what ASC is ALL of about. Maybe those employees that are still there WILL not longer be able to get a paycheck due to the news media coverage. Remember you have alot of people standing behind you and beside you. And for you Ms. Murphy WWAY news anchor you should be ashamed of chasing people down on the sidewalk for a story. You HAD way to many people watching you today maybe we will tape you next time.

  • guesty says:

    Why is everybody bashing wway for attempting to get a comment from this accused thief? She allegedly took advantage of people’s good nature and the desire to help others by stealing some of the donations made and used the money for personal use.

    Everybody on here crying about WWAY are no better than the mothers of all the recent arrested thugs that get on here and spout off about what a good boy he was and he never hurt anybody.

  • party animal says:

    I am sure that if she were innocent and could prove it she would have done so before the arrest warrant was issued. Apparently the PCSD has been investigating this since August. Obviously she is guilty or she would have accounted for the $68,000 that is missing from the bank account. I commend her friends for supporting her-she is going to need it, but they need to open their eyes and look at the evidence against Wendy Perdue. Stealing from cancer patients is so wrong. I don’t care how good of a person her friends insist that she is. It is up to the court to decide guilty or innocent-but according to the evidence she sure looks guilty to me. WWAY is doing what they do-reporting the news-people need to be made aware of this situation.

  • Darlen says:

    You have no idea what you are talking about.

  • Susan Baker says:

    I saw your story but I did read the comments. Are you seriously telling me that “your story was more important to wway than the safety” of this person? I will consider changing the station I watch. I really do not care for Sarah Murphy anyway her reports are immature that just shows her character in trying to push for a comment. So, unfortunate for WWAY. Even, though this was wrong this is just a bad. I agree the courts will determine her fate. Not the media! I agree with the volunteer the American Cancer Society should want this to go away if they are having trouble fundraising. As you, the media are not helping the cause. So, what Mrs. Perdue has done, you are doing more. Be more the wise! Not just for a story! Sarah Murphy you should be reprimanded. I hope the courts are notified and the police are contacted and Mrs. Perdue files charges. I hope she does. Just for the mere principal. I would hope this for anyone white, black, Hispanic, anyone. I don’t appreciate anyone being harassed I do not care who you are.

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