Two suspects dead, one jailed after restaurant robbery leads to police shooting

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Submitted: Mon, 10/28/2013 - 3:39am
Updated: Fri, 03/14/2014 - 3:25pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — On the same night Wilmington Police launched a joint patrol effort with New Hanover County Sheriff’s deputies to combat the city’s gang problem, officers wound up in a shoot-out after the latest late-night restaurant robbery. When it was over, two suspects were dead and a third was in the hospital.

Police say around 11:45 p.m. Friday, three men approached an employee outside the Pizza Hut at 2402 S. 17th Street. Investigators say Jalani Smith, 20, Ronald Roland, 18, and Tevin Robinson, 20, all from Brunswick County, forced the employee back into the restaurant at gunpoint and robbed the people inside.

When the suspects left the building they met police officers outside. WPD says the suspects refused commands from officers and gunshots were exchanged. All three suspects were injured and taken to New Hanover Regional Medical Center. Roland and Robinson were pronounced dead a few hours later.

Smith has been released from the hospital and is now in the New Hanover County Jail under a $1.5 million bond. He is charged with conspiracy to commit armed robbery, multiple armed robbery charges and four counts of first degree kidnapping. He is scheduled to make his first court appearance Monday.

Court records show Smith has pending drug charges in Brunswick County, as did Roland. Smith is also due in court in February in Brunswick County for a misdemeanor charge of carrying a concealed gun.

Police say they had been monitoring restaurants due to several recent armed robberies at restaurants in Wilmington and Leland. Officers were close by the Pizza Hut when the robbery happened. Police say the three suspects may have been tied to multiple business robberies in both Brunswick and New Hanover counties.

Both Wilmington Police and New Hanover County Sheriff’s deputies responded to last night’s robbery. No officers were injured in the shooting. A WPD spokeswoman said the names of the officers could not yet be released as SBI investigates.

All three suspects were recent graduates of North Brunswick High School in Leland, where they played various sports.

A friend who did not wish to appear on camera says Roland and Robinson were good guys with promising futures ahead of them.

He says Roland, the father of two young children was a basketball and track star who had just graduated in June.

And he says Robinson was like a brother to him.

Robinson’s aunt says her nephew was attending A & T College and was in the navy reserve with hopes of being a police officer.

Robinson’s friend says surviving suspect, Smith was a presidential scholar and a leader in his ROTC class.

North Brunswick coach Bryan Hayes said in a statement,”I personally knew all three young men involved in this tragedy. My thoughts, prayers, and condolences go out to the family and parties involved. I hope everyone sees the learning opportunity in this situation.”


  • Charles Walters says:

    I was going to say the same thing, because everytime one of these low life thugs gets popped all their idiot friends and family come out blaming everyone but them for the trouble they caused. Wilmington has become like the wild west, and it is high time people got pissed off, and take back this city. Way to go WPD and NHCSO for making sure at least 2 of them never cause trouble again.

  • NCNative says:

    First, if you’re tired of reading the comments that are posted to this story, stop reading them. It really is THAT simple.

    Second, they did not simply make a “bad choice”. A bad choice is speeding. A bad choice is skinnydipping in January at the north pole. What these idiots did was CRIMINAL. They committed FELONIES – yes, PLURAL, as in more than one felony. Committing multiple felony crimes at once goes WAY beyond being just a “bad choice”.

    Third, I could have partially accepted your conclusion that they were just good, sweet boys who made bad choices up until the moment they drew weapons and aimed them at police officers. You see, committing a crime is one thing. But compounding that crime by threatening to kill law enforcement officers – the ones who our society demands keep us all safe – means they are willing to kill ANYONE. Willing to kill anyone just to pick up a few dollars absolutely makes someone a bad person.

    Fourth, we all have the right to post about this event in this forum, and we actually do have the right – and the obligation – to judge these idiots and their actions. It’s the basis on which our legal system relies. People who commit crimes will have to appear in court and be judged by a group of their peers. Because anyone who registers to vote can be called to serve on jury duty, those of us that do have the right and the obligation to judge the actions of criminals.

    Fifth, kidnapping…armed robbery…resisting public officers…NO, these are NOT the actions of “great kids”. They had every opportunity in the world to make different choices, and they consistently rebuked the opportunities.

    My heart goes out to the families who lost 2 members last Friday night. But my heart is even more thankful that criminal thugs who threatened the very fabric of our society did NOT succeed in their purely evil goals and that no innocent lives were lost that night.

  • Guest1221 says:

    Dear Na Na:

    I’m pretty sure committing arm robbery and drawing weapons on police officers classifies them as criminals. Good people don’t do that. And, had your ‘good people’ not made a conscious decision to rob an establishment by force, or, if they had heeded the police officers’ commands, they, too, would be going home to their families, even if it was in, say, 15-20 years. It’s pretty irresponsible of you for blaming the officers who were in the course and scope of their jobs.

  • anne says:

    Now it is time for the families to come forward and tell us how good the boys are and why they can’t understand the police having to shoot them.

    In life, we make good choices and we make bad choices – there are consequences to all of them. These good ole boys made the wrong choice.

    To the families – I am sorry for your loss. Losing a loved one is never easy – been there – but you are now facing the pain that they caused by their actions. I am just glad for the employees – that their families didn’t have to be notified that they had been shot and killed by someone who chose to steal instead of getting a job.

  • Black American dad says:

    They didn’t shot or kill any employees because they were not that kind of criminal. I think these guys were looking for a fast buck and was not familar with what was going on in the area. I know that people think you are a thug if you make 1 mistake in life. Look at Michael Vick. He was labeled a thug for fighting dogs. I wish y’all guys really had the opportunity to live in the hood and meet a real Thug. They don’t give a damn about nothing and you won’t have many people saying things about them Good b/c they make things bad in the hood. I think that they knew the police procedure and was hoping that they went by the guide lines. I don’t think that they wanted to hurt anyone or loose their life while robbing a Pizza Hut. I also think that they thought it out before they went to do it also and figured the worst that could happen was that they got to jail.

  • Roger says:

    2 thugs bite the dust!

  • SMBeez says:

    Kudos to the WPD and Sheriffs Dept. Thank You!
    It is unfortunate that it had to go down this way. My condolences go out to the families of the suspects in this incident. However, “Live by the sword, die by the sword.”
    Hopefully this will be a deterrent for future want to be robbers in this area.
    Again, Thank You to the officers for a job done well.

  • Old Guy says:

    Poor black males just trying to rob a store. NOT!!!!! Just trying to make a living!!!! Get a job like the rest of us human beings!!!! Everything is not given to you by just pointing a gun or putting the strong arm against decent people. You see it doesn’t matter what color your skin is it is what YOU do! If you break the law then expect the consequences! To bad so sad that criminals either go to jail or die!

  • guest111 says:

    Great job to the law enforcement agencies. This is exactly what it’s going to take to stop these thugs.

  • Cal says:

    Way to fix. The gang prob !you want to e gangsters. This is how you deal with them

  • Guest, just another says:

    So, the same night that WWAY runs an article about literally doubling the effort on crime, NHSO and WPD together, these idiots either wanted to try to make them look bad, or are ignorant of their world.

    I’d like to think it was the first, they were challenging law enforcement, and they freakin lost! THATS how you send a message! I’d like to think our current crime has hit a high water mark in Wilm, and the tide has turned.

  • GET'EM says:

    Bet thats the last time they rob pizza hut. This is the only
    way to stop these criminals. “Dead in their Tracks”. Hopefully with the recent roundup of criminals in Wilmington they will finally get the point and find new ways to be more productive members of society and stop feeding off the innocent. Sad but you live by the gun, theres a good chance you die by it!!

  • Mac says:

    Great job by the Officers involved, that’s how you solve a holdup problem!

    Glad all the Officers and store employees went home that night safely.

  • I do not understand says:

    I do not understand the choices these kids are making today.A lot of times we want to blame the parents.I don’t think that s fair.As a parent we can raisw our kids knowing right from wrong.Then they go out in their own and do the opposite.Now don’t get me wrong you do have somen parents that condone the behavior.I feel sad everytime I read and article about someone being killed.I always wonder what If they had made the right decison what would their life be like.I am reading these comments they are harsh but truthful.It is timeout for this nonsense.I will continue to pray for the families involved. I pray for a wake up call for everyone.These cops are no longer playing with you.Get right please.These funeral homes are getting richer daily.It has to stop.

  • Jon E says:

    That is two less criminals on the street, maybe if others see that they can die from attempting such stupid acts like robbery, then they will think twice.

  • Vigilante says:

    I am proud of what these deputies and officers have done over the past two weeks.
    Keep ridding the area of parasites like these, and all thug coward gang members.
    Soon the thugs will see they are a loser, scared, not respected lifestyle. If we have to keep killing these parasites to get it under control. So be it! The thugs better be thankful it’s law enforcement doing it and not the average fed up citizen!
    Again great job guys! The taxpayers are over feeding these losers too!

