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Mom: Robbery, shoot-out suspects 'made bad decisions'


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The only survivor in a Friday night shoot-out with police was in court this afternoon. Jalani Smith made a video appearance from jail as his family watched in the courtroom.

"Unfortunately, they made bad decisions, and we can't take that back," his mother Regina Smith said.

As Smith's family sat in a New Hanover County courtroom Monday afternoon, they saw and spoke with their son for the first time since Friday night's shoot-out telling him they love him and to keep his head up.

"He is not a bad child, and we want him to know we are behind him 100 percent," Regina Smith said.

Investigators say late Friday night Smith, Ronald Dashawn Roland and Tevin Robinson robbed the Pizza Hut on S. 17th St. As they left police were waiting. Police said when the trio failed to follow commands from officers, gunshots were exchanged. Smith survived, but Roland and Robinson died.

"As a mother, I lost two boys: Ronald Roland and Tevin Robinson," Regina Smith said. "They're both our kids. They were in the home with us all the time."

Smith is sitting in the New Hanover County Jail under a $1.5 million bond.

As he waits to learn his fate, his father has a message to his alleged victims.

"To the family of the victims, we as parents, would like to apologize on behalf of our kids' mistakes, and hopefully this is a learning curve for all others," Fredrick Smith said.

Wilmington Police say Friday night's shoot-out does not clear the string of restaurant robberies. WPD and several other agencies are still investigating.

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We'll agree to disagree

Your comments about the Peyton Strickland case -- ya know, him being white, having a daddy who's a lawyer and getting a huge settlement for being wrongfully shot by the cops led me to infer that you indeed, did, make this about race. My point was police serving an arrest warrant and police arriving upon the scene of an armed robbery in progress with multiple suspects are not the same situations.

Nothing wrong with having different opinions

Just be respectful and mindful of others when commenting. See how Guest1221 and I had a very productive conversation without being negative and disrespectful. Others, please take note of how to communicate like adults. smh @ Guest1221, Yes, we can both agree to disagree. I had made the reference to Peyton's race and his Dad being an attorney to make a point. People are always pointing to the parents when our adult children make bad decisions in life. My pointing out his Dad is an attorney is to say that it doesn't matter what background or how much money you have can deter a person from committing a crime. Would one rather believe that Donald Strickland didn't teach his son to get a good education and stay out of trouble?? So why would people blame the parents of these young adult men?? It's not right. btw, I have nothing against the Strickland family...I'm just using their case as a point of reference.

My apologies

Perhaps I deducted the completely wrong idea from your original post. I thought you were implying that because Peyton was white and his dad is a prominent attorney, that that is the reason the case played out the way it did and why they received such a substantial settlement. I suppose I missed your correlation with comparing these two separate situations.

I agree, with you that blaming the parents is ridiculous. Truly, the blame should fall squarely on these boys who decided to rob the Pizza Hut and upon no one else.


Maybe it's always been about race to you...

guest 1221

"they JUST robbed by force, with guns blazing."

Just where did you read that?
According to most of the stories I have read the robbers came out and were verbally asked to stop. They ignored the police. All stories say that gunfire erupted at THAT point.
There are some questions here, no doubt. Did the Police warn, and then fire, a warning shot? Did the robbers shoot first?
I will assume the Police went by the book as they are trained to.

This news is bad enough without sensationalizing the story itself, there is no need for that. As far as we know now the police did their jobs and did them well, but all reports so far indicate guns were not blazing as the robbers came out of the restaurant. The police would probably want to get separation between the robbers and the restaurant before they accosted them - which is what the news stories imply so far.



Sorry, it's a figure of speech. There was no intentional sensationalizing on my part.

