Chief: Suspects in Pizza Hut robbery ran at cops, did not shoot

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Submitted: Wed, 10/30/2013 - 9:26pm
Updated: Fri, 03/14/2014 - 3:26pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police say the suspects involved in Friday night’s shooting outside a restaurant ran at officers but did not fire shots.

Police Chief Ralph Evangelous said this afternoon information WPD gathered through investigations of recent restaurant robberies, including through collaboration with Leland Police, led officers to keep an eye on the Pizza Hut on S. 17th. St. Friday night.

“As the officers arrived they observed what they believed to be an armed robbery in progress,” Evangelous read from a prepared statement. “Officers saw guns being used during the robbery. When the suspects left the building officers challenged the suspects and gave them several commands to surrender. The suspects refused to comply with the officers commands and ran towards our officers. The suspects were then fired upon by the officers.”

Two of the men, Tevin Robinson and Ronald Roland, died in the shooting. A third, Jalani Smith was injured and later charged in connection to the robbery. Evangelous said the investigation in the days since proved the suspects did not fire at officers, but investigators did take two weapons from the suspects after the incident.

Evangelous says six officers are on administrative leave as WPD conducts and internal review of the incident and while SBI investigates as well. He said the names of the officers will be released when the review is done.

“No one wins when lives are lost,” Evangelous said. “This recent incident affects everyone and I am asking for the community’s support as we move through this.”


  • Nick says:

    These little punks went to rob a Pizza Hut. They put guns in the faces of poor people working at a restaurant. Then they couldn’t get on the ground when the cops told them to. They had guns, probably pistols, which none of them could have bought legally. You have to be 21 to buy a pistol, so they probably stole them. This town is being destroyed by gangs and is filled with young punks listening to rap music and doing drugs. If these boys were White the same outcome would have happened, they would be dead and filled with bullet holes. This is not a race issue. This is a laziness issue. These idiots think that robbing and pillaging is easier than working a real job. The music they all listen to says robbing people and shooting people is just fine. The families should have taught these boys to get a real job and not stick deadly weapons in peoples faces and take their money. These boys chose their fate and that fate was being shot to death by the cops. White or black the cops don’t kill people at work or school, they kill armed robbers and murderers. WPD keep it up!!!! Shoot some more please!!! I am a proud gun owner, so please come and break into my house, let me get my own news slot and make famous!!!!

  • anne says:

    I don’t care if they were using water guns, the fact is they robbed the place with a weapon. Stupidity reigns!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The cops have a moment to react. You state that you know 2 of the 2. Did you know that they are thiefs? Did you know that they were robbing people?

    It is time to stop making excuses for those who think it is okay to steal other people’s money and things. Does it justify being shot? Maybe not – but they set in motion the circumstances – and unfortunately they had to pay for it.

  • guest 111 says:

    You are truly a man of intelligence and common sense. You are not a traitor you are logical in your thinking. Maybe they can’t think. Don’t worry about it. They could call you worse. You have to live with yourself and making your own decisions based on good judgement.

  • Guesttoo says:

    You may want to back your timeline up a little. Consider this; the employees would be “alive and well” and so would the two men IF THEY HADN’T DECIDED TO USE GUNS, ROB A BUSINESS AND THEN RUN WHEN TOLD NOT TO.


  • Fant C says:

    What happened to the dash cam. You know the cop cars are equipped with dash cams. That would show a great deal of what actually happened as the boys came out. The police probably convieniently had their squad cars pointing away from the action. Oh well…

  • citizenx says:

    I hear everyday of good police departments taking suspects who did far worse and more notorious crimes safely into custody. Is the WPD simply less competent than other departments at resolving violent situations, or are they just a self appointed group of executioners running around shooting people who aren’t shooting back?

  • CoastalJade says:

    They ran at the Police Officers. That put them in danger.
    They had no idea if they were armed and took no chances.
    Are you so dense you don’t get that?
    Their jobs are unpredictable and dangerous.

    Why are you sticking up for criminals? Criminals who just robbed a place?

  • lisa smith says:

    Hi, I wasn’t there but my godson(Tevin Robinson) wasn’t the kind of kid. I mean kid 20 years old he didn’t want for everything in the end you all will see the true story.And, he’s not the first person to be killed by these cops. Tell, me why did the cops kill the man that was in the tree.