  • justin says:

    Looks like this particular group of thugs were based in Brunswick County – maybe we should be sending money to Leland to counter the gang activity, not the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Department.

  • ROUNDUP says:

    I’m so proud of our L.E.O. WELL DONE !!

  • Playwithmatches..... says:

    Bet they weren’t expecting that! Glad that the police and INNOCENT ones were unharmed. GOOD JOB .. thanks for protecting us!

  • pwyll says:

    Reading these comments and thinking about the city; I see indifference and hubris equal on the side of those who commit crime and those who revel in the deaths of two fellow citizens. The robbery is a travesty, the death of two men is travesty; but our greatest problem in the element of selfishness and lack of respect for our fellow man in which we are all drowning. It seems we are becoming more and more ego-centric…is there an answer? Is the idea of hard work, respect for fellow man, and the golden rule dead? May God comfort the victims, perpetrators, and all who are affected by this all too preventable travesty. Is there an answer to our rapid and rabid decline into the abyss of the lawlessness and hate created by a loss of hope and mutual respect?

  • M says:

    I’m tired of these comments on here. These boys are not thugs. I grew up with them. They were young and made a bad choice!!! And maybe you should show concern by not posting these horrible comments and thank about these families who lost two great people. Tevin was a sweet boy I know, I grew up with him. So before you judge people and go on with these assumptions you should realize people make bad choices. It doesn’t make them bad people or “thugs”. My heart goes out to all the people who knew these boys like I did and lost these great kids.

  • Andrew says:

    Awesome job WPD and NHSO!!!!!! You met the scumbags outside! You guys don’t get enough credit for dealing with this slime.

  • Mac says:

    The taxpayers won’t have to pay for the trial & jail for these thug criminals.

  • Truth says:

    No they do NOT need to start killing people. Killing people shouldn’t be a free nation. If they do that they’ll start having problems. Just like the movie Fruitville. So no you shouldn’t be an officer if your scared to handle them by yourself. And have to shoot. Officers have a very important job.

  • Sharmaine Ballard says:

    Really?! Parasites? They may have not been model citizens, but these were a couple of teenagers who made a bad decision. You’ve never done anything you regretted as a teen? They did not deserve to die for this. You have your opinion, and I have mine. Condolences to the families of these kids whose lives got cut short.

  • nikki wylie says:

    While you are celebrating the deaths of these “parasites” as you call them, please have respect for the family as they are grieving a lost.Yes the circumstances of the situation put them there but I believe that your comment is highly inappropriate.

  • westla says:

    If Wilmington were not such a haven for thugs,they would not have a problem. Stop blaming others for the Port City thug life !

  • fed up says:

    I see people think its okay to take people life and comment on it if it was your child would you say and feel the same way no you would so stop judgeing..

  • Jon O says:

    Are you really going to be so ignorant as to pretend it isn’t in NH County/Wilmington as well?

    Wow. Ignorance is bliss.

  • nay-nay says:

    they were no criminals there were good ppl so get facts straight and that’s not right the cops are alright and they get to go back to there familes but Ronald and tevin don’t we wont be able to see them again so look in to stuff before you comment

  • JohnC says:

    Can you imagine how many crimes will not occur because these savages are dead or will be in prison. Great job guys. Stay safe

  • John Smith says:

    Great job WPD and NHCSO!!!

  • GuestUSMC says:

    The joint patrol effort seems to be off to a great start. Hopefully, these were the guys who have been robbing restaurants the past couple weeks. No reason for any investigation here. Seems pretty simple. Congratulations to the officers for a job well done. As for releasing the names, don’t bother. Wilmington is a little safer now, so that’s all that matters.

  • frey says:

    Your reply was a human one. These young folks were wrong and paid the price. Young people do dumb things. Sorry they did not have the proper guidance. Families are mourning right right. I am happy for the police because they have families to go home to also.

  • Ashley says:

    I went to school with all three of these young men and they are not thugs in the least. Tevin was in honor classes with me and recently joined the Navy. Jalani and Ronald are both great young men as well. In no way shape or form are they “thugs” like all of you have made them out to be. People make mistakes and wrong choices, and now because of the choice they made that night, two people that chose to do this pay the ultimate price. In no way am I saying robbing a business is right, but they made a wrong decision. If everyone was held accountable for every wrong decision they have made in the past, we would all be committed. Before you label a human being with such a cruel title, make sure you have clean fingers pointing back at you and make sure you know the person. God’s grace is a wonderful thing because without it, all of us would be accountable for every wrong doing we have partaken in. Stop stereotyping and dehumanizing people if you do not even know them. What if this was your child?

  • that1guy says:

    Sorry bro, but these guys were in fact thugs.

    Thug: I violent criminal.

  • Jerone Rose says:

    I don’t know if this is legit i mean all 3 had promising futures yet they decided all of a sudden to rob not anyplace but pizza hut where you would be lucky to get a few hundred dollars i could seem maybe it was a bank but i still would be skeptical and what evidence did they have that suggested that they where in a gang the news even said one of them was in the navy and military does lots of background checks on you before you go in so i highly doubt he could be in a gang and the navy at the same time especially with navy’s random time schedules as i know cause i was in it people should take the time to look at the more objectively weather than automatically believe everything they hear one the news.

  • queen george says:

    As concern citizen we should never celebrate the death of anyone. Why? They are someone child. You may want to see them as animal until your child ends up on the other side of the law. Then you want to blame their mishaps on others? smh What saddens me, these young men were not the norm of what you might consider “thugs”. These are your white collar workers children. Yes, the had a run in with the law but overall they are upstanding in the community. So the question should by why? What happen to cause these children to make a turn? This is a sad commentary and one of the young men had children. So before you make a bias and stupid remarks but thoughtful of others feelings. NO..I DO NOT have any connection to these young men nor there families. I’m another black women concern about the direction of our black children and the communities at large.

  • jesus says:

    Thanks so much for this comment…people can be so heartless…and tomorrow they could get a knock at their door…you see how smart those guys were…Their families did their job..those were the chooses that those young men made in life on their own…l pray for the family of these young men!!!

  • guestwho says:

    They didn’t just “have a run-in with the law” They committed at least one ARMED ROBBERY and EXCHANGED GUNSHOTS with the police. OVER ALL these were dangerous men and I am glad I don’t have to worry about them pointing a gun at me or my family in the future. I’m sorry but if that sounds like a celebration to you then so be it. Wilmington has had it’s back to the wall with violent crime and it’s time to end it.

  • guesty says:

    The police don’t have to wait for the criminals to shoot at them. If they make threatening moves or attempt to raise a weapon, game on. Since these 3 rocket scientists decided not to follow police orders to drop their weapons, they chose their fate.

  • ed bamberger says:

    Great job Gentlemen. This scum and that’s what it is is scum should be eliminated. Now everyone is gonna come on here and claim we got a bunch of choir boys here. What a JOKE, scum is scum.

  • Anon2201 says:

    Obviously you people have NO respect . These boys lives were taken from them and it’s a good thing? When is death ever GOOD? No matter what the situation was death shouldn’t have been the resolution. I’m not saying they weren’t wrong for what they did because it wasn’t on either part.You people just need to let these boy’s and their families and friends rest. Just imagine something like this happening to your loved one , you wouldn’t want anyone disrespecting their names like this it’s just cruel. Rest Easy Boys and as for you ignorant people making these ignorant comments may God bless you because you all need JESUS.

  • tatiana jones says:

    Listen, this message is for anyone who has something Negative to post on this article: If you do not know these boys, then shut your damn mouth! you have no right to even speak on this topic!I do not care how you take this, but you seriously need to shut the hell up and stay in your place! Its so obvious that everyone who has something bad to say DOES NOT know any of these boys! Have some respect for the families and friends! Anyone of these boys could have easily been your son, nephew, brother, boyfriend, etc! SO why not watch what you post? put yourself in our shoes! Yes they did make a silly mistake which ended unexpectedly, but that still gives you no right to talk down about them! Tevin, Ronald, and Jalani were all great people! Judging them like you’re GOD or something of Greatness, shame on you all. Everyone has flaws and makes mistakes, but you cannot fault them for theirs! How dare anyone comment such nonsense on such a tragedy! If any one of these boys were apart your family, Im pretty sure your comments would be different! SO stop being so damn Hypocritical & Have some desceny!! -Tatiana Jones

  • Tree says:

    At the Pizza Hut in Wilson, NC a few years ago, my friend and coworker’s only son was shot in the head and killed during a robbery as he closed the restaurant for the night. This was two blocks from my home at that time. Others were hurt and the police didn’t find the two young men who were responsible for several hours because their families were hidding them. I am thankful that the innocent people in Wilmington did not have to go through what we went through at that time. The boy who was killed was only 16 years old and working nights and after school. The funeral was so sad. It’s not just the families of the criminals that suffer. We all suffer. Congratulations to the WPD and the NHSD for doing their jobs and protecting the law-abiding citizens of our city and county. We appreciate and support you!

