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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Local churches are teaming up with the group “Boots on the Ground” to try to quash segregation in the Port City. The group wants to bring the community together by remembering the race riot of 1898.

Supporters will meet at the 1898 Memorial on the corner of 3rd and Davis Street this weekend starting at 9 a.m. Church leaders and even rapper Snoop Dog’s mom will be there to also address issues with gang violence.

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  • SurfCityTom

    Why not start by closing all public housing projects? Nothing will end segregated housing quicker than demolition of the various projects. That would cause the residents to get out into the various communities if they can pay the rent. Secondary benefit will be all of the unemployed seeking jobs so they can afford the rent.

    Follow up by ending other entitlements for the long term recipients. Unless mentally or physically challenged, and laziness does not count, there should be no need for life long food stamps and Medicaid.

    Let’s use these modern initiatives to end segregation.

  • quash segregation

    Are you joking about this. It is the Black Community that is always bring up race. I will have to say to move forward you have to try to change what is holding you back and it isn’t the white people. It is your fault that you don’t better yourself and your families.

    Stop blame everyone for your failures. Yes, you were done wrong 100 years ago, and times and things have changed. If you want to be treated with respect, you have to earn it.

  • Guest1221

    I couldn’t agree more with your statement. Everyone is afforded the same opportunities in life – some choose to take advantage, some choose not to. Don’t cry that Whitey is keeping you down if you’ve never bothered to get out of your own damn way!

  • guest123456

    Segregation? How about protesting something that was not eliminated decades ago? Sounds like some people want to get on TV and start making a name for themselves like wanna be Al and Jesse’s.

  • Guestsfndi

    Snoopdog LOL , another thug criminals Mommy will be there. Yall need to worry about the on-going issue between blacks and BLACKS.

  • truthseeker

    What do blacks intend to prove with remembering a riot. They are going to address on going issues with black and whites. I’ll tell you the issues. First, tell your women to quit having babies out of wedlock and raising those same babies without a father. Second, get a job and quit depending on others for your support and welfare. Third, quit wasting your time in school acting cool and learn a trade, prepare for college and get an education. Fourth, stay off drugs and quit robbing and killing each other.

    Look to yourselves and determine why mainly in this area its the Black communities that have the social problems. Not the Hispanic and White communities, the Black communities. Your community is the ones with most of the social resources trying to improve your lot in life. Other communities do it on their own with positive family environments, work ethic and education. When black communities start to get this living conditions will improve.

  • bhambywayofwilmy

    Your comment is exactly why race is such and issue in our modern society, the concept that you have built your racism on is flawed, if not absolutely ridiculous.

  • Mr get it Right

    Now i can’t understand this. Every year the are story’s about what happen to the jews, the Japanese, and the like.
    They even gave them and there family’s money for what they said happened to them and we but we can’t remember what was done to US!?? and where we came from?
    people like you sit back on the beach trying to get a tan to look like us but sit back and run your mouth about something you really know nothing about.
    So you set there on the beach and do some reading.

  • guest654654654

    Issues between blacks and whites?

    I’m sorry, I fail to understand something.

    What are these issues?

    Most of society has moved into the 21st century. “Race” means practically nothing to a couple of generations of adults already in the work force. We didn’t have school segregation, we didn’t have race riots, we didn’t hate blacks growing up. We don’t give a crap what color someone is. We just care if they can do the job and have good morals.

    It is old heads who want to dwell on crap that happened generations ago that drag this progress. MLK would be ashamed. His dream was for people to be measured by their character. Most of the younger generations (under 40) of whites have embraced MLK’s ideals, and don’t appreciate the stupidity that comes with this “we’ve got to fix the problems that don’t exist” crap.

    Here is the issue: How about you raise a FULL generation of black males that contribute to society, take care of their kids, wear rubbers, and don’t embrace the “thug” life and terrorize and murder all races of people in the inner city, PRIMARILY OTHER BLACKS, making the ones that can afford to move out. THEY are causing this “segregation” you speak of. Why would anyone live in an area where robberies and shootings and murders are common. So far this year there have been over 150 calls for shots fired in the historical area of Wilmington. Who would live in the most dangerous areas where that is happening if they didn’t have to?

    There are almost no black and white issues, beyond what the black community manufactures. But there are tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, of black on black issues that need to be addressed across the nation.

    Those black males and those that support them cause more “issues” than any other thing.

    Until you fix the issues, the incredibly huge issues, in your own community, leave the rest of us, black and white, who manage to grow up together, to work together, go to war together, and be friends together and raise our kids together–all without spontaneously combusting, alone.

  • Guest1221

    Very well said!!!! I hope everyone reads and reflects on your comment!!!!