  • Wilmington Observer says:

    Do you mean the 2.5 years followed by 5 years probation that they would have gotten? I know I am eaggerating what would have been the end result in a courtroom, but there is no doubt that it would have been laughable. I’v said it before and I’ll say it now:

    Another example of why I would prefer my (tax) money be diverted to the building and staffing of more prisons instead of providing others housing, medical care, education, transportation, job training, daycare, cellphones, etc, etc.

    These two made the decission to not go (back?) to jail by running (armed) towards officers who had just witnessed them rob (via the use of a weapon) a business and the employees. They, also, have caused those officers a lifetime of problems that come with the taking of a (human?) life. It is not something that you forget or get over easily. I hope their agency head will provide them with the mental health counseling that they will, surely, need.

    To the officers involved: I hope you are NOT reading the comments of all of these, ungreatful, monday morning, quarterbacks, but if you are, thank you for doing the job that you do and having the guts to make that, dreadful, split second decission. Please take care of yourselves and don’t withdraw into yourself or a bottle. Believe me when I say, you will not find what you are looking for there.

    Wilmington Observer

  • originalwilmingtonian says:

    It sounds to me like you need new friends. No matter what your race is, your friends should always respect your views and opinions. They may not agree with them, but they should respect you. SMH

  • Sharon says:

    I commend the WPD for stopping these two individuals from terrorizing my hometown. If those that were killed had been my own blood, I would mourn their death, but at the same time be apologetic to those that were victims of their threat. Parents and family should mourn but also accept the fact that these individuals were not the same sons, cousins and brothers that you knew. They took it upon themselves to take what was not theirs.
    I am so scared of what Wilmington has turned into. It is a shame. The projects, the handouts, the minimization of what being dependent on a monthly check and free housing does to recipients is disturbing. When someone sees everyone around them living off the government, not working, having children while living in the projects (If you are living off my tax money, why do you think it is ok to keep having children you can not afford?)
    My husband retired from the Marines after 22 years, I have worked for 30 years. I am tired of paying for delinquents, continuously pregnant women, drug addicts that are dealing out of the projects, and anyone else that is leeching off of the government.
    For goodness sakes, these guys were thugs. Call them what they were! They were not running to hug these policemen. Set an example instead of trying to “hug and love” these criminals into productive citizens. I hope that Wilmington and surrounding law enforcement keep up this level of attentiveness and reaction to crime. It could have been one of your family members in the back of the Pizza Hut. People trying to make a living should not have to fear for their life!

  • antithug says:

    are emotionally OK and can return to work soon. This group reacted the way they needed to, and we need them back on the street if they are ready for it. Not behind a desk. They did their job, and did it well. If you were involved and they did not shoot, and/or there was a chase and they got away. The same people saying they were wrong, would be on here saying, “they should have shot them”

  • Wilmington Observer says:

    You ask, “Who would do that” (running towards officers with their guns drawn)?

    It seems like the three that DID DO THAT were the three that had just robbed (with the use of a weapon) an establishment that had been robbed before, therefore putting it on the radar. Not only did they make THAT stupid decission, but they did it on the same night that area law enforcement agencies began a coordinated effort to take our streets back from people with little enough sence to actually walk into a closed restaurant, gun in hand, and take what did not belong to them.

    Our society no longer allows for the process of “Natural Selection”. If it did, perhaps these three woud not even be around to have been the ones WHO DID THAT.

    Wilmington Observer

  • Guesttoo says:

    This was such a sad, preventable situation. Simple facts are, the actions of these young men set in motion the chain of events that ultimately led to two of them being buried way too soon. THEY went to the pizza place – armed – and robbed the people that were there. No one forced them to do that. THEY had the chance to give up as they exited the building yet took a different path. THEY put the police officers in the position of having to decide, in a split second, whether to use lethal force or not.

    The officers didn’t see a student who was attending A&T, they didn’t see a Naval Reservist, they didn’t see a father of two…they didn’t have time. They saw an armed robbery in progress and acted upon it. We, as citizens, expect that of them. The officers didn’t start their shift thinking they would be forced to use their weapons.

    Now, sadly, two are dead and the officers that were there are left with the knowledge that they were involved – however justified – in their demise. All because of the actions of three young men.

