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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Athletes from all over the country started a long day of swimming, biking, and running at Wrightsville Beach Saturday morning for the PPD Beach2Battleship iron distance and half iron distance triathlon.

Wilmington offers an ideal course for the race recognized around the world as the area combines both land and water for a long, tedious race.

One competitor even took work with him this year as he raced side-by-side with his boss. The triathlete’s family was there to cheer the duo on through the finish line.

“Just the perseverance to succeed and knowing that he has accomplished his goal is one of the best things for him,” said wife Rachael Butler of Charleston, South Carolina. “It is something he has had on his bucket list for quite some time and just to be here today is fulfillment. To walk away with a medal and show his boys he can do it is an accomplishment for him and us as a family.”

Butler says her husband and his boss prepared for 6 months before the race. It was their first half-iron distance race.

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2 Comments on "Triathlon attracts athletes nation-wide"

Mr. DooDah
2015 years 10 months ago

Umm. There were media advisories out about this huge event. I woke up Saturday morning and postponed a trip to the liquor store because I already knew the roads would be jammed with triathletes. Stayed in bed and watched Bugs Bunny cartoons. Went and got my gin and juice after lunch. No problem man.

christopher polanski
2015 years 10 months ago

This event while I believe it’s a good thing, was an absolute train wreck as far as planning and traffic is concerned. I got caught twice in it and both times sat stationary for 45 minutes while sheriff’s and wpd officers struggled to give cars a break through the bicycle traffic. The route was poorly planned, left turns for bikes cut car traffic off in multiple directions making it nearly impossible for law officials to move car traffic with any sense of rhythm. The result was clearly evident today with traffic being backed up for hours and no one getting anywhere on time. Putting signs up that say expect delays does not accommodate these almost hour long lengthy wait times, no one can plan anything on those terms even with being informed prior. Who is responsible for the event planning and how do we make sure the next event doesn’t shut Wilmington down for a full day?



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