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Wilmington Police and New Hanover Sheriff’s Deputies work together


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Nearly two weeks after Wilmington's police chief and the New Hanover County Sheriff announced a joint enforcement plan, officers and deputies hit the streets together Friday night.

Thirty-two officers from the police department and 32 deputies from the sheriff's office will partner up to go out on the streets.

"How this works is non-uniformed personnel within both agencies have been assigned to work together out there for extra patrol in and around the community, robbery suppression and these other issues," Police Chief Ralph Evangelous said.

A few community members told us they do not think this will have any effect on crime, some said they feel safer already after noticing increased patrols since a deputy was shot in Creekwood earlier this month, other say they like the idea of the joint patrols.

"I think it'll be a good thing, because it'll keep a lot of the violence down and keep a lot of the thugs off the streets," said Mark Walker, who lives near Creekwood. "It'll leave the neighborhood a lot safer."

Evangelous says that the high crime rate and gang activity is more than a police problem; it is a community problem and he needs everyone to come forward.

"There's a lot of good people in and around some of the more troubled areas here, and all they need is the catalyst to come forward and feel that they'll be safe doing it, and we're the catalyst," Evangelous said. "We're going to be there for them to make them feel safe enough to talk to us and tell us who these bad guys are."

The chief says that long-term fixes are being considered while this short-term one goes into effect. The focus of law enforcement will be on areas of high crime, during times considered to be high risk.

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It is a good approach

Anything that promotes a heighten presence in areas like Creekwood are going to make them safer. I hope it can be sustained and that it will have the desired effect of taking back control of the community and maintaining control over these areas.

Good idea and thanks to all the law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line daily for ALL of us!


Law enforcement encouraging neighbors to report on neighbors. Divisive. Common tactic of this administration. Ask how can I help my neighbor.

Glad they didnt team with leland

Then the total number wouldn't be 32 it would be closer to 12 the way they are dropping like flies in brunswick county.

Well that's a fairly

Well that's a fairly intelligent thing to do, should have been done long before this got so out of ocntrol, but I will give them a little advice, unless these pairs on put in the problem area's, it's all smoke and mirrors

We will be at Creekwood from

We will be at Creekwood from 4:30 to 6:30 and then we will break for supper until 7:30...........

Great Thinking

give the bad guys notice of the plan and what to look for. Heaven forbid we catch them unprepared and off guard.

I guess this does give bail bondsmen and defense attorneys ample time to prepare so anyone actually taken into custody is quickly back on the streets.

How about fewer news conferences and more aggressive street work.

History repeats itself.

At Anteitam, the Confederate forces lost, not because they were undermanned or out numbered. They lost due to the Union forces having a copy of the confederate plans for attack.


"They lost due to the Union forces having a copy of the confederate plans for attack." (Unquote)
And...I think it was posted on Facebook too!

Great Thinking

Aw giv'em credit! Just copying what our government does all the time!



Good Luck

I hope you get them all!