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New curfew rules coming to WHA properties


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Teens in Wilmington Housing Authority properties have a new set of rules to follow. At a Monday night board meeting the board voted to impose a curfew on everyone under the age of 17.

I'm really ready to move, but at the meeting tonight they said some things that kind of got me thinking differently now,” said Sonya Muldrow, a Creekwood resident.

Sonya Muldrow has lived in Creekwood all of her life. She says in her day parents enforced a curfew, but now it’s up to the Wilmington Housing Authority and Wilmington police.

"Curfew came about from modeling other housing authorities across the country and the fact that we thought those things should be imposed for the safety of our younger residents,” said WHA Chairman Jeff Hovis. “The police will basically enforce that curfew."

That curfew will be in effect every day for minors. Sunday through Thursday they need to be inside from 10 PM to 5 AM. On Friday and Saturday minors have an extra hour, until 11 PM, to stay out. If any minor must be outside during curfew hours an adult must be with them. It’s a plan Creekwood residents like Muldrow, and the WHA can agree on.

"If they're just out loitering and don't have a reason to be out causing confusion, you know I'm just tired of it,” said Muldrow.

“The frustration, I get it,” said Hovis. “This is their houses, their cars, their kids. I'm just as concerned."

Another rule change being discussed by WHA would gate off their communities between the hours of 6 PM and 6 AM.

It’s similar to what’s already happening in Charleston, SC, but Muldrow says that plan goes a bit too far.

"You might can incarcerate me physically or block me in physically, but mentally you can never gate me up,” said Muldrow.

In addition to the curfew the WHA board also banned smoking in their properties, and agreed to work with WPD to get ShotSpotter installed in all of their communities.

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The Kings Language

Ms. Muldrow, you should be ashamed! It seems as though you pride yourself on your life long stay in Creekwood. To know that my (our) tax monies are going towards someone of your caliber is beyond despicable. While public record shows you are capable of working, you choose not to. I rather my money go towards teaching you proper English and work ethics rather a roof over your head. You have disgraced your community and truly shown what the residents of Creekwood stand for. I am sure there are many tenants who truly need the assistance of WHA your ignorance has proved to the general public that people such as yourself are using the government. As a concerned citizen and resident maybe you should take it upon yourself to start and organize a neighborhood watch committee.


The media gave false information, Mr. or Mrs. concerned citizen. I have not lived in Creekwood all my life and for your information I am a graduate, have been working on my associates degree for almost two years now. I have been very productive as a Resource Coordinator for almost 20 years,helping to find resources for the homeless and ex offenders. I have been involved in volunteering for different campaigns and several nonprofit organizations. I had to move back to Housing because of financial hardships. It is not my plan to live here forever. I have goals and I want better for our future, so before you judge me know me. Now you maybe should take self inventory and stop being so rude. And how am I being a disgrace? I am not even mad at you darling, I feel sorry for you. Check yourself before you reck yourself. And FYI I am well educated, you better ask somebody about me, boy!!!!

Did You Listen to Your interview?

your own words indicated you were going to move due to conditions in the community.

Where were you going to move? And how were you going to pay an unsubsidized rent?

You further stated you had lived in subsidized housing during your youth.

Perhaps you did not live in Creekwood for all of that time. But based upon your interview, the viewer could come to the conclusion held by many.

I'm certain Scott Pickney would arrange a correction if the interview was incorrect. Just provide some basic data as to when you were living away from subsidized housing.

That puts the burden of proof on you.

just contact Scott or Kevin Wuzzardo. I believe they would give you an opportunity to correct any falsehoods with fact.

On another note, you might think twice before stepping in front of the camera.


If you don't like the rules in any housing apartment complex, or rental property or public housing you can choose to leave. Those residents residing in public housing like Hillcrest, Houston Moore, Vesta Village, Creekwood, etc. can accept the new rules or find somewhere else to live. No one is making the residents live there, we still have a choice about where we live in this country. Just because you start out there does not mean you must stay there. Life is about choices. Choose to live differently and see what happens. You may be able to change where and how you live.

Will Not Work

It isn't Fair To Just Give The WHA Communities A Curfew.
I understand Things Have Been Getting Crazy Around Wilmington But Violence Can Happen Anywhere. PLUS It's Racial Profiling. Violent Acts Can Happen ANYWHERE. Landfall, North Chase, etc. So Why Are They Targeting Predominately African American Areas? If They're going to Make A Curfew, They Might as well just make it a City Wide Thing instead of it being just for the WHA Communities.

