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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — Public school teachers previously talking about a walkout next month to protest education policies by the North Carolina legislature are now urging solidarity behind what they call a more positive job action.

The North Carolina Association of Educators and some teachers behind the walkout idea on Thursday promoted a “walk in” Nov. 4 they hope will attract parents and elected officials to schools.

The association and individual teachers urged colleagues to wear red that day. They want the community to visit their schools to see what’s happening.

The association had not endorsed the walkouts. But President Rodney Ellis says he can understand why teachers are fed up with flat salaries, the end of job-protecting rules and a new taxpayer-funded program for some children to attend private schools.

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1 Comment on "NC teachers’ group getting behind school “walk in”"

beach guy
2015 years 9 months ago

Please stop using children as a bargaining chip

If public schools are the property of the people why does the state allow a private union to dictate any type of protests or actions for that matter on school property? I as a tax payer resent the use of my money for this type of activity. This type of activity should be done after hours and away from work.

Go ahead walk out be a pawn of this union but when you do keep on going and that is probably what the state told you so now your going to do a walk in and wear a red shirt.

Any of the faculty or staff that are on the states payroll that participate should be fired on the spot and any expense should be collected from the union.
Let the unions that you are so loyal to pay your bills when you do not have a job.


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