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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (STARNEWSONLINE.COM) — One of the two men killed in a shootout with police late Friday was arrested earlier this year in a Navassa home invasion, according to Brunswick County court records.

On Feb. 11, Ronald Dashawn Roland, 18, of Brunswick County was jailed on a warrant charging him with first-degree burglary and robbery with a dangerous weapon.

Court records indicate his bond in the home invasion originally was set at $150,000 before being reduced to $50,000 and a condition of GPS monitoring added to his release. Roland was released from the Brunswick County jail on Feb. 27. In July the charges were dismissed, according to court records.


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  • rjw

    Well look what this fine young man has been doing. Robinhood has been busy. Looks like he is not as great as his family thought he was.

  • Guest haha

    I think this latest episode violated his probation for the home invasion.
    Never mind he just made a mistake that time too!

    He was a predetermined loser that simple

  • Vog46

    What probation? What home invasion?
    Those charges were dismissed. Take that up with the court system, or the police if the evidence just wasn’t there.
    Yes he had charges regarding drugs which is probably where the probation violation came from – but why were the home invasion charges dropped? Including the weapons charges?


  • Saymyname

    I didn’t realize Pizza Hut gives a 21 gun salute to thugs in the parking lot!
    I am just saying other pizza places best step it up!

  • Port city native

    This guy was probably a product of a fatherless home.
    I am not surprised with the crime that’s going on here. I am a black man that is looked down on by some of my own kind for staying married and raising my two children. I am finding it very difficult to find black families where the fathers are still in the home or even known. This type behavior will continue to get worse unless my black brothers start stepping up and leading by example. Instead my hard work is ridiculed and looked at as being a Uncle Tom!

    My race is almost a complete disaster brought on by government handouts and the promoting of single parent households where no father is in the picture. Except maybe the ghetto thug who lays around all day, then comes out at night to do their Hustle! The black family is simply harder to find than any other group in the nation. And it’s Our fault! The politicians that want to hand stuff to you for free, really wants to keep us in tighter chains than we dealt with 150years ago. Remember what I am saying when you go to vote!

  • smith

    @ “are we surprised” I think you are awesome!

  • Not port city native

    Why don’t you mentor since you seem to believe you are so fabulous! You are apart of the problem Mr. Fab. Please go have a seat somewhere and continue doing nothing to empower those of your race and keep comments to yourself. Unless you are going to do something besides spew negativity, bashing a race of people is unacceptable.! There a many of our race that are doing positive things and they just don’t make the news. Positivity is not a great headline and doesn’t bring clicks to the story. We are a beautiful race of people. Perhaps if they ( those of your race that you look down upon or those you seem to think you are better than) saw an example of a fabulous man such as yourself doing something with them and shown that someone as fabulous as yourself cares, it would perhaps change a life and then in turn have a domino effect for generations.

    Judging by your comments here, I would say the Uncle Tom assessment is correct but for the wrong reason. It is because you seem to believe that you are better than most and feel the need to look down on another person (and not just of your on race).

    Please do better or keep the ignorance to yourself.

  • Disagree

    I’m sorry but I completely disagree with your comment. How children turn out in my opinion has nothing to do with their family status. I was raised, with my two brothers(we have the same parents), by a single mother. Older brother:In the air-force,27, no kids. Younger brother: 18,high-school graduate( actually graduated with this young man), currently in college, no kids. Myself(only girl): 25, college graduate, no kids, and married. Oh let me not forget my husband raised by his single mother:25, married, no kids, and receiving his masters in mathematics this December. How can this be? Our parents raised us with values. They taught us the importance of hard work and nothing comes free. Plenty of people raised by both parents do bad things. If you raise your children as a parent and not as a friend it is my opinion they may not go down this path. I would also like to add that many young black people I run into are either married or wanting to get married. Maybe they are different where you are from but don’t put that on the whole race. There are plenty of black men taking care of their kids…don’t overshadow them with the ones who don’t. That’s just ignorant.

  • Concerned citizen

    to bad your eloquent comments will be falling on deaf ears.

  • tke1

    You are a proud American citizen and have a right to be proud. You are a real man taking care of business like a real man. Good luck with the entitlement crowd voting against Santa Claus, though.

  • shanehead

    I applaud you for your hard work,and devotion to your family.Also for your courage to stand up and admit what many refuse to say in your race.Your insight into this problem is one that many should learn to see.

  • antithug

    Kudos to you for speaking the truth! I hope for all mankind that people listen to your words and speak the same truths. Change can come, but it takes hard work and staying out of trouble.

  • Wilmington

    Correction…This kid did not come from a fatherless home…He was not raised in the ghetto and he was taught at an early age morals and values…Once a child leaves the home…we as parents could only pray they use their good judgments…yet sometimes we fall short (we all have)…to me you sound angry because of the way society has bullied you (example uncle Tom..your words)…have compassion for the families of the deceased as you only know what you seen via the news…you know not the family from which he came…The son of a military man…The grandson of a pastor…again I say you know not the person you speak ill of…so I will end this comment on a positive note…FORGIVE HIM FATHER FOR HE KNOWS NOT WHAT HE DOES!!!!

  • nita allen

    Sir what happen to all the kids in the other good homes that are of other colors that are doing all the school shootins im sure they come from great homes and we see there color of skin.

  • Aaron

    He will be missed please have some respect for the lives lost. regardless of race or anything mistakes will be made some worse than others

  • Annabel h.

    We’ll you all don’t know him. This kid right here graduated with two kids and played basketball. Had a real chance at it. He had a very hard time providing for his kids the best way he could, but does that make an excuse for what he did? He was trying very hard to provide lives for his family the best way he THOUGHT he could. He may not have takened the right way, but he did what he did for what he thought was right for his kids. Times are hard and money is indeed tight for everyone. Especially since the government.

  • Grand man

    I knw this guy personally. He was not a bad person anf if this was anyone that the ppl speaking negative on his name knew and loved they wouldn’t feel as they do. He was a father to two kids and a damn good one. His kids loved him! He had a heart made of pure gold and definitely had a kind soul. Isnt that what really matters?


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