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Police: Masked men robbed delivery driver at gunpoint in stairwell


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Police are investigating after another pizza delivery driver was robbed at gunpoint by masked men in Wilmington over the weekend.

It happened just after 4 p.m. on Sunday when police say a Domino's Pizza driver was dropping off a delivery order in the Houston Moore housing development.

Police say when the driver was heading towards the stairwell in the 1600 block of East Plaza, he noticed someone in black hoodie nearby.

It wasn't until he was walking up the steps that police say two other suspects in red hoodies and jeans approached him, one pointing a rifle, and the other a handgun.

Police say the men robbed the driver, but there's no word yet on what they got away with.

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A Dominos delivery driver

A Dominos delivery driver got robbed twice at my house a few years ago in North Chase. Yes, the scum and thugs have migrated out here also. Neither time did we order pizza. They used our address and a fake phone number. Dominos never called back the number to check. After the incident I called Domino's and told them not to deliver here unless they called back and see if the number was good. Law enforcement was called both times and even told Dominos to check the numbers. It is clear that Dominos does not care about their drivers. My advice, Do not work where they send you into a dangerous neighborhood and they do not check the phone numbers by calling them back.

Pizza Delivery

For these places that are "known" to be dangerous for delivery drivers, I suggest that the Pizza places establish a central point with security for the pizza to be picked up.

You Stole My Idea

I was just about to say a central check point should be established. No check point, no pizza.

That's a pretty good idea

That security checkpoint should be manned by the residents on a rotating basis. If they can't be bothered more deliveries.

Russian Roulette delivery to Houston Moore

Who in the HE** would deliver a pizza to that cesspool??? Really? You'd have to be crazy! WTH?



Hit the Floor

"Hit the Floor", It's Dominoes!! I could Not Resist!!
My hat is off to All Pizza Delivery People in the Greater Wilmington
Area. I believe Kamikaze Pilots had better chances/odds than these