  • PublicAvenger says:

    It was a “silly act” of “boys”, like these, that murdered a Cape Fear student, and Chinese delivery man, in cold blood. These Armed Robbers, were Cold Blooded Parasites, not good, innocent, “boys”.

    Great job Police. Be glad you have Sheriff McMahon, and Police Chief Evangelous, who stand behind you, in tough, but righteous, situations, like this.

    Twice, in the last month, Law Enforcement has courageously stood up to violent criminals, and won. Law Abiding Citizens of Wilmington, are very proud of our Police and Sheriff’s Department.

  • Victoria says:

    Great job WPD. Who cares about the facts, they were criminals and they got what they deserved. I’ll be happy to hear about more successful police work over the next few weeks.

  • Happy times says:

    I do feel for the family and friends of the criminals and LEOs that had to be involved in this situation.
    My brother was involved in a terrible crime that also resulted in a person dying. I came to his defense until he confessed. I then quit with the excuses, so did my parents as well as most of his friends. This is a terrible thing that took place, but don’t try to paint it anyway but what it is. It is 3 criminals that made a deviant decision at least 3 separate times. It took planning and risk, and all 3 knew it! These young men got the reward for their evil actions!
    Every decision anybody ever makes gets a reward, the young men got a reward of good grades, playing sports, and having unprotected sex. They also got rewarded for choosing to commit armed robbery. They got money first, then they got rewarded for shooting at law enforcement!
    The families need to quit making excuses and just say We are ashamed by what our boys did, and we are very sorry for all the damage they have done. We hope this is a learning lesson for folks who want to make bad, evil decisions.

    If you really want to stop people from crushing your dead family members, Stop Saying How Great they were!
    The legacy they just left isn’t a good one! They chose their reward! Nobody else did!

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    …you don’t like what the public has to say? Use your “shut down” command! Left hand side, left click, pick “shut down”. Very simple!
    Law abiding people enjoy seeing the bad guys get what they deserve. Nobody likes to see anyone die, but when you play the game these boys did, be fully prepared for the consequences! It’s nothing other than luck that it wasn’t a 3 out of 3 result!

    PeeEss – Just let you know, we really don’t give a rat’s hindquarters where you place anyone on your “totem pole”. K?

  • guesty says:

    You forgot to add: “…they step out of the building right after they committed armed robbery. They then disregarded police orders to put their weapons down and hands up.”

    I know your version makes it sound much better, but you can’t argue facts.

  • Wilmington Citizen says:

    Do you know who gets our respect? The WPD and the hardworking individuals who had guns pointed at them while 3 criminals stole from them, that’s who. Their families should be ashamed of them and the path they chose and apologetic to the innocent victims who were involved. Instead, they are demanding respect for them as if they did no wrong? Had they been three upstanding individuals who died senselessly, our community would be on their side, but they chose to be armed criminals. #sorrynotsorry

  • Phonicia says:



  • trash says:

    Why did he have a gun? Why was he robbing Pizza Hut? He got what he deserved! He should have been at home or working a real job. I guess if he shot and killed someone it would have been okay?

  • Guest857 says:

    I’ve read, agreed and disagreed with many of Guesty’s posts. Judging by some of his posts, he has an inside connection with local LEO. Nothing that he posted in this thread was hateful. You want hateful, just take a walk thru Thugville at 2 a.m. I would bet a stroll past Guesty’s home at 2 a.m. would net opposite results. Don’t worry, when these dimwitted voters we have today allow legislators to enact more gun control, your coveted rabbits will have the guns!

  • Riley says:

    I will say this everyone is entitled to their own thoughts…but I just pray that all those who thought it was a good things for someone to lose their child no matter how it happen, that you NEVER have to know what it feels like to bury a child….

  • SurfCityTom says:

    now deceased, was 18 and had graduated high school in June; and was already the Father of 2. And his friend thought he had a promising future.

    If that is perceived to be a promising future, how do they define dismal future?

    And the one who survived, has to post a $1.5 million bond in order to be released. Guess they’ll know where to look for him when it is time for his other court appearances.

  • guesticle says:

    my point was that it’s still a tragedy to the families involved – show some class… You’re not representative of the general public, you represent a small percentage of cowardly message board trolls. who fill these forums with hate and vitriol.

  • Retired Cop says:

    When someone uses a gun to rape, kill, or rob, somebody, the police are bound, by duty to stop them. They do not have to wait for the suspect to shoot them. And its dumb to tackle a man with a gun, or knife.

    Enforcing and obeying the law, is the work of St Michael. Robbing Pizza Huts, and killing delivery workers, and a Cape Fear student is the work of Satan’.

  • guesticle says:

    I also want to point out that I’m very glad that no LEOs were hurt, and I have the utmost respect for the work they do. It has to be the most horrible thing for an officer having to take someone’s life… and I would guarantee that the officers who had to deal the fatal blows were not saying to themselves, “damn. It’s unlucky that we didn’t fatally wound all three”.

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    I show class by being a fuctional and contributory person in society. I advocate for those that are truly needy. I donate hard earned money to help others get back on their feet. I pay my taxes, I bought my home, paid for my automobile, paid for my insurance and for my food. I support a family, help my elders and I tutor underprivileged children in mathematics and science. I assist in the soup kitchen when I have time.

    THOSE things in themselves are perhaps the ONLY things that make me a small percentage of the general public, if anything at all! I do not advocate criminal behavior of a violent nature. I detest drug dealers that pass out poison to our children for their personal gain and I absolutely abhor people that whine about violent criminals getting their due during the commission of their felonies while putting the general public in danger. These young idiots could’ve easily killed innocent people!

    Call me and the others all the names you want. We know where we stand and we have a purpose. A LEGAL one! Again, Great job LEO’s!!! Up with the good guys…down with the bad guys!

  • guestwho says:

    Ask your buddies about karma.

  • GOOD GUYS says:

    Two of them are GOOD GUYS now, to bad all three of them are not GOOD GUYS now.

  • John Marr says:

    Bottom line it is a tragedy that 2 young men lost there lives. I am so proud of our Law Enforcement agencies for doing what they do everyday. I do pray for the 2 boys families who were shot but i also pray for the police officers involved that they find peace and still know YOU DID YOUR JOB!!!! Never waiver from that belief brothers because the minute you do. 2 boys like the ones who obviously had intentions of putting you in your grave. you did a good thing and it is sad but maybe the next criminal will think twice before trying to kill heros!!!!!!!!

  • saywha says:

    First off, your spelling and grammar are awful. Secondly they committed a violent crime and got killed. That’s the karma you must be talking about. Neither police nor anyone else need to do or say much to make young black men look bad right now. They and you with your babbling all caps rant do a pretty good job of it.

  • Anonymous says:


  • fred says:

    Are you serious right now? What type upstanding young men go robbing innocent hard working people. It’s people like you who condone this type of foolish behaviour and chalk it up to just a mistake, that causes this type of stuff to happen. Are you sitting there saying it’s okay that they robbed innocent people at gun point. Stop being lazy and go out there and find a real job and be responsible adults. As far as I know you are an adult when you turn 18, so therefore these three young ADULTS made their decision and they reaped the benefits. Those excuses that you are making is the reason why this continues to happen, so get a life a switch your brain on for one second. What they did was tatolly wrong. I work hard for my money and I garauntee you that if they tried to rob me things would have gone down the same way. Stop being lazy scum and go out there and make something of youself youth and leave the innocent alone. I bet you think he was setting a great example for his two kids. “DON’T WORRY KIDS YOU DON’T HAVE TO WORK FOR WHAT YOU WANT, JUST GET A GUN AND GO TAKE FROM THE HARD WORKING INNOCENT PEOPLE. IT’S ALL GOOD”!!!! YOU ARE JUST AS PATHETIC AS THEY ARE. Just close your mouth and go sit in the corner and really think about whats right and what’s wrong. Oh wait according to you these guys did nothing wrong.

  • guestwho says:

    I guess you’re not familiar with the constitution. That’s fine. If you’re looking for people to show respect for these kids you’re in the wrong place. All we know is that there are two less armed robbers in the world right now. For the community as a whole that’s a positive. we’re all a little safer now. That’s a fact. Not arguable. These two guys wont ever point a gun at another innocent person.