  • Commonsense9090 says:

    Common Sense tells you that three people who had just committed a crome leaving the scene of a crime DID NOT run towards officers standing there with their guns drawn at them… Who would do that? WPD needs to come up with a NEW story because that doesnt make sense at all… I am sure they were standing outside with their guns ready, so what crazy person would run at the police and dont shoot or anything… thats because they didnt run at the police at all.. These are the same police officers that had an entire prostitution ring and was lying for months. The same ones that ive seen clearly LIE on legal documents and on video…. Its not like WPD’s word can be taken like the bible or that they are so trustworthy… Yes don’t get me wrong they were WRONG for what they did.. and their mistake ultimately cost them their lives but that doesn’t make WPD justified for their crime either. A wrong is a wrong. The law doesn’t give WPD the right to be executioner and they can say whatever they like to the public and ya’ll will take it as its the gospel… WPD is VERY VERY CORRUPT… & Its not like they are going to say “Yes they were running away and we shot them down”… That’s the same thing as if one of your children, (which I am sure there are plenty of ya’ll, even if you don’t know it) are out doing drugs and someone kills them, are you going to say “well they deserved to be killed because of their life style or doing drugs”, No you are not! so stop being hypocrites and acting like your children don’t make mistakes because they do. I am an RN now but when I went to high school and some of my patients I have now are young white children with prestigious parents who are shooting up drugs and taking pills. MISTAKES ARE MISTAKES and NO ONE SIN IS GREATER THAN ANOTHER! I see it so much that I can almost guarantee that If I knew 20 of the commenters here at least 5 of them have drug abusing children. Would it be fair to say that ya’ll suck at parenting?? No, so don’t judge their parents. Oh and go ahead and blame it on the drug dealers… Thats like blaming the doctor for prescribing medicine to the person who chooses to abuse it.. Its the children’s fault and if they wouldn’t get it from them they would get it from someone else… People and their thought processes are completely screwed up and the hatred in this city is crazy.. Judging people is going to alot of people’s ticket to hell one day. Just like the kid that was killed in UNCW by police when he was only holding a controller.. Well I guess he “deserved” it because he had just beat someone and robbed him. So I guess people cant change huh? No one here hasn’t done things in their past that they aren’t proud of? I have! Not robbing people, but definitely making bad choices and mistakes that I’ve learned from… and now I am a successful wife with a career. and I am thankful that God blessed me with a forgiving heart and a mind not to be so judgmental and realize that everyone is equal and very very human I pray for those who lack those qualities.

  • Rachel McMillian says:

    When this story first surfaced WPD said that there was had a shootout with these young men which was false, just sit and think about it what else is WPD trying to cover up. Those employees are well and alive, but its sad that 2 men had to die because WPD was trigger happy. Jail time would have suited these young men well but Your Heroic POLICE OFFICERS over did there job.

  • westla says:

    I bet now they know what stop or I’ll shoot means !!

  • Mrs.B says:

    I appreciate what you do for us. If I was the one being held in a walk-in cooler or any other compromising situation, I would be more than happy that you neutralized the offenders in what ever way necessary. When a law enforcement says stop, you need to do that, armed or not. The folks saying this is excessive obviously do not have daughters or wives leaving restaurants late nights. Being at gun-point is not something you get over once the threat is gone. I am not a bit disappointed that these boys are dead, I hope it serves the other thugs as a notice. WPD, NHCSD, keep up the look outs and keep us safe, service industry thanks you and enjoys feeding the community their fast food and snacks.

  • guest654654654 says:

    Good on WPD. These thugs need to know that they will not be tolerated. Live by the gun, die by the gun. They could probably take out two a night for a month and we’d be good for a couple of decades.

    Wilmington is like the Wild West, only worse. We need law enforcement that is willing to do what needs to be done. Tough times call for tough men/women. And a community that backs them up.

    We need some Boondock Saints.

    Or maybe an “Omar”, whistling “The Farmer in the Dell”.

  • richard manning says:

    at the end of the day I feel safer that these guys are dead. glad it happened to them instead of one of their victims. I hope their reward was worth the risk. maybe the next good child will think twice before pulling a gun on someone.

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    …before you burn your lips and fingers so that they resemble your fried brain!

    I have to congratulate you by telling you that you have single-handedly accomplished the phenomenal task of providing THE most rediculous and ignorant post that I’ve EVER read on this site!