  • lonetraveler

    Thank you for posting what everyone should read about the true “segregation” issue.

  • Mr Get it right

    I se that your up set as am i, Channel 3 has done it again they didn’t get the story right the march has nothing to do nor is anyone going to talk about segregation No One from Boots on the ground and Evangelist Green have talk with anybody about this story, They have been ask to do a retraction but ask this min they have not.
    I have the felling that they did this so they could have news to report but why make it up?
    I know for a fact that they folk they got the story from have nothing to do with the march .

  • Charles R.

    Snoop Dogg’s Mother (mother of one of the most violent rappers who ever lived) to address the group? Goodness me!

    Google the lyrics to Snoop Dogg’s “Lay Low,” and you will see how violent and obscene he was when he rapped.

    The on-going issue “Boots on the Ground” should be addressing is the sexual and violent depravity in Hip Hop.

    Hip Hop is a huge factor in being the root cause of gang violence here in Wilmington.

    The lyrics of rap are the most violent, misogynistic, and homophobic words ever put to “music” (music is a misnomer, since rap is mostly abrasive noise.)

    Will “Boots on the Ground” please address the pathology in black culture, and after it’s fully addressed, we can go from there. One element of the pathology is the thug culture celebrated in rap. All the thug wannabes are rap enthusiasts, and that’s why many of them are getting shot.

  • Guest-o-matic

    …while embracing a gangsta rappers mamma and celebrating a riot that happened 114 years ago? These people need to get with the 21st century, drop the NAACP like a hot potatoe and resolve the “on-going issues between” blacks and blacks! That “Black vs. White” excuse is worn slam the hell out!!!

    If there was ever a filthier, more violent and racially devisive tool than “rap” I surely haven’t seen it!!! Focus is one thing, but to focus on the wrong point is yet another!

  • Vog46

    I wish they would learn from women who gained equality of opportunity then seized upon that opportunity to gain power and wealth for themselves.
    There are still some smatterings of sexual inequality, especially in the work place but by and large women have assumed the mantle of being equal without constantly bringing up “the past”……
    There are also many blacks who have succeeded in spite of “the past” and THESE folks are the ones that should be speaking.


  • guest1221

    WOW!!! Way to perpetuate and promote a perceived problem. Just by stating there is a black and white issue by a black majority group like Boots on the Ground, smacks of BLACKS having problems with WHITES. I’m sorry but, neither me nor any of my white friends have ever pulled the race card….

    How about they not drudge up the past but focus on the REAL ISSUE at hand – Black vs. Black problems.

    And, Snoop Dog’s mom?!?! Really!??!


  • Mr Get it Right

    Quash Segregation??
    I don’t know where channel 3 got this from but Evangelist Green’s Manager said that they know nothing abut where this came from.
    They know nothing about her addressing (quashing segregation)in Wilmington.That’s not why she is coming.Yes she will be in the march.
    This is the reason you can’t trust the news reporting in Wilmington.
    She is coming to talk with mother’s that have lots there child to the street’s and the mother one’s that want to talk with her.
    She doe’s not need to make a name for herself God has already done that as you can see.
    And for your info Segregation is still here they just dress it up better.

  • SayWhat?

    Nothing says togetherness more than bringing up a 115 year old race riot over and over and over again. Is that he only go-to issue you can think of? And that’ll motivate people to not want to segregate how? That sure is a lot easier to do than addressing real issues that, if worked on, would actually improve things in the black community.

    The sad part about this is that it points out that the real problem in the community is one of looking for instant gratification instead of actually working to fix anything.

    And then there’s Snoop Dog’s mother: A woman who spawned a rapper who made his living glorifying violence, disrespect for women and homophobia. This is the kind of person you want to display as the poster child for togetherness? No wonder your community has problems.

  • Guest1851658

    I keep wondering why the 115 year old riot keeps coming up. Guess that is the only thing they can think of to keep the “you owe us” attitude alive.

  • Guest-o-matic

    The many successful blacks should speak up and mentor. The problem is that the ones of those that don’t have a chip on their shoulder insult their brothers and sisters by calling them out. The brothers and sisters don’t like that and term them as “crackahs”. There is a lot of opportunity out there in todays world, especially for minorities and illegal aliens. All they nned to do is remove the chip on the shoulder, get out therer and work hard. Break the cycle and move forward!

  • guesty1

    If we don’t get a handle on this local crime wave we may see another “race riot”?! People / citizens are fed the he!! up. If another “race riot” breaks out here in Wilmington God help the rioters. I gaurantee all of the law abiding citizens packing can and will shoot a lot better than these clown gangstas ;-)

  • Christina Anthony

    Direct quote from rally…

    “Although much progress has been made since 1898, many Wilmington churches and communities still remain segregated.”


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