  • Tracie C says:

    I’ll just copy and paste my reply to another “fan” of the “good boys”:
    Let’s see how wrong I can show you you are tatiana jones: IF this were one of MY four sons you can bet your A** I’d be the FIRST one talking about what morons they were. Are you KIDDING ME???? No hypocrisy here.
    I really wonder how the children who were fathered by one of the above mentioned “good boys” will be dealt with? Will they be told what a “great” man their daddy was? Will they grow up with that lie? Will they be taught to arm yourself with a gun and rob a restaurant is a “silly mistake”? For their sake, I hope not. I sincerely hope they are allowed to grow up in REALITY and not in the “poor me” syndrome that OBVIOUSLY permeates through the families now.
    Wake up, woman, call it what it is.
    Three idiots with out a brain cell between them.
    Seriously, that Pizza Hut has been hit twice (not including your “good boys” botched crime) in the last month. How DUMB do you have to be to try to rob it AGAIN???
    I have your answer: as dumb as the criminals who ended up paying in the worst way.
    And, for future reference, a TRAGEDY isn’t three guys robbing anything or anyone at gun point – that, ma’am, is a crime.

  • KF says:

    With the 3 young men’s criminal records and their decision to exploit, terrorize, and inflict serious emotional distress on innocent people…you could not have made a more accurate statement when you advised us:

    “KARMA IS A B***H”

    They certainly proved that philosophy.

  • guest3367 says:

    You say this because you were there as a witness? Or because you cant face reality and admit that they played the game and lost?

  • rjw221 says:

    Intelligent and Bright minded. You must be talking about someone other than the ones that tried to rob Pizza Hut. Somebody failed somewhere with those thugs. It starts at home. Family and friends included. Two less to feed and cloth for 10 to 15 years.Hats off to the Law Enforcement involved.

  • Delusional culture says:

    they look like ducks, speak like ducks, and act like ducks, someone please explain to me why they are not ducks. And don’t even try to tell me they were good ducks who just landed in the wrong pond.

  • Young White Female says:

    You were not there to make such a statement is the only fact. The only people that know what happened are the officers, the two men that lost their lives and the young man in jail. We are all entitled to our opinions but you should not be so hateful. I’m sure you wouldn’t be happy if someone judged you based off of what they read because you come off has an arrogant, insensitive, know-it-all, coward, a*****e that has nothing else better to do but comment on articles all day. I hope that the families who read this don’t believe that every Caucasian is this ignorant. I pray for them and you also. Remember, it could be anyone and it’s no fun win the rabbit has the gun! (Don’t take the easy route and compare my last statement to this incident. Use your brain for once) Good day!



  • GRR says:

    I sincerely feel for the family of these two boys but when people like you get on here and try to convince people that they were saints is totally ridiculous. If Ronald and Tevin were so ” INTELLIGENT AND BRIGHT MINDED” they would have made a better choice. This wasn’t a spur of the moment thing. They had it planned out, not to well as we can see from the results so they knew what they were doing. I knew Tevin and agree that he was a nice seeming guy and hate that his life came to an abrupt end at such a young age but they did it to themselves so please quit blaming everyone else for their demise.

  • guest8675309 says:

    These low life thugs have been given a taste of their own medicine. Up standing, nice, boys some here have said. What a joke!!! If I was to point a gun at restaurant employees, herd them into a freezer, tell them they will die if they do not give what I want, I must be a great guy!!! You people here supporting them are sick!!! Try to rob me and see what happens. That is all.

  • reality says:

    Let’s talk about the “wrong decision” they made. First of all there is a wrong decision; such as buying something you can’t afford, and then there is the “wrong decision” of KNOWINGLY committing a FELONY. What part of the “decision” of putting innocent people in harms way and STEALING hard earned money that DOES NOT belong to you sounds good??? A sense of entitlement that goes WRONG does not equate to a “wrong decision” but a choice of which the consequences you must accept. Do the benefits of STEALING money and putting innocent peoples lives at risk really outweigh the consequences??? Question; what were they going to do with the money, or was it all to build “street cred”?? That one dude had kids to feed???? Doubt it…what do I pay taxes for each month??? Oh, that’s right…for people to keep pumping out illigetimate children so they get a bigger welfare check and become an incarnate of our failed welfare system. How about this…wrap your junk up and get a job like the rest of us!!! And #free jalani. Give me a break!!! For what??? He got caught and his poor feelings are hurt. He was committing a FELONY!!! “Good people” just don’t make the spur of the moment decision to ROB people. It is a lifestyle choice. Live like a thug…die like a thug…

    And “phonicia” don’t even get me started on that lame race card you are trying to play….it has beeen played out!!! Have you ever heard about taking personal responsibility for your actions??? What white man MADE 3 black men ROB somebody????

  • guesty says:

    {sarcasm on] They were great guys. I only wish I could have been friends with such outstanding productive members of society. What a great loss for Wilmington. {/sarcasm off}

  • Black American Dad says:

    Before I get into my comment I would like to ask God to help the families that lost love one and also help the police cope with the after effects of murder. .Weather right or wrong they still change your life.

    The question I ask is why. Why did these young gifted black kids choose this route? Although a lot of people think that young blacks just wake up one morning and decide to rob Pizza Huts.their is a reason why. Did one of those guys have a job at pizza hut and felt that they were treated unfair. Maybe they had a family member that work their ,was dedicated and was fired or forced out unfairly. I have seen this happen to parents,and the sons of the single Mom want to take matters into his own hands.their is more to this story than what appears on the surface. If you notice that after the Travon Martin case the violence has gotten worse.The outcome of that case tells young black america that you can be minding your business and get killed and their is still no justice for them. God bless America… my little Wayne voice.

    My next why is why we’re the killed? I know that the police had a job to do but did they follow procedure. I notice that they have not gave a official statement yet. why? They are not giving detail about how things happened. why? When shots were fired from the suspects did they hit the car a building or anything . How can they prove that they fired at them. At least they got cameras in their vehicle to help with that right? I think that I know why they killed the guys.Because of the rise in recent violent crime the officers were going into a scary situation. Also this sends a message to all the others that they will KILL you. God it is in your hands.

  • COBRAKEYE says:

    Sorry for the loss of life. Sorry that these kids felt they needed to do such a thing. Sorry the LEO have to deal with what they had to do for the rest of their lives.

    Nobody does anything without thinking they need to.


  • 28472 says:

    Job well done to all all LEO’S involved.

  • ANNE says:

    I’ve read through most of the comments but this one takes the cake. You state “NOBODY DESERVED TO DIE” however when you threaten individuals with a gun one’s potential to die by a gun increases. When you commit acts of violence one has the potential to die by violence. It is hard to state someone made the wrong decision when there is a pattern of wrong decisions. Would this be like “It’s only cheating if you get caught”? Well guess what, they were caught. People need to be responsible for there own actions. “Yes the police did there job but nobody and I mean nobody had to die”-this statement is just a contraindication. Since the police did there job they prevented the potential for a shootout in the parking lot. Another bad decision for the individuals not complying with the police in the parking lot while holding guns. But the kicker is the #FREEJALANI at the end of your post. Really, you believe he should be free?

  • guesty says:

    Sometimes the karma bus comes earlier and faster than expected.

  • challengetheworld says:

    Sorry “Tatiana” but when you rob our citizens and shoot at our police we have he right to weigh in on it. What the reality of this situation is, these kids did a very bad thing. They suffered the consequences. They have no place in our community.

  • Meelik Smith says:

    im jalani’s brother and there was no shoot out with the police. the police shot at them as soon as they step out of the building.

  • guesty says:

    That quacked me up.

  • Guestomfg says:

    “Tevin, Ronald, and Jalani were all great people!” ….. Great people do not commit armed robbery. You are WRONG. BOOM.

  • Anonymous says:

    People said Dzhokar Tsarnaev was a good kid too, but look what that sicko did. Everyone starts off good until they decide to do bad. They were educated so knew the consequences of not cooperating with police and laying down their weapons. Good riddance.

  • SayWhat? says:

    And all of this time, here I was thinking that if three men got together and made a conscious decision to commit armed robbery it was their own fault.

    Little did I know that it was actually everyone else’s fault.

  • Angewidert says:

    I’m just going to say it; you’re being a jerk.

    We, the general public, have every right to comment on the timely demise of two armed robbers. This is a public format and you’re the one who has no right to define it. If that offends you, don’t troll through here looking for things to complain about. Two less armed robbers in our world are two less scumbags capable of harming innocent people. That’s a fact.

    We don’t have to know them. That’s not what’s important here. What’s important is what they did and we all know what that was. It doesn’t matter if you’re a choirboy, if you commit armed robbery, you’re a scumbag. Period.

    No one, I repeat, no one that I or the vast majority of us have ever known, has ever done something like this, so they couldn’t have been my “whatever”, so why don’t you just give that crap a rest.

    To call their actions just a “silly mistake” and to infer that all “flaws and mistakes”, as you so callously refer to them, should be judged alike, is like saying that Genghis Khan’s son murdering an entire city of 500,000 inhabitants is the equivalent of jaywalking. Hey they were both just “flaws and mistakes”, right?

    Perhaps YOU should stop being so damn hypocritical and have some morality!