  • Drunk says:

    I believe “yous wass” spelling some words wrong. Maybe you were drunk when writing the comment. The officer that was drunk and fired was off duty!! And when the whole story comes out about the shooting you will understand why two guys were killed and one didnt die! I’m sure the one who is still alive is very thankful to still be walking “gods green earth!” Hopefully he will learn from his mistakes and one day be a productive member of society. Odds are against him.

  • Rallo says:

    First of all I do not believe anything that is posted on this site or stated by the police. I don’t believe anything 100 percent actually.Alot of you are plagued by daunting mistakes you have made in your past.You all try to show how civilized yall “THINK” you are but call other people names. You don’t know any truths except that those boys robbed a pizza hut with bb guns. The rest of the story only God knows. So many people want to play God in these situations and predicaments. Yes this is America were having unique opinions and beliefs is excepted but come on! Love and compassion are as good as gold and will set you free. I know 2 of the 3 boys. They would not run at the police after doing something like this. Believe half of what you see and nothing that you hear. Have a blessed day good people

  • trash says:

    1.They went to rob a business with guns.
    2. They were told to put down their weapons and did not comply.
    3. They ran/walked in the direction of the officers with their weapons in hand still.
    Stupid for not running the other direction.
    4. If you come at me with a gun in your hand and will not put it down, then I will put you on the ground and let your body feed the worms. Period….
    When it comes to me going home at night or you. I will go home to my family.
    These “Thugs” should have been home with their families if they were raised right and none of this would even come up.
    So what happened to these guys is what they deserved.

  • guestnow says:

    This story doesn’t right, why would 3 men run at the police who i am sure they had their guns drawn when they arrived on scene, i believe they tried to run an wass shot who just run at a armed person when u are armed too. I wouldl love to hear the suspect side and know where exactly where they shot at i bet it was in the back somewhere

  • objective says:

    Look, Im black and come from a poor socio-economic background. I know am doing something with my life. I refuse to let others tell me how to think. These officers were indeed justified in their shooting. A objective look at the facts will tell you that. If I tell my black friends this, they will call me a traitor. Why? Because I’m objective?

  • Vog46 says:

    My post(s) have been replaced by something more ridiculous?

    I have to try harder………:-)


  • Somebody says:

    I’m glad you are doing something to help the community. Thank God we have citizens like you to comment on stories such as these. God bless you.

  • guestwho says:

    Holy crap, I think they killed the smart one.

  • mother says:

    I was working that night.. Which ever one was your brother I’m sorry for your loss but your older brother and his buddies threated my life and the life of my unborn child. I plead with them and they refused to just move on to the next place. I thought for sure my husband was going to get a phone call from WPD saying his wife had been shot and im sorry we couldn’t save the baby either. I have lost alot of people in my life and I couldn’t imagine losing a brother so for that I’m very sorry for your loss. But I hate to say I’m happy it was him and not me and mine.

    And for all of you other people I’m sure I can go back a few months and half of your are talking s**t about the WPD. And I’m sorry but unless you were there and witnessed everything you can’t say what happened. I was there and I barely know what happened. You people make me sick with all of your bulls**t theories and all of the “blame mom and dad” s**t, I am a mother of 1 right now and soon to be mother of 2. If any of my children would end up this way I would really hope not to be blamed, if im not mistaken everyone has a mind of there own. I don’t have my mother or fathers mind. what make you think they have their mother or fathers mind? all of you are idiots! grow up and find something better to do then to blame, rag on, point fingers etc or whatever to someone else.

  • Cortez Roland says:

    Wow I Lost My Older Brother For Nun You All Killed My Brother Because They Ran At You All Smh I Hope Your Happy You ” Did Your Job ” Thank All Black People Ignorant Wow !!!! ‘

  • Guest, just another says:

    “Wow, I lost my older brother for nothing. He was shot because he ran at the officer. I’m shaking my head. I hope you’re happy that you “did your job”. Do you think that all black people are ignorant? Wow!”

    Condolences to your family and the loss of your brother. But really, you lost him a long time ago. He didn’t just jump on this train this week, he’s been riding it for some time. This has nothing to do with black or white. The only racial issue is in your head. He wasn’t shot for being black, he was shot because he ran at an officer with a gun after robbing a business. I’d shoot too.
    As to the ignorant question, no, all black people are not ignorant. But your language and attitude shows that you may be.