Before Y'all lash out at me calling me ignorant for this statement please know that ive lived here all my life and i am FAR from a Idiot. If you're going to come on here with racism and other bs make sure your info is correct.

I forgot to add...

I forgot to add that I think the curfew is a bunch of bull - smoke and mirrors. It's superficial and pointless. The majority of our City's violent crime isn't committed by the 17 and under crowd in the WHA communities or in ANY area of town.

It's not racial profiling

DaQuan, with all due respect, you are correct, violence can occur anywhere. However, it's hardly considered racial profiling when the overwhelming majority of violent crimes are perpetrated by black males and occur most prevalently in these predominantly black public assisted communities. When is the last time you heard of a shoot out in Wrightsville Beach or delivery drivers getting robbed in Landfall? And, please don't use the tired, old cope out of people being racist or cry racism, it's facts and the truth.

The question you and the black community should be asking yourselves is WHY ARE these government assisted communities are predominantly black, as you so put it?

So DaQuan

are you stating you have lived in public housing all of your life? I ask to ensure we all understand your unique situation and your personage.

Did you ever study statistics? If 90+% of public housing residents are African American; and if 90+% of violent crimes involve residents of public housing, that is not racial profiling. That's the law of statistics.

Look forward to your answer to the question. Personally, I like the idea of a city wide curfew.

The city is not making the

The city is not making the curfew. The state is not making the curfew.

The Wilmington Housing Authority is not a public company, not a city department. THEY are making the curfew for people on THEIR property. Just like you can tell anyone that lives in your house if they aren't home by midnight they can live somewhere else.

I WISH the entire city would enact a law for a curfew.

More Rules ?

Instead of adding meaningless rules, why not just enforce the ones we already have. It's no coincidence, the deputy shooter, and robbery suspects, were already dangerous criminals, who just kept getting, slaps on the wrist, and free Public Housing.

Put a Gate

Make it a gated community and check IDs. This would keep out the people that doesn't live there and if they are there to visit they should provide an ID and check in. That way when things happen you would know who was not local.


Didn't Hitler do this to the Jewish community in Warsaw? Didn't that also start with a curfew, then the ghetto was closed nightly and finally the residents were executed? Do we still live in America, land of the free? How can any American think it is all right to take basic liberties away from any group of people?

No one is losing any of

No one is losing any of their rights. Hitler's motivation to close off the Polish ghettos was not based on them being a rat hole of crime and gangs. Apparently you don't have a logical, fact based argument against this or you wouldn't be using the Nazi, name calling tactic.

How can any American think

How can any American think it's okay to live lifelong off the government teet, while hard working Americans are struggling to make ends meet, without the benefit of handouts or public assistance? How is it right that my tax dollars go to house and feed people who have no desire or motivation for a better life? How is it right that my career and life choices benefit not only my family, but, also those who can't even bother to get out of their own way?


"If any minor must be outside during curfew hours an adult must be with them. It’s a plan Creekwood residents like Muldrow, and the WHA can agree on." (Unquote)

Just 1 question: So if a 14 year old Gangbanger is out and about during Curfew with a 21 year old Gangbanger...that's A-OK????
The city of Wilmington might impose a Citywide Curfew...or the racial arguments will crank up again pinpointing one group of residents.
Reminds me of the movie..."Escape from New York".


The police are basically going to enforce the curfew ?

So my tax dollars are now going to fund the police department who will be busy doing the parents job. Rounding up kids past 11 pm.

Who is going to be protecting our property, taking drunks off the road, stopping domestic violence when all the officers are tied up babysitting?

Winow Dressing

We put $40 million taxpayer dollars into Creekwood.
We pay 16 year old girls to have, out-of-wedlock babies.
We (Courts) give armed felons, and dope dealers probation, which means they roam free, in Creekwood.

Now we have this ridiculous "curfew".
-Except in "emergency".
-Except if his mom says it's ok.
-Make sure you spend 3 hours checking on things before charging.
-They're juveniles, so nothings gonna happen anyway.

How much will this "program" cost ?
It's time to sell Creekwood to private intreasts, stop all this madness, and dumping more millions into it.

Would make much more sense

Would make much more sense to extend the curfew to all residents. I doubt if the under 17 crowd a major part of the problem. But, this is a step in the right direction.

Interesting ....

While the curfew for minors under the age of 17 is interesting ... don't most of the crimes committed in Creekwood involve those age 18+? Why isn't there a universal curfew for all residents? There is no reasonable explanation for people hanging around outside in the middle of the night in the first place, regardless of age.

WOW! Just WOW!

"You might can incarcerate me physically or block me in physically, but mentally you can never gate me up,” said Muldrow.

Seems to me that a lifetime on the government teet has incarcerated you both physically and mentally, Ms. Muldrow. Have you no self-respect, lady? How about becoming a productive member of society and move out of your lifelong public housing?! Quit being an urchin!!!!!

Dear WHA - How about a limit on the length of time people are able to live in public housing? Hold these people accountable for their own damn lives!!! Everyone is afforded the same opportunities, whether people wish to believe it or not. Public education is the same regardless of whether you're black, white, red, brown, yellow or purple. Everyone has the EXACT SAME opportunity to get an education and be a fruitful member of the community; but some people choose not to do what is expected in life. I, for one, am sick of supporting those who refuse to support themselves.

That is fine

"You might can incarcerate me physically or block me in physically, but mentally you can never gate me up,” said Muldrow.

How can we get to stand on your own two feet and stop sponging off tax dollars?

Lived there all your life?

"Sonya Muldrow has lived in Creekwood all of her life." I'm sorry - but I have a huge problem with this. This type of living assistance should be TEMPORARY. I am also not really concerned with what the citizens think about it in the community because it is their kin and their way of life that has caused this type of behavior to happen.

Put an end to lifetime entitlements and we will start to chip away at this bloodsucking mentality that people are always owed something.

This should be cute

will the parents, if they can be identified, be held accountable? Will they face removal from public housing?

History has shown every time strict enforcement is implemented, the NAACP and its rotund Director, will want to throw a dog into the fight; muddy the water; and remove an effective deterent to crime.

On another note, Ms Muldrow has lived in public housing all of her life. Started as a child in her parents' public housing. What is that, 50 or more years living at the public's expense. Public housing was never intended as long term, permanent housing for generations to come.

What is Social Services and WHA doing to get this woman, and others, on a self sufficient status where public housing will not be a part of her life?

This woman should get a visit from the Secretary of all the state giveaway programs. McCrory should have her become a focal point for a new state agenda to get healthy, long term leaches off the state dole.

The head of WHA should take her file and a couple of his top assistants; physically visit her; evaluate her; and determine why she is still in public housing after 50+ years

Enough is enough.

How about a county wide teen

How about a county wide teen curfew? Gated community is ridiculous!

"gate off their communities"

I'm all for gating off their communities - keep the thugs away from law abiding, hard working, tax paying citizens.

Not following this

Not following this logic..
1. gated in
2. smoke free
3. ????????
4. public housing

I'm not following yours

What in the heck were you trying to say?


The curfew, as far as I understand, is not the only rule of this major change. The law abiding folks that live there won't be effected, except to provide proof of legal residency. No one that lives here can have more than 8 visitors from outside of the community without having permission to do so. Young people under 17 cannot be out after 10:00pm at night until 5:00am in the morning (11:00pm on the weekends) unless they have proof that they are coming home from a church, school, or emergency outing. Makes perfect sense to me. My children were given nightly curfews, as was I. Since our tax dollars pay for these communities and pay for the people to live and eat there, and pay for the police department constantly called out there because of the thugs and putting themselves in harms way, I think we have some say in how these communities are run. If that means creating rules, then so be it. If you want to live there, then play by the rules.


"Sonya Muldrow has lived in Creekwood all of her life."

Now I don't know Ms. Muldrows situation or age, but just how many of the residents of Creekwood have lived there their entire lives? I was of the understanding that subsidized housing was in place to help people get back on their feet. Not raise generations of kids on the Government dime.

I have a handicapped brother that works part time and is one of the people truly in need, but there's nowhere in this town for him to live. No vacancies and even if there were, he would be robbed blind or worse within a month!

My family and I have been through the ringer with every agency in NC as far as trying to get him help. A case worker in Raleigh came right out and told me that he would be better off if he didn't work! What kind of attitude is that? For now I'll just let him keep staying in a rental property I own where he's safe. I'm grateful that I have that ability, but I'm extremely upset that my taxes are going to people that take advantage of a system that was designed to help people through rough times and give them a chance to become productive members of society.

Drug test them all and require mandatory community service for those physically able.

Disclaimer: I'm sure there are many in Creekwood and the other housing projects that are truly deserving of the help they receive. To them I say do your part to help rid these communities of the criminals and moochers of society! Plenty of anonymous tip lines available.


I will make sure that the news station corrects that error, I have not lived in Creekwood all my life, just moved back after almost 30 years because of financial hardships. Have a 2 year plan or less to relocate. Thank you.