  • Banana hammock says:

    Here’s my question, if these 3 men where such upstanding citizens why did they all have a police record?
    Upstanding citizens don’t do things tht get themselves arrested.
    Upstanding citizens don’t carry guns, bust into closed restaurants and rob people at fun point.
    My family was victimized a few years ago when our home was broken into. I’m still not over it. I still feel anxious leaving my house. I still have nightmares that they guys have come back. I still can’t leave the house, take a shower, go to sleep… Without setting our alarm. MY heart goes out to the victims.
    I cannot even begin to imagine the trauma they are going thru. I hope they seek therapy and work thru their ordeal so they don’t end up with PTSD like I did.
    If you don’t want to be labeled a thug don’t rob people at gun point and then get in a shoot out with cops. It’s pretty simple, really. In the meantime law abiding citizens of Wilmington are being terrorized and wilmington is turning into a violent, scary place to leave. We are already planning our move, we just can’t get anyone to buy our house because no one wants to move into this gang infested violent area.

  • gun_toting_citizen says:

    The reason the news is always shows young black men commiting crimes…is because it’s always young black men commiting crimes….and also spell check is really neat…policie

  • Anne says:

    PLEASE, for the people defending these criminals, stop using GOD and MERCY in the same sentence. Did these perps have either when they terrorized the employees, robbed the patrons and lifted their weapons at aimed
    at WPD’s finest? Instead, graduation and military pictures are displayed, so are we supposed to feel sorry for them?
    They made their choices. I am just glad that there were no INNOCENT people hurt or killed especially those who
    are giving their lives to keep the streets safe for others. Brilliant job WPD!

  • Cathy R says:

    If these boys were so amazing and such upstanding citizens, fathers, scholars, athletes, etc then why were they robbing innocent people?

  • guest1221 says:

    “also help the police cope with the after effects of murder”

    Murder? How about we stick with calling it shooting deaths. To infer the officers murdered these ‘boys’ leads no credence to the remainder of your rant. Regardless of the myriad of excuses you’ve listed negating their behavior, the fact of the matter remains they held innocent people up and robbed them at gunpoint. Maybe in your world that’s an acceptable solution to being treated unfairly, but, not in ours.

  • Guesticle says:

    I agree with you Tatiana… While I do loathe criminals and support the harshest punishments for such crimes I find the comments here disgusting. Families are mourning, think about that when you spew this crap through your computer… these KIDS made a series of bad decisions, culminating in one VERY bad decision that caused loss of life. Maybe they got what was coming to them – you all don’t have to rub it in their families’ faces. Some of you are such hateful people that I don’t put you much higher on the totem pole than these guys.

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    …YOUR sister, brother mother or father had been senslessly shot and killed by an armed robber during the commission of a violent felony while trying to enjoy dinner? Would you still be commanding everyone on a public forum to “…shut the hell up”? It’d be a little different in that case now, wouldn’t it?

    These young men didn’t make a “silly mistake”, they made a congnizant, collaborative and pre-meditated decision to carry loaded weapons into a public restaraunt with the pupose of taking what they wanted. A “silly mistake” is bumping your toe on the coffee table, putting too much salt on your potatoes, tripping whilst going up steps. We ALL know that “Silly mistakes” do NOT include the violent act of ARMED ROBBERY with loaded weapons!

    Put the crack pipe down and let it cool off for a while. You’ll be ok.

  • ILM Resident says:

    Kudos to the WPD for helping to make our streets safer. I see a lot of comments in this thread about how these men were upstanding citizens and the like. I for one do not care about why thye held people at gunpoint and shot at police officers, I am just glad they are no longer in my community to continue to terrorize our fellow citizens. I feel safer, keep up the good work WPD!

  • THE TRUTH says:

    That is so true! How do we know that they exchanged shots with them? I hope its on camera. I knew this was going to happen b/c of the shootings in Creekwood. It gave them justification to shoot first and ask questions last. I’m sorry about them young guys making the wrong choices. I really feel that this was just something they wanted to do anyway to make an example out of what they been wanting to do to black guys. They don’t come to the rescue of shoot outs in the hood when they shooting at each other, playing HERO! The question is WHY? You don’t know what they was going through. Also they could have used other alternatives. They could have aimed at their guns below the waist. And YES, this really is a shoot first ask questions last, they are legal gang members in uniforms. May GOD BE WITH OUR YOUNG MEN OF TODAY!!

  • amanda says:

    upstanding citizens do not have police records.
    upstanding citizens do not force their way into restaurants and rob people at gun point.
    upstanding citizens do not engage in gun fire with police officers.
    i am so sick of people DEFENDING these MEN – yes MEN not KIDS.
    read the NC law.
    they are/were adult men.
    by defending them you are leaving the door wide open for this disgusting, terrifying behavior to continue.
    wilmington (or wilminghood) as we now call it is a violent, disgrace of a town. what happened to our lovely little beach town?
    oh, that’s right all these fine upstanding citizens are just making bad choices.
    drive-bys in monkey junction, armed robbery of domino’s in ogden, armed robbery of a bank in porter’s neck, open fire at a bus stop near pine valley????
    it’s not even safe to live here any more.
    do you know who MY prayers are going to???
    the INNOCENT employees of pizza hut who’s lives were terrorized and turned upside down while they were just trying to make an honest pay check. that’s who i feel sorry for.
    we were victims of a violent crime when our home was ransacked a few years ago. i still feel anxious leaving my house empty. for that matter, i feel anxious in my house because i’m afraid the people who broke in are going to come back since they all got probation.
    i’m scared all the time.
    i cannot even begin to imagine the pain and terror and anxiety facing those INNOCENT victims. i hope they get counseling so they don’t end up with PTSD like i did.
    until we stop defending this behavior, it will continue.
    i’m a mom, i get loving your child no matter what. but there is no defending or excusing robbing people at gun point.
    if you don’t want to be remembered as a thug, don’t live like one.

  • Tony says:

    I see a safer Wilmington in our future! Good job WPD!

  • Tatiana says:

    Listen, this goes to Anyone who has somethin negative to say about any of these boys! I really don’t care how you take this, but you all need to stay in your place. Which means in simpler terms: shut up if you don’t know what you’re talking about! Any of this boys could’ve easily been your son, brother, nephew, boyfriend, etc! Have respect for the families! Yes they made a silly mistake which ended unexpectedly but that doesn’t give you no right to talk down on them! Judging them like you’re God or some kind of Greatness! How about you shut your damn mouth?! All 3 of these men were great people! Everyone has flaws but you cannot fault them for theirs! How dare anyone comment on this tragedy with since nonsense! If any of these 3 men were your friend or family me never, I’m pretty sure you’re comments would be different! So stop being so damn hypocritical & have some disceny! -Tatiana jones

  • mr baaahaaaa says:

    glad for what WPD did. its plenty of room to bury those fools. they keep robbing, THEY KEEP DYING. those 2 idiots had no idea that the UNDERTAKER was going to rob them last. no sympathy for those idiots. i hope they kill any and everyone that tries to rob innocent people. #murked

  • guesty says:

    Stay in our place? Wrong. Those of us that are law abiding citizens are tired of being terrorized by criminal thugs.

    No, none of those boys could have been my son, brother, nephew, boyfriend, etc because I don’t associate with criminals and my family was raised with morals. Something that is missing from the hood mentality.

    Oh yea, all three of them are great. Great people often commit multiple armed robberies. Happens all the time. I think Governor McCrory just robbed the Waffle House.

    If by some Twilight Zone Freaky Friday switch somehow one of these three were a family member of mine, I would be on here not defending them but apologizing for their actions.

    Show some class.

  • trash says:

    You saw what happened to him. Don’t do the same. Sorry for your loss, but rather for it to be him than some innocent person.

  • Meelik Smith says:

    im jalani’s brother and ronald’s cousin and i just want to say thanks for understanding unlike the other people with all of their negative comments. thx

  • CCRES says:

    What is there to understand? If you play cops and robbers, there has to be a loser in the game. In this case, the public won and has the right to celebrate.

  • Minister responds says:

    Very true speaking. That’s for everyone food stamps are for indiviuals who need support from the government some abuse it and some don’t because some really need it like the elders and those who have disabilities. But food stamps have nothing to do with this . But your prayer has been granted.

  • White male says:

    Dear it seems like you were giving a diploma and free grade to pass English because your spelling is way off. (Laughing out Loud I’m racist I don’t really like other ethnics groups besides my own and that’s Caucasian but what I can say is I don’t believe these young men lives should have been taking they should have been placed behind bars and taught a valuable lesson so they can teach the rest of these people out here that are robbing and Etc. Their gone and it looks like to me the robbing is still going on. Wilmington is a very beautiful area but this robbing is making it terrible. Those individuals are gone and a day after Robbery’s continue. Oh yeah I would watch how I say that about what the teacher release to you because all Those teachers can be looked up and found and I can track down your email and find out who your in connection with. Tread lightly with the teacher comments I can have the board on that school for even revealing or sharing confidential information on a student. ;). But you may want to check in retaking grammar classes before speaking on what a teacher gave a student because the way it’s looking you were giving a good grade to passed English but the way your typing and spelling dear you should have received a D. Good Day.