This Mom,

Is part of the problem. Awful parenting, she doesn't need to have any more babies. My teenage son isn't out robbing businesses, kidnapping employees, etc. Face it, she was not there for them. They were playing with fire and they got burned big time. Great job by the police!! Employees at these businesses can sleep a little better now.

guest 8675309

I have known her since childhood and what you THINK about her is not true. Who is to say your child won't make a poor choice that could affect the rest of his life? Does this mean that the parents of school shooters, drunk drivers, bank robbers or teens that text-n-drive and kill someone, are horrible parents too? All you can do is teach them and pray the do the right thing. I guess your son has never and won't ever make a bad choice in life because then you will be "awful" mother and shouldn't have any more babies!


And I'm not being facetious at all!! That's some real talk. How dare you come at this Mom unfairly. You don't know her or anything about her parenting skills! Did the police really do that great of a job?? I need to hear all the facts before I can make that assumption. Did those young men really shoot at the cops...or did the cops just started shooting out of fear??? It's funny that even after this incident, that there was yet another robbery at a pizza place. So How's that Sleep working for you????


Wow you sound very ignorant. This isn't her "teenage son" this is a GROWN man if you can't clearly read it states that he is 20 years old last time I checked 20 years old isn't a teenager. And who are you to say anything about this woman's parenting? Did you watch her raise her child? I don't think you did and until you are the PERFECT parent you shouldn't speak on anyone else's parenting skills. You're right your child isn't out robbing and etc but is he/she the.perfect child? If so please let me meet he/she everyone makes mistakes and you're a complete fool if you don't believe so. This woman shouldn't be criticized for her parenting because of what her child did I'm sure she tried her absolute best to raise him and give him all or love because if not she wouldn't be by his side. She admitted her son was wrong at least she's not trying to deny it. So just show a little respect and think before you speak and leave these parents alone they can't help what their children did you act like they are the one's who committed the crime. They are already paying dearly for it there's no need to add on to their pain.

Only mistake! The taxpayers

Only mistake! The taxpayers are going to have to pay for this one to sit in prison for years at
$30, 000+-. He already had charges against him and was due in court in Feb. The parents should be made to take care of him since he is such a good kid. Once a THUG always a THUG!. Mark my word. When he gets out, he will be right back on the streets doing the same thing.


You don't call armed robbery and attempted murder a MISTAKE! What BS!

Attempted murder? Where's

Attempted murder? Where's that at I must've missed something

So you've never made bad choices in your life?

I bet that stone you are throwing at this family had to be picked up by a bulldozer b/c you sins are no better I suspect. One sin is not greater then the next sin. Remember that before you throw stones. What should we call it then?? The young men made an immoral and dishonorable decision to do what they did. And did they actually prove that the young men came out with guns a blazing? I want to see some evidence showing that the young men's guns were fired at the cops. Let justice prevail and let all the evidence in the case be presented in court. Maybe the overzealous cops overacted. We don't know until all evidence is presented.

Do the Crime Do the Time

Your visits will be on one weekend day and only once a month. While in prison he can do "good" ole boy chores. Sweeping, mopping and cleaning the toilet. If he is real "good" maybe he can stay out of segregation. He will be free in around 50 years where "good" citizens will be free from his terror.

"They were in the home with us all the time"

Well, except for when they were out robbing innocent people, disrespecting authority, and creating danger for society.

Such FINE boys, indeed...

God Loves them & so do I !

Everyone who has something bad to say , really needs The Lord, it's obvious that none of you have him. We all have made mistakes before. No man is perfect . God forgive everyone for their sins. Why do you think he died on the cross? Yes they were wrong in what they did, but guess what , God still loves them , & so do I . (: have a blessed day

Are you saying....

...the police should let the survivor go free?

i'm sorry

but a card laid is a card played......suck it up and deal with

the ramifications....and they probably didn't even order a pizza.

We truly have a criminal underclass in this community...