  • USMC 29 says:

    This is to the so called soldier who thinks WPD should apologize.
    Sir, I am not sure where you served or with what branch, I am guessing Army saying you are a soldier.
    First if you did serve in theater all threats close distance, and head to defended positions!
    Second, WPD has the same force continuum as any agency.
    Third, you don’t have to wait till some armed robbery suspects start shooting to shoot them!
    Last but not least I am so glad I didn’t serve with a coward and idiot such as yourself!
    I am sure you saw a lot of trigger time at the mess hall!

    Keep your lance coconut mouth shut, and keep the kitchen clean!!

  • guest3367 says:


  • Guest34537 says:

    THE issue I have with his post is the racial comment. This has nothing to do with racism. We don’t know the racial makeup of the trio’s innocent victims, nor that of the police officers that were forced to stop the threat.

    Black, white, green, yellow or purple. Color has nothing to do with anything in this case.

  • originalwilmingtonian says:

    To call a young child, who is mourning the lost of his brother, ignorant! Shame on you!! Do you think for one second he gives a flying Duck what you think about his grammar and spelling??? Seriously, you need to back away from the keyboard.

  • Rachel McMillian says:

    WELL LOOK AT THERE NO SHOOTOUT, So much for stoping the violence in the city WPD is causing it.

  • Truman48 says:

    I’m sure the mothers and fathers of the “working” staff at the restaurant appreciate your heart felt sympathy.

  • Laurie says:

    Who cares if there was a shoot out?? A business was robbed once again, with individuals carrying guns. Police tried to get them to surrender and they approached them running. Whether shots were fired or not makes no difference, they did not surrender. What do you think they were going to do when they got to the officers? Shake their hands? They protected themselves and others. So sorry the felons lost their lives, would you rather it been a worker at Pizza hut or a cop trying to keep public safe and do his job? You cant have it both ways, in the jobs they do lives are at risk more than not, it is usually their lives. Don’t criticize them for doing their job just because the foolish robbers did not surrender that was their choice, not the officers. Praise to the officers, prayers to the families of the lost children, even grown they are someone’s babies.

  • Deputy 25 says:

    Soldiers are trained different than police. No WPD officers went home in a body bag that night. THEY OWE NO ONE NOT ONE PERSON AN APOLOGY. ESPECIALLY ARM CHAIR QUARTERBACKS.

  • Jim Fields says:

    As we can see the real story has surfaced. With that being said what those boys did was wrong yes indeed. But with the same flip of that coin also what WPD was also wrong. So my question to anyone who knows or think they knows what is WPD’s SOP?? Which means Standard Operating Procedures when it comes to suspects that are unarmed or armed. I’m an United States soldier who has deployed to Afghanistan and has seen the enemy both armed and unarmed. In the 9 months that I’ve deployed I’ve had to make very hard decisions either to shoot or not too shoot…. So with that being said WPD I believe you owe your community and the families of those victims an heart felted apology.

  • guest3367 says:

    You will not get one, as you do not deserve one. Someone comes running at you with a gun, you shoot. Maybe you are the lucky one who wasnt shot Mr. Soldier. Police aren’t going to take that chance, as you apparently did.

  • Bart Simpson says:

    It was armed robbery… they had all the justification they needed. Quit back peddling for a settlement.

  • Guest123123 says:

    Well said. I do not think we have heard whether the suspect who lived was one of those who had a gun in his possession. Also very strange that they would run towards the officers and not away from them. Have we ever heard if the man who shot the deputy several weeks ago had a gun when he was shot?? All probably deserved what they got but did police actually follow proper procedure?

  • REALLY? says:

    What were the officers suppose to wait until the DID shoot and then get killed themselves? When the officers gave them commands once they did not comply…then they charged them. They got shot. It is sad. BUT at the same time. If they just did what the officers told them. Do you think the officers commanded…RUN TOWARDS US…oh yeah. NO. Just like if you carried a weapon some one came out of a house that had just raped a woman or killed a kid, and you felt you or your family is threatened…then you make sure you TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. HEELLLOOO! Dont judge, just because they did not shoot does NOT make WPD or any other officers the BAD guys. Get a reality check fool

  • 11b says:

    9 months? what where you air force? must of been tough man. As a 3 visitor to the same boxes tour (18 month), 2 theater visitor to the sand boxes, I must say wpd did exactly what military sop tell s you to do. The suspects where armed and did not comply with commands, they then made an aggressive move to the officers, while armed. light em’ up! Of course if you had to deal with a situation like that you would be sympathetic to the wpd officers involved, taking a life, for a moral person is no easy deed. however, I guarentee if these criminals had the opportunity they would do way worse to a police officer with no thought, or remorse.

