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COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A man and his teenage stepson are dead after investigators say they shot each other overnight.

The Columbus County Sheriff’s Office says at 12:22 a.m. deputies with responded to a shooting at 163 Pine Circle Drive in the Green Acres community just east of Tabor City. When they got there they found James Bernard Soles with a gunshot wound to the chest. Soles told officers his stepson, Gregory Javon McKinnies, 16, who lived with him at the home, had shot him. Deputies also learned that McKinnies had been shot and had been taken by car to the hospital in Loris, SC.

McKinnies was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. Soles, who was transported to Loris by ambulance, died a short time later.

Witnesses told authorities that Soles and McKinnies shot each other during an argument over unspecified domestic issues. McKinnies was shot multiple times in the chest with an assault rifle and Soles was shot in the chest with a handgun. An autopsy will be conducted later today in Raleigh.

Investigators say no one else was injured.

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  • Guest666666666666666666666666

    This convicted felon was able to purchase an “assault” rifle? Charge whoever sold him the gun!

  • Dan-O

    Where’s Mom during this whole fiasco???

  • Guestomfg

    She was fetching more ammo.

  • Off The Cuff

    That area of the county is very conducive to this kind of behavior…..could use bulldozing.

  • Perry

    So which neighborhood is worse – Green Acres or Ridgeland Acres? Seems like they are having a contest to be number 1. What is wrong with this world?

  • Lisa’s Two Cents

    What are they trying to do, build a Creekwood, near Tabor City ?

  • 8844

    It’s a sad day when someone has so little respect for the lives of other human beings that you would feel comfortable posting what you posted..

  • Guestomfg

    They killed each other, so who had no respect for life here? Frankly I couldn’t care less.

  • 8844

    You were the same poster who was whining about a Wal-Mart coming to your area and bringing in “low class” Wal-Mart shoppers into your neighborhood.

    How ironic that you, personally, have so little respect for others that you would make fun of such an obvious tragedy. I can’t think of anything lower class than that.

    It’s obvious that you could care less. That’s what makes you thinking you’re so special seem so terribly absurd.

    You should feel ashamed, but I doubt you’re actually capable of that.

    “Things” like you just suck up oxygen on this planet that could be put to better use.

  • deputy 25

    case closed

  • guest0101
  • PublicAvenger

    He was already convicted of “Possession Of A Firearm, By A Felon”. All the Gun Control Laws, would have done nothing to stop a person, like him.

    This is a sign, that every law-abiding citizen, better get a gun. Because, people like this, will always have, and use, them. And there are thousands more, just like him, waiting for a Hurricane, or a Power Outage.

  • justicesystem

    Perfect example of our wonderful justice system. Mr. Soles is a career criminal with multiple felonies and a violent offender and was charged with a dwi 6 mths ago. He should have been locked up!

  • Hammer Jr.

    If you don’t care so much then why are you posting? ,making yourself look dumb. You don’t know my damn dad so why judge him ? You don’t know why or what happened apparently only God Knows so mind you & yours . Everyone has flaws & make mistakes . Some choose to make change while others keep doing the same. The World it’s self has changed , so God Makes No mistakes . You can save your Negativity I don’t want to see it. R.I.P. DADDY MAY YOUR SOUL LIVE IN HEAVEN . YOU ARE FINALLY LIVING THE HIGH LIFE ! YOU WILL BE TRULY MISSED ! I LOVE YOU AND ALWAYS WILL . , Sin, Your BABY GIRL <3

  • Eljay Blanco

    Its easy to find you so i wouldnt post negativity if i were you its gods will nobodies safe anymore we are living in our last days..


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