I am so disgusted with hearing the family and friends of the deceased saying how great these criminals were and making excuses for them. These crimes were not one-off mistakes, but fit a pattern of antisocial criminal activity that hurt our community. We are now learning that Robin was just arrested for home invasion -- and I am sure there are dozens of crimes he has gotten away with. I have carefully reviewed information about the criminals -- and indeed they appear to be excellent athletes at North Brunswick HS. In other words, these kids benefitted from our communities public education system, and yet repay us with domestic terrorism. I live near the Pizza hut and heard all the shooting. Again, I cannot believe some of the comments -- for example, arguing that Pizza Hut has plenty of money and the deceased were just trying to feed their families. We truly have a criminal underclass in this community that is Evil.

Okay so first off there was

Okay so first off there was no "Robin" involved if you're referring to "ROLAND"then yes he's committed crimes but he also payed the price for them. These boys robbed a Pizza Hut not a national bank. Now was it okay for them to do it? No it wasn't. BUT they shouldn't have lost their lives over the situation. Did you know these guys personally? I didn't know them well but I know very many of their loved one's are hurting because of this and you adding on all this disrespectful stuff isn't making it any better. And you're EVIL leaving this hate just let these families grieve and stop slaughtering their names and their children's names!


Who is Robin? Romans 2:1
You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge another, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things.

They kept demanding an answer, so he stood up again and said, "All right, but let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone!" JOHN 8:7


...then the Police saidith..."Stopith where you areith are under arrestith". But they didn't you seeith. Then...all of a suddenith...Bada Bingith...Twas All Overith, all except the ambulance taking thou's to the Doctor placeith.
(GUEST REPLY REDUX 10:29:13) "ith"


Not a bad child?.....yeah, Ok....

Well, Let's see....

Well, let's see how the crime scene looks in the next week or so.
I believe the number of incidents will probably drop, just call me silly! Life in the Spotlight sure looks a Whole lot different when
you have Incoming Fire from not so Weak Opponents!! Keep up the Great
Work WPD and NHCSD!!

I would love to see it stop

I would love to see it stop all together, but they will most likely go to the push-in robberies now that the heat is on, and the restaurants are being staked out. The families and friends of people working fast-food should go to the restaurants at close just to have some support and protection around. Tailgate in the parking lots and they won’t hit that place that night anyway. These guys are straight up cowards, and just like cockroaches they scatter when you turn on the lights. Happy hunting WPD/NHCPD, unrelated but why so many squad cars at the Gas station on N. 23rd? State, and city cars like 7 of them at a time, scatter guys, that station is safe with just one car.

"he is not a bad

"he is not a bad child"???!!???
Would you like me to do for your "child" what I'd do for one of my own sons in this situation?
Obviously, your answer is "no". You wouldn't do like I'd do.
If you did, those words would NEVER leave your lips! YOUR kid is a CRIMINAL. Let me repeat: YOUR KID IS A CRIMINAL. (Let's all hope he doesn't have kids of his own being raised up to put their heads in the sand).
a "good" child: does NOT make plans to grab a gun, hold people hostage with said gun and try to rob a restaurant.
Actions like that are NOT "mistakes".
I feel sorry for you, I truly do. Not because you lost a child but because you lost your "fantasy" your child was "good".

I guess dad was not around to make a comment

"He is not a bad child, and we want him to know we are behind him 100 percent,"

Call the mothers of the employees he threatened with death and ask their opinions of your child. Good luck being behind 100% pile of chewed bubble gum.

Ummm.. did you not see Jalani's dad Frederick standing there

And yes Jalani's Father did make a comment you jerk. He apologized to the families for the acts of the young men. Please.. Get a life


You "good" child is under a 1.5 million dollar bond!!! wow--you must be so proud of him. He made a decision with his friends that instead of working for money he would take a gun and rob a restaurant and terrify people. He made a chocie not to obey the commands of law infocement when he came out from his robbery spree. Yep, your boy is such a good boy! Maybe when he was a boy but he grew up to be a thug and thief as an adult. He's gone away soon where he will never terrify or rob the public again. we will sleep better at night. His good ole boy "friends" will now be worm bait. may they rest in peace--if that is what theives do when they die.