  • Laurie says:

    Law Enforcement officers are trained, just as doctors and nurses and other professions. These men and women who put their lives on the line to protect the public need our support not condemn. It is unfortunate two young men lost their lives. What is a larger tragedy would be to put anymore guilt on these officers. They had men running at them, men they just witnessed rob a pizza hut with guns. They asked them to surrender they did not. Good call officers. You protected yourselves, and quite possibly prevented more robberies by taking these individuals off the streets. They made the choice to rob the pizza hut, they made the choice to not surrender. They made the choice to approach officers and they paid the consequence. My prayers are to their families as well as to the officers, even when we do the right thing and lives are lost we carry guilt. They do not need guilt, they need pride. Be proud, you did your job.

  • police says:

    This is why there is no apology needed by the Police Department

    § 15A-401. Arrest by law-enforcement officer.
    (d) Use of Force in Arrest. –
    (2) A law-enforcement officer is justified in using deadly physical force upon another person for a purpose specified in subdivision (1) of this subsection only when it is or appears to be reasonably necessary thereby:
    a. To defend himself or a third person from what he reasonably believes to be the use or imminent use of deadly physical force;
    b. To effect an arrest or to prevent the escape from custody of a person who he reasonably believes is attempting to escape by means of a deadly weapon, or who by his conduct or any other means indicates that he presents an imminent threat of death or serious physical injury to others unless apprehended without delay; or
    c. To prevent the escape of a person from custody imposed upon him as a result of conviction for a felony.
    Nothing in this subdivision constitutes justification for willful, malicious or criminally negligent conduct by any person which injures or endangers any person or property, nor shall it be construed to excuse or justify the use of unreasonable or excessive force.

  • Guest, just another says:

    Had to make hard choices? What, seconds in the chow line? In no way do they owe ANYONE an apology! How many robberies have there been in the past 4-5 weeks, with the same story: ARMED men locking victims up, same story every time. Why would any reasonable person think anything else but that these scum were armed-especially seeing weapons?
    You’re a fool. God Bless to these officers and deputies. They’re here to protect you and I, and they have families that they want to see at the end of the day. They did the right thing. You owe THEM an apology.

  • seriously says:

    So the letter should read what exactly?
    Dear Families we are sorry that your children who coincidentally had just robbed innocent people at gunpoint and were fleeing a crime scene, who had disobeyed our officers orders to STOP and were charging at them while still armed, we are so very that they did not have the common sense or enough morals and manners instilled in them to simply obey.

    Now not that I think officers should just shoot BUT! if Men armed with weapons who have just committed a crime are fleeing. Do you honestly think they were running AT the police because they were so happy to see them? Because they were scared? Because they were….like it or not the boys were ARMED criminals. I am happy that no INNOCENT…mind you read that again INNOCENT people got injured. Those three young men for WHATEVER reason were not INNOCENT. In fact they had loaded weapons that they weren’t flashing around for nothing! I mean seriously people. The poor boys? Those poor boys loaded weapons, got in their cars with those loaded weapons, drove from Brunswick County to Wilmington with those loaded weapons. They put on Masks and entered a business, pointed weapons at the people inside , robbed those people inside and then ran, they refused to stop when ARMED officers commanded them to do so. Think about this logically. They had to plan this out. They had plenty of opportunity to change their minds, to turn around and take their little butts back to Brunswick County to MAMA.. THEY PLOTTED AND CARRIED OUT a horrible crime. They were not ” good kids” … Good kids don’t point loaded guns at people to STEAL for ANY reason! May God have mercy on their souls…They were SINNERS when they died! It’s awful for the Officers that have to deal with these young people who are ” OUT OF CONTROL” that’s who I feel sorry for. An officer that will never FORGET a young MAN that FORCED him to use deadly force.

