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New curfew rules coming to WHA properties


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Teens in Wilmington Housing Authority properties have a new set of rules to follow. At a Monday night board meeting the board voted to impose a curfew on everyone under the age of 17.

I'm really ready to move, but at the meeting tonight they said some things that kind of got me thinking differently now,” said Sonya Muldrow, a Creekwood resident.

Sonya Muldrow has lived in Creekwood all of her life. She says in her day parents enforced a curfew, but now it’s up to the Wilmington Housing Authority and Wilmington police.

"Curfew came about from modeling other housing authorities across the country and the fact that we thought those things should be imposed for the safety of our younger residents,” said WHA Chairman Jeff Hovis. “The police will basically enforce that curfew."

That curfew will be in effect every day for minors. Sunday through Thursday they need to be inside from 10 PM to 5 AM. On Friday and Saturday minors have an extra hour, until 11 PM, to stay out. If any minor must be outside during curfew hours an adult must be with them. It’s a plan Creekwood residents like Muldrow, and the WHA can agree on.

"If they're just out loitering and don't have a reason to be out causing confusion, you know I'm just tired of it,” said Muldrow.

“The frustration, I get it,” said Hovis. “This is their houses, their cars, their kids. I'm just as concerned."

Another rule change being discussed by WHA would gate off their communities between the hours of 6 PM and 6 AM.

It’s similar to what’s already happening in Charleston, SC, but Muldrow says that plan goes a bit too far.

"You might can incarcerate me physically or block me in physically, but mentally you can never gate me up,” said Muldrow.

In addition to the curfew the WHA board also banned smoking in their properties, and agreed to work with WPD to get ShotSpotter installed in all of their communities.

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The System

Many years ago, this kid lived next door to me, he was paralyzed from the neck down . His parents owned the rental property I lived in, and he lived in the adjoining unit. This poor guy had some kind of part-time job, making next to nothing, but it gave him something to look forward to. The government said he had to give it up as he was making too much money and they were going to cut his disability check. He WAS MAKING less than min wage, not nearly enough to live on, not with his ongoing medical needs. This was a guy that could not work a regular job, that NEEDED the help. Meanwhile, we have fully capable people being fully subsidized for generations doing ABSOLUTELY nothing to help themselves. You tell me what's fair?

Not Fair

That is exactly what happened to my brother. He made $900 too much one year and they took his benefits away. They even had the nerve to demand reimbursement for the benefits he had received. What a way to reward somebody for trying to be a productive member of society!

How right you are!

You are so right. We live in a society where the average WORKING person has WAY LESS benefits than those who do not strike a lick at anything. A working person who tries to support himself has a house payment, car payment, utilities, health insurance premiums, home and car insurance premiums, property tax, a grocery bill, and the list goes on and on. If they get sick, they have to pay an average of $2500 annually out of pocket expense (health insurance deductible) before their insurance will pay a dime on their medical bill. They are not entitled to anything because they own (or are in the process of owning) their home or car. But they barely make ends meet from month to month.

Those who live off the government have none of the above. They are entitled to public transportation, food stamps, medicaid, a check every month, and the list goes on and on. If they get sick they don't have to pay a dime....medicaid pays it all (no deductible). Needless to say, they do not have to worry about any of the bills that working folks face every month.

Most of us who have been taught to work hard choose the first of these options...that is to work hard and do the very best we can. Those who have not been taught to work choose the second option. The life cycle for each goes on generation after generation.

If our government does not step up to the plate and stop these hand outs to the folks who are able to and do not work, the cycle will never end. The crime in these neighborhoods will never end. The overload of working folks will never end.

Therefore, if you live in these crime ridden neighborhoods, receive all these free benefits, do not have to work, can roam the streets all times of the night looking for trouble, you probably would not care to choose a different life style on your own. Right? That is why the government needs to stop this nonsense!