  • tim donleycott says:

    my son was robbed sept 15 this year 5to7 robberies samenight filed report 1call he had wrong facts turned overto detective never heard another thing this happened at Hilton there security is nill&void goodluck Wilmington residents&visitors downtown

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    ….and while requesting prayers, why don’t you request that fathers do their job and raise their kids. That the impoverished compel their children to “break the cycle” rather that perpetuate it. Teach them to get educations, not how to get more food stamps and have more babies.

    Those wishes and teachings will go a long way in preventing this type of violent criminal behavior and thus…prevent those mothers from missing their sons and daughters due to bad decision making!

    God is good, God is great, but we all have personal responsibility, USE IT! Never forget that and most important of all…never excuse that!!!

  • trash says:

    Oh, so he was Robinhood? Steal from the rich and give to the poor. So that makes it better. He got what he deserved. Enough said!

  • FedUP says:

    My friend and her boss were held up at gun point last week by 2 of these 3 “MY SONS.” In Leland, in the Piggly Wiggly Parking Lot. One of them held a gun to her store owner in the parking lot and demanded his hard earned money. My friend heard him screaming and she turned around and went back help. She called me. She was scared so frankly I don’t care about “MY SONS.” I care about her and her boss. One slight move on the trigger and one of them would have been dead.
    Now, someone in your family needs to find out where these young men went wrong. This was no mistake or accident. These were ARMED robberies, a series of them. People are scared, they are angry. And, they have a right to be. I am sorry two of the three are dead. Don’t blame the cops. When you run around with a weapon holding people up and robbing them, the prognosis is poor. What did they think would happen? I think it was having an earful of gangbanging music pumping into their brains 24/7 that caused them become thug gangstas.

  • lonetraveler says:

    Noticed that you never mentioned praying for the unfortunate people who had a gun shoved into their faces and were terrorized and their lives threatened. Why is that? These people were the real victims here, not the criminals who decided to erase their “wonderfully gifted lives” and become armed robbers. Where is the outrage about the actions of these bright, upstanding young men?? Why isn’t their community, friends, relatives and ministers horror stricken at how these three went so bad after being such responsible young people? Shouldn’t their supporters be determined to find out “Why?” instead of trying to make them the victims of the WPD? These three men made the decision to go against everything they have ever been taught and just throw their futures out the window. for God’s sake, at least hold them accountable for their actions, people.

  • that1guy says:

    The next time there is a standoff with armed, violent robbers, we’ll let you walk in and try to negotiate, are you willing to try?

  • that1guy says:

    Maybe you should have raised them to not be violent criminals. No one owes you an apology for your offspring terrorizing and threatening to shoot peaceful citizens.

  • It don't matter says:

    So I take it that none of you people leaving these ride and disrespectful comments stating “good & well done etc” don’t understand or haven’t developed the fact that these were someone’s children who were killed. It doesn’t matter weither they were wrong or right for their actions, no one deserves to die. None if us were there even this incident happened so no one can say they deserved it what if the two that died didn’t even have a weapon? Tevin Robinson doesn’t even have a record and Ronald’s petty charge was just that PETTY not a robbery or anything that resulted in him having to lose his life. You people are flat out ignorant

  • Happy Citizen says:

    You all robbed multiple locations and got caught!! You guys got GREEDY!!! You LOST!!! Was it worth it??

  • Danger Close says:

    Glad the officers are safe and took these thugs down!! DO NOT lose the momentum Keep the trash and the thugs on the run!! Eventually they will give in and try another town if you keep the heat on them! GOOD JOB!!

  • Malik says:

    im not saying they’re innocent but they weren’t bad people they were just doing the wrong thing at the wrong time and i knew all of them and seen all three of them the day that this happened and my family is deeply hurt by our lost and it could’ve been handled alot better…. and its not right that the news knows more about this than the family does.

  • ga barajas says:

    I just want to let all of you know Tevin Robinson wasn’t a thug it was an amazing person wh would help you if you need it. He wouldnt harm a fly. Robinson to let you know wad in the navy he was willing to put his life on the line for the country he didn’t need money. He was suspected not convicted of robbery the investagation is still going but its my pesonal belief that he was in the wrong place wrong time type of thing. I feel like he just got caught in the cross fire

  • nikki wylie says:

    Knowing the fact that people are celebrating the death of two young men lets me know that this country is in far more trouble then I would like to believe. I bet if it was your child, right or wrong you wouldn’t want somebody celebrating their death. Please have respect for the families!!!!

  • beachbum123 says:

    Funny how I personally know three teachers from North who adv me that one of those bright young men was gave a diploma just to get rid of him ( he was gave grades to pass ), that he was a known drug dealer among other things.

  • Regina Smith says:

    This is Jalani’s mother for all you that want to “Thank the WPD” for killing my boys. Let God have mercy on your soul. The thing that bothers me the most is that YOU don’t know my boys. The are not THUGS there are MY SONS. You can say stupid comments all you want. Just remember they have a family that LOVES THEM, you may see or read things on the news but they never report the good in anyone. Why when people are killed INSENSIBLE PEOPLE write things that will hurt others STOP IT. What if that was your family member would you like to read these comments. My family is going through a lot right now, we have not seen our children and the only information we have about this horrible incident is what we read online or see on television. So tell me why your precious WPD is not telling our family details instead of the media. Its been 24 hours and why our boys’ body are not being release yet. TELL ME that or don’t say anything at all!!!!

  • Guest2020 says:

    Way to go, LEOs. Keep up the good work.

  • T J Aunt says:

    I am the aunt of TJ. TJ went to school, hung out, laugh, cried, loved these boys. I didn’t know these young men but I do know TJ. I know that TJ is a very good young man and by that I know his friends also must be that way. DO NOT let the media, negative people, and the devil take your joyful memories away of these young men. Hold those memories tight in your heart. Hold your head up for your boys. No matter the mistakes they made, WE ALL make them. Thank God for being a forgiven God. Thank God for blessing you with the years you’ve had with your boys. Thank God for the good in your boys. Thank God for forgiving your boys. Thank God for the children your sone left for you to shower them with you and your son’s love. My prayers are with you.

  • Nichole Thomas says:

    I just wanted to give credit where it is due I don’t know about everyone else but I slept much better that night. Thank You!

  • guesty says:

    From the story: “Officers were close by the Pizza Hut when the robbery happened.”

    No surprise with that since I would bet 3 or 4 officers were hanging out at the store across the street from the Pizza Hut.

    With that out of the way, great job of taking out the trash. 2 more that will never hurt anybody ever again.

  • confused28470 says:

    “subdue” them? why? so they can get right back out of jail and rob somebody else?

  • Amber says:

    Rest in piece tevin n ronald we will miss u. Hard to believe yall did this but no one kows wat was on ur minds. One of them was in the navy not saying who. But r.i.p hard to believe we went to school and graduated with are now gone. RIP u guys. Prayers to ur family

    Class of 2011

  • none says:

    for ANY of you that feel that it is right for ANYONE to loose their lives, you should be ashamed of yourselves. yes, what they may have did was wrong but that does not mean they had to loose their lives behind it. none of you gave them life, so who are you to feel you can take it away? i agree 100%, that the non-sense needs to stop with the thugs and gang members. but im sure just like those boys did, you make mistakes too. yes, some consequences are greater than others but that is NOT for you to decide if you should take their lives or not. did they kill anyone? NO.i bet if it was any of your children, you wouldn’t be saying that. & for whom ever you are that is calling them “parasites”, you are one ignorant person. they were human beings just like you. i just pray for all of you that the Lord has mercy on you when that day comes. because at the end of the day no one deserves for their lives to be taken completely away from them behind a mistake in which they did not take anyone else life. no sin is grater than the other. same way they were wrong for trying to rob the pizza hut, you are wrong for cheering and celebrating that they have lost their lives behind it.

  • Minister speaks says:

    These three indiviuals have been very great young men but something struck them at the spare of the moment and they made a very terrible decision. Tevin Robbinson was in the Navy Reserves and just was finishing his trainning to become a officer in the Navy. He also graduated with honors and stayed on the honor roll at A&T he took a break this semester and had just sign back up to go back to A&T to complete something for the Navy. Ronald just graduated from high school and was one of the main basketball players and football players at his school he was a very great athletic person. Many of the teachers loved his personality and as well as the students. He had two sons and he made a wrong decision but God will take care of his sons and family he also was a A/B student he was always a yes and no Ser person. Jalani graduated with honors and was a A honor roll student maintaining a high GPA he also was a great leader in ROTC he always respected his elders really well and he was attending school trying to further his career he was also a presidential scholar. All of these young men were raised in the church and was still attending church trying to better them selfs. Just pray for the our family’s pray for the mothers, children, grandparents ,brothers and sisters and pray for yourself. God can sustained everyone in this situation and to clear the record according to the law at this moment they were not the ones who Rob the other places. Pray pray pray Wilmington, pray that God covers the youth and the community with protection pray that God touch the evil minds and the unthinkable minds. Thank you God for the love you have shared upon these family’s for no one knows how it is to lose a child in less they’ve lost one weeping May endured for a night but joy surely comes in the morning thank you Jesus for being who you are. ………. “Pray Wilmington Community for all the young men each nationality and ethic groups”

  • Downtown Res. says:

    They fought the law and the law won. Great job, thank you…sleep tight…we will!

  • disgusted says:

    yay you killed some young black males! we are all so proud of you! you should all receive medals… all this racist babble is disgusting.

    not like you could have used your resources and elaborate technology to subdue them in a non violent manner, I am still wondering why no mention of the last person killed of having a gun. The kids didnt follow commands, but did they open fire? Im really just disgusted that alot of important details are left out…. It just sounds to me like these cops are all trigger happy after one of their ‘own’ was shot. WPD, NHCSO sounds like just another gang in town to me.

    -young white male.

  • Ken Ramsey says:

    Did anyone else notice that one of these recent HS grads and athlete is also the father of two small children? Now that’s a sign of real responsibility…….. These guys were punks, hoodlums, criminals, and in reality everyone who knew them was probably not surprised by this.
    Thank You WPD and NHSD for removing this garbage from the streets.

  • Sure says:

    The family can say all it wants…good thing that young man never made it to be a LEO…imagine that. No matter how good they “were” its what they did now…and deserved to be 6ft under…same to the one that’s still alive.

    Great Job WPD and accompanying agencies for the effort you are making to keep the innocent public safe. You guys are great, hang in there.

  • gust1820 says:

    it’s sad that three young people were involved in this to begin with. they could have been working at that pizza hut and earning honest money. if you pull a gun on someone, chances are you’ll get shot. look at wrightsville country store. going around and robbing people is just asking for it

  • Guest45 says:

    I Totally agree. GUN CONTROL= THE ABILITY TO HIT YOUR TARGET. The Law Enforcement proved that. Great Job guys. Job well done.!

  • ENL says:

    Now that is GUN CONTROL,Nice shot.

  • bitch mode says:

    That was my friend and bother so no not nice shot when your fam gets shot hope there is someone there to say nive shot

  • guest3367 says:

    Good job WPD! Keep up the good work. Two less thugs to terrorize innocent civilians and hopefully the third will spend numerous years locked up. Thanks for a you do WPD.

  • Ken says:

    I don’t know how much different the police department could’ve handled it however they didn’t listen to the police department’s commands. These boys only what they were getting into and the consequences of their actions. I think the Wilmington Police Department did a fine job. Keep up the good work.

  • The Real Truth (Gramps1945) says:

    You sound like Al Sharpton. The police did what they had to do. Look past your hatred, and realize, the Armed Robbers were the ones who could’ve handled it in a better way. By the way, do you have any video justifying the Armed Robber’s actions.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    listen to the audio tape.

    Question — feel any sympathy for the employees who had guns in their ears?

  • THE TRUTH says:

    My Condolences go out to all the familys involved in this tragedy. The police really could have handled this in a better way w/o anyone being killed. What really happen? Is this on Camera?

  • serious says:

    President Obama. Since when did he have something to do with this? This is not a Trayvon Martin murder case. He wasn’t commiting a crime obviously.

  • FedUP says:

    My friend and her boss were held up at gun point last week over in the Piggly Wiggly Shopping Center. Pizza Hut got hit, Food Lion got hit, and the CVS.

    Thank God, innocent people weren’t killed. They are already seriously tramatized.

    I have no sympathy, now we only have to fund one’s attorney, endless appeals, long prison stay with meals, A/C, cable, med/dental.

    What a waste of potentially good lives for these guys.

    Oh,….and, has Obama claimed these three as his sons….didn’t think so.

  • ty says:

    On point and well said!! This person is an idiot.

  • Satan says:

    I will keep these two nice and warm down here with the rest of the criminals and thugs.

  • shannon dunn says:

    the Wilmington police did a great job last night in this situation there at Pizza Hut on 17th St. These men have been robbing several locations and finally got stopped. I worked at this pizza hut for a while and its a shame you can not go to work and earn a honest living because of people always trying to take things that do not belong to them. if Wilmington police start this project to stop the gang violence here we as a community should do all we can to help them clean up our streets and make it a safer place for kids to play, families to walk their dogs, enjoy living. STOP THE VIOLANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • troy says:

    sorry for the families involved, but this is something that was forced and the officers did their jobs well. good job glad no innocents were hurt.

  • Nick says:

    Finally the police around here do something right. I really hated these LEO jerks around here until I saw this on the news. As they say “when you live by the gun you die by the gun”. You little street punks need to get a job and a real life or my boys in blue are going to smoke you!!!!!!!!! Sorry for the families of these boys, but maybe you should have taught them better than this. And I pray to god the police keep their fingers on the triggers and stay ready to smoke some more wanna be thugs. Keep listening to your rap music and robbing people and carrying guns you probably stole so you can get your own body-bag. And to the one that’s not dead, enjoy your nice stay in our fabulous prison system!!! It’s very very nice. See you in 10-15 years!!!!!

  • Leland Mom says:

    I also knew these boys. My son has played sports with them for years. I also know their mothers and families. They did not go and rob Pizza Hut because they were hungry and you know that! They did come from good homes. I will never understand why they did what they did. Do you honestly think that if someone goes and robs a place of business with a gun and ends up getting killed in that process that they didn’t get what they deserved? They committed a serious crime and have paid for it with their lives. Learn from this that crime does not pay off and make sure that you do the right things. If you think your friends are going to do the wrong things then maybe you should try to stop them as well. My heart is with the families of these boys that have died. No one deserves to feel the pain of losing a child regardless of how that child dies.

  • Keshauan says:

    First I want to start of but saying NOBODY deserves to have there life taken over a business thats that’s GOING TO CONTINUE TO MAKE THERE MONEY! Y’all are saying well done and thanks to these officers who have taken someone’s lives where are y’all human morals A LIFE WAS TAKEN ARE Y’ALL SERIOUS!!!! Half of y’all don’t know what it feels like to see your mother working and your sibling starving not knowing where your next meal is coming from what if they had nothing else to turn to?? Pizza Hut will make that money right back it wasn’t worth taking two teenagers lives, as teenagers we have alllllll made midstakes. ITs sad to see that some of y’all don’t have any respect for these young boys parents if your child died REGARDLESS OF WHAT THE CASE WAS how would you feel if someone congratulated the person who took your child away it’s sad that some of y’all have noooo hearts or feelings or respect NON of these robberies that’s happend recently led to a Rodger killing an innocent person so why are y’all so happy when an officer kills two teenagers no one should be congratulating anyone those parents will never be able to talk there kids again

  • GRR says:

    I didn’t know them personally but knew them and have talked to Tevin and Ronald several times at and about sporting events. When I heard it was them I found it hard to believe that these two individuals would be involved but they chose to. They were What you are saying that if they were hungry then go out and rob and terrorize innocent hard working citizens. I beg to differ, instead of robbing the Pizza Hut they should have been there looking for a job. They didn’t have to stoop this low. Yes I feel sorry for the families involved but as Barretta would say” If you do the crime you have to do the time”. With this said I will continue to pray for the loved ones that are left behind.

  • guest6754890 says:

    Hey Keshaun,

    Read this carefully. When you come onto someone’s property with a gun and you choose to commit an armed robbery, you are giving the law abiding public as well as law enforcement the legal permission and duty to kill you. It does not matter how rich the property owner is or how much money they will continue to make, if you attempt to take something from them and you indicate that you have a weapon, you are giving them permission to kill you. Period. Pizza Hut did not kill these guys and law enforcement did not go out seeking to kill these guys, these guys chose to die based on the stupidity and immorality of their actions. They were wrong. No one else. And speaking of stupidity, I would encourage you to re-read your post. If this is how you really talk and write, then it is highly unlikely that you will be very successful in this world either. Some friendly advice…get some education, find a job, extricate yourself from the hip hop culture, develop a positive attitude, and don’t even think about robbing someone unless you want your next of kin to have to identify your dead bullet-ridden body.

  • ROSE M. KNOCHE says:


  • Vog46 says:

    Enough said…


  • Lawrence says:

    One question, when will some in this community take ownership. That the city and tax base did leave out more options to offer the youth. Some did graduate from local schools but to do what?

  • chuck lanier says:

    I can’t wait to see the robbers mamas on tv crying about how their
    boys were such good boys and the cops should not have killed them.
    Where is the NAACP? Good shooting LEO. Now if a judge will give the living one life without parole……

  • guest111 says:

    I want to say I’m proud of our Chief and our Sheriff for combining forces and working together for a common goal and for the good of our area. I don’t remember a time when those two agencies have been able to work together without fighting over who is in charge. Wonderful accomplishment last night thanks to both of you. Be careful and keep up the good work!

  • kim says:

    Great Job! So thankful no innocent person was lost due to this selfish activity. Hope the news spreads that lethal force can and will be used.

  • PublicAvenger says:

    That doesn’t surprise me. I know a white teenage neighbor, who works hard, and has a perfectly clean record, and can’t even get into the military.

    Who knows, with Affirmative Action, this Armed Robber. (With his NC AT&T degree), had a good shot at making Captain or even Admiral. Things are so unfair. Its time to look beyond skin color, and do away with Affirmative Action. Racial Preferences are so unfair. A person’s skin color, should not ever matter.

    I think Affirmative Action, and Welfare, has helped create many monsters, like these armed robbers. They honestly saw nothing wrong with forcibly taking money from, and possibly, killing another person. And why not ? They have grown up in this Culture Of Entitlement.

  • NC Citizen says:

    This post sounds ridiculous. Please stand in front of an audience and read it aloud. There are a number of reasons why your friend may not be able to join the military. They government does more than check your background. I REALLY hope you were using satire when you wrote AT&T degree. And as far as welfare goes, Blacks and Whites statistically are almost equal in the percentage makeup of welfare recipients with Hispanics making up the difference. Your post is so off topic and full of erroneous statements. While we’re on the subject of entitlement, feel entitled to a higher education and get it so you can respond to topics intelligently.

  • tke1 says:

    Sounds like “Crime Prevention” to me.

  • No name needed says:

    this saddens me. I really wished that could have been solved differently. my condolences goes to the family and especially to his 2 children,

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    All these “THUGS” had to do was make a better decision to NOT commit armed robbery! I call them THUGS because that’s what they are, I don’t care where they’ve been, who they are or how angelic thier past has been. When you make the COGNIZANT decision to violently rob a public facility with loaded rifles and handguns you’re a THUG! There is always the possibility that someone will get injured, if not killed in the confusion. Luckily, it was the bad guys this time! All of you preaching sympathizers wouldn’t be so quick to give them a free ride if a few of your grandbabies, a mother or father were killed in this robbery attempt would you? NOPE!

    THEY made the decision to commit armed robbery! That’s pretty brazen and bold in my book. I have no idea of the motivation that these brilliant young men had to commit this crime, but with having children and these “promising careers” that I read about, that couple of hundred Pizza Hut dollars must’ve been really important to them!!!

    You people have to understand that what these young men was not only extremely stupid, it was extremely violent. What part of that are you having difficulty understanding?

  • unkown says:

    well wow this is crazy i grew up with them one minute there here next there gone i cant believe they would do stupid things like this when they are college students well i guess it was gang activity

  • nho607t says:

    I am saddened to hear this news. I’m saddened that these young men chose to commit this crime and lost their lives. I feel sorry for their loved ones and also the police officers who have to deal with this. I’m sure they are hurting also. All around very sad news.

  • Andrew says:

    Every right for these young men to defined as “great promising young boys with bright futures” goes out the window the instant they picked up a weapon and pointed it at an innocent person. I commend the police officers who defended those customers and employees. As a North Brunswick graduate and a United States Marine I am ashamed to have been at school with these men and that Tevin was also a member of the Naval Service.

  • guesty says:

    First we have: “A friend who did not wish to appear on camera says Roland and Robinson were good guys with promising futures ahead of them.”

    Followed up with: “Robinson’s aunt says her nephew was attending A & T College and was in the navy reserve with hopes of being a police officer.”

    Yep, good guys commit multiple armed robberies all the time. Tell us how it was just a mistake. And then the one that wanted to be a cop?!? Was he doing research to be better at catching criminals since he apparently was a criminal?

  • Devin says:

    First of all you don’t know any of them. They were good guys. Don’t Judge people if you don’t know them. You don’t actually know what happened so dont assume. It don’t matter what they did they shouldn’t be disrespected. One mistake and their gone I’m going to miss them. Things should have not Ben handled like that. Get a life and stop disrespecting them. For a******s like you deserves to rot in hole. Ill going to miss you tevin. Gone but never forgot. R.I.P

  • guesty says:

    I don’t know any of them because, wait for it, I don’t hang out with criminals. It really isn’t a hard concept to grasp and many people get it except for hoodrats.

    You saying I don’t know what happened is you making an assumption but then you tell me not to make an assumption. Why is that? Why would you assume I don’t know what happened? Does it make you feel better?

    Armed robbery isn’t a MISTAKE as you criminal supporters like to say. It was an active choice all 3 made and it cost two of them their lives.

  • Challengetheworld says:

    Do Good guys rob people with weapons and try to take money? I don’t think it was one mistake, I think it was SEVERAL. They are apparently connected to several armed robberies.

    Looks like bad decisions caught up with ‘good’ people right? I don’t think so. Loss of life is tragic, but so is terrorizing people and shooting at the police OR anyone for that matter.

  • NC Citizen says:

    It is a tragedy when any life is lost under any circumstance. God please touch the minds of the innocent in this situation and give them peace. Let them know that you were with them during that time and because you loved and protected them, their lives were not lost on that day. Everyday God, ease their pain a little more. Continue to protect all officers of the law as they continue to do their job. Be with them every step of the way. God, be with the family of the suspects and comfort them in their time of need and grief. Be whatever they need during this time whether it be a shoulder to cry on or a listening ear. God, touch the minds of our young children and adults. Show them crime is not the way and that it only leads to circumstances worst than the ones they may be in now. And lastly God, prick the hearts of readers of this story with compassion. Give them the understanding that those slain are members of a family, and because you are love they should only speak love if they are children of you. And if they can’t find it in their hearts to speak love,even if that love is only for the innocent, to keep all negativity to themselves. I ask these things in your son’s Jesus’s name. AMEN.

  • kingstonman says:

    While it is sad that some men lost their lives it is also good that finally the people working in a business establishment had protection. All the robbers had to do to avoid a shot out was to give up when the police announced themselves. They did not accept that command so suffered the consequences. Now I am sure the community will scream the shootout wasn’t necessary. When are people going to realize if our law officers do not start cracking down on these lawless people then we are going to an absolute mayhem state and people won’t even be able to leave their homes. And with the shooting recently on 15 Street in Wilmington even that isn’t as much a safe haven as it use to be. What will life become if this crack down wasn’t put in force? Thank you to the Police Department and Sheriff’s Office for starting to make our area safer.

  • StopGunViolence says:

    Clearly, these criminals were shooting back. The church across the street was shot up. The cops were shooting toward the restaruant, and the thieves were shooting back–which is why the church ended up with bullets. Luckily, no one was at the church after their late night service. This is horrific: that three men would be this reckless as to drive to Wilmington not only to rob, but would be too stupid to throw down their guns and surrender. Our law enforcement have every right to shot to kill when people emerge from a restaruant, guns in hand, and don’t follow commad to surrender. I know things are only going to get worse as the holidays arrive. The courts need to stop letting these convicted criminals out. Anyone arrested for armed robbery needs to be put away more than a few months. The bonds also need to be raised from petty 25000 to 75000 or above. They get out and continue to rob innocent people. Some kill them, shoot and injure them, or pistol whip them. It’s enough to get robbed and escape bodily injury,mbut the trauma effects the victim osychologically. I was mugged by gunpoint ten downton 11 years ago, and it still haunts me today. I didnt leave my home save to go to work and come straight home for six months after was robbed. I can’t imagine how terrorized these employees are, and how long it will take to get over this horrifying event, and for the families of the deceased, it is a tradgety. And now that the gun show has come and gone, I wonder how many convicted felons purchased their guns there for mayhem all over wilmington? How many convicted felons will be in and out of jail after conviction of assault, robbery, possession of a gun? These two theives, as sad as it sounds, will never hurt another person again, because they are dead. The third one, unfortunately, will get out of jail in few years and probably kill someone. With a gun, no less.

  • Susa says:

    I was actually in the Pizza Hut just before the restaurant was closing.
    I have not been to this Pizza Hut in years, and feel very blessed I was safe in my
    home at the time this happened.
    Life’s were changed because of the 3 men who made the decision to do this.
    One writer mentioned it was something how we here the good about these young men from “there community”
    But, it sounds to me they’ve been pretty busy if all three had prior arrest and they weren’t out of school very long at all.
    The mention of one wanting to go into law enforcement one day just blows me away.
    What happened to these 3 that changed it all!
    I am so thankful for the work of our law enforcement!
    You had a tuff job and had to make some really quick decisions .
    To the Pizza Hut employees, I pray you all will recover from this traumatic event.
    And to the families of these 3, my prayers to you.
    As a mother myself we have no control of the actions our children make in life
    And I’m sure if you could you would. But please know they made there choices and there was nothing you could have done to prevent it.
    Please everyone let’s support our law enforcement that they will be confident in there choices when put in these situations.

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