  • guest111 says:

    You certainly have my support! These guys were in the wrong and paid the price for it. Have you noticed it’s been quiet around here since the Pizza Hut incident? Good job police and sheriff’s department.

  • No name need says:

    Yes they were wrong for what they did but they lost their lives

  • oldyeller says:

    I was waiting for the comments from the peanut gallery to start surfacing. These thugs forcefully ROBBED innocent civilians at GUNPOINT, then FAILED to follow commands to surrender by the police. WPD was most CERTAINLY justified in shooting tbese cowards. They should have manned up and surrendered. By failing to follow LEO commands and then RUNNING AT THEM, the WPD officers did what they were trained to do; neutralize the threat. Save me the liberal BS on tazing or non lethal force. “You don’t carry a knife to a gun fight.” The cops were in the right and may God bless them for saving other innocent citizens the wrath if these punks!

  • James robinson says:

    Ur the coward talking about something u dont know if any of ur family members would have been involved would u be talking all of ur words. No one would run towards the police in a crime ur the coward running your mouth live your life as you are and stop judging human beings for doing an act

  • Informer says:

    This is the SOP, AKA North Carolina General Statute, it applies to all state law enforcement officers in the State of North Carolina.

    This is why law enforcement is allowed to use deadly force under certain conditions.

    § 15A-401. Arrest by law-enforcement officer.
    (d) Use of Force in Arrest. –
    (2) A law-enforcement officer is justified in using deadly physical force upon another person for a purpose specified in subdivision (1) of this subsection only when it is or appears to be reasonably necessary thereby:
    a. To defend himself or a third person from what he reasonably believes to be the use or imminent use of deadly physical force;
    b. To effect an arrest or to prevent the escape from custody of a person who he reasonably believes is attempting to escape by means of a deadly weapon, or who by his conduct or any other means indicates that he presents an imminent threat of death or serious physical injury to others unless apprehended without delay; or
    c. To prevent the escape of a person from custody imposed upon him as a result of conviction for a felony.
    Nothing in this subdivision constitutes justification for willful, malicious or criminally negligent conduct by any person which injures or endangers any person or property, nor shall it be construed to excuse or justify the use of unreasonable or excessive force.

  • originalwilmingtonian says:

    So let me get this straight…FIRST you wanted the public to believe that the young men came about with GUNS A BLAZING. You all justified their deaths as warranted because they were shooting at the cops. NOW it turns out that they WEREN’T shooting at the cops and now you all still justify the officers firing upon them. I never for one second believed that those boys came out shooting at the cops. That’s why I said in the other forum to wait until all evidence is out on the table. I even made a reference to the case of Peyton Strickland, the son of a prominent Raleigh/Durham Attorney, who brutally attacked a fellow UNCW student, along with 2 of his friends, in the parking lot and stole two Playstations from the victim. The officers saw pictures of these attackers on facebook posing with armed weapons. When the officers approached the home to serve the warrants the officers thought Peyton had a weapon in his hands, turns out it was a game controller, and opened fired and killed the young man. The city of Wilmington was sued and had to pay the Strickland family 2.5million dollars and UNCW had to pay 150k. This boy attacked and robbed someone, but yet the city had to pay his family for his death. Now…let me ask you, how is this case different from the Pizza Hut shooting? These boys were not shooting at the officers. And I don’t believe for ONE second that they came out running TOWARDS the cops. How ridiculous does that sound. First, they came out with guns a blazing… turns out not true… and now they want us to believe they came out running TOWARDS the cops. WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT??? What I believe to have happened is that the young men were startled by the officers outside and tried to make a run for it… meaning run AWAY from the cops and NOT towards them. The officers told them to stop and the boys didn’t and that’s when the officers fired upon them. So when did it become acceptable to fire upon a person running from cops??? These boys all deserved to still be alive to face trial and jury like any other person who commits a crime. They did not deserve to die…no matter what you think they did. Jeffrey Dahmer even deserved a fair trial and his crimes her heinous. I’m not here to convince anyone to think differently, b/c that will never change b/c your black hearts are stone cold. I’m just here, like the rest of you, to voice my opinion. I am still entitled to that, right? No need to attack my views, we can all be civil. And I know that’s expecting a lot from many of you. May the truth come out and may justice prevail for all those involved. #PrayingForOurYouth

  • oldyeller says:

    First off, I beg you to educate yourself and learