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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Police are investigating after they say three masked men had a gun when the trio robbed a 14-year-old boy in Wilmington Saturday afternoon.

They say it happened around 2:45 p.m. in the 1100 block of Anne Street. Police say the boy told officers he was approached by three men in black hoodies with black bandannas covering their faces.

That’s when they say one of the men lifted up his shirt, showing the boy he had a gun. The trio then took off with the boy’s iPhone.

Police say the boy couldn’t call in the crime until almost a half-hour later, since he had no phone.

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  • look aorund

    uncommon, you would be surprised to see how many kids have them. My 7 yo has had one for over 2 yrs and most of his friends have one too. Granted his is my old one and does not have phone service, so it functions like an itouch.

  • taxpayer

    Maybe it was an Obamaphone.

  • Vog46

    What in the world is a 14 year old doing with an Iphone?
    Has the world gone nuts?


  • Guest Vader

    Somehow, Vog, you imply that these thugs/hoodrat wannabees had a right to steal this kid’s property.

  • Tammy

    Vog46 REALLY….. That’s all your worried about. You need to worry about all the crime. It doesn’t matter if it was an iPhone,money or whatever, that could have been my child or yours. These losers need to get a job or better yet a life. And people like you are worried because the 14 year old KID having an iPhone ..Get Real..

  • Vog46

    A 14 year old kid with a $500 phone is asking to get robbed – especially if its in plain view. Iphones are stolen more than android phones are.
    Personally I am concerned about all crime but it’s just like the old Air Jordan sneakers – if you wore them you stood a good chance to get robbed – over sneakers!!
    Use your head parents and don’t give your kids a $500 phone to carry around with them. They will display the phone prominently and are asking for it to get stolen.
    Whats one theme of the restaurant robberies lately? They forced the employees back in the store and robbed the safe, took their money and?
    THeir cell phones

    Use YOUR head Tammy and don’t tempt fate


  • Getrealpeople

    It seems you all are more worried about a 14 yr old having an iPhone than the fact that a child was intimidated by 3 men with a gun. This is why our community is suffering. Get it together. He was a kid! iPhone or not…the media probably said that in case someone hears something about it, they can link it all together and inform if they can…because if that was my child that’s what I would want you guys to do.

    I wish this was Facebook because I would post that I’m feeling disappointed right now.

  • Vog46

    Not implying that at all.
    100 block of Anne St? $500 Iphone? A 14 year old?
    This is a case of stupid parenting or a stupid kid – or both.
    Would the phone have been stolen if it was a cheap flip phone? I tend to doubt that.
    Why are lists compiled every year about the most stolen brand/models of cars? Because those cars are easy to steal and have greater value to the thief.
    The same holds true for cell phones.
    Granted – Apple has done their customers a GREAT service by offering fingerprint scanners on the on/off button – rendering the phone useless to crooks (unless they are selling the electronic components).
    Sorry but a 14 year old can’t carry a hand gun to protect his own property and in that neighborhood – carrying a very popular phone is as bad as carrying a pizza. You become the target……..
    Society has gone to heck in a hand basket. Stealing a phone……good grief.


  • use your head

    most asinine statements you have ever made “A 14 year old kid with a $500 phone is asking to get robbed”. Might as well say a woman in a mini skirt is asking to get raped, a person driving a Mercedes is asking to get car-jacked, an old person walking down the street is asking to get mugged. unbelievable

  • Vog46

    Don’t put words in my mouth.
    I would never imply that a women wearing a mini skirt is asking to get raped.
    Nor did this boy ask to get robbed.
    But if your are carrying something of VALUE and you are only 14 years old in THAT neighborhood then this is what could, and did happen.
    The ROBBERS weighed the risk versus the reward and decided it was worth the effort. If it had bee an old flip phone would they have robbed the kid? We’ll never know for sure but I suspect the answer to be “no” as it wouldn’t be worth it.
    Is a person driving a Mercedes asking to get carjacked? No. But a Mercedes parked in an un-attended lot may be more attractive to a thief if parked next to my 6 year old Saturn! Or my 10 year old Toyota.
    Why are certain cars stolen more so that others? Why are certain phone brands more attractive to thieves?
    Answer those questions and you’ll see where I’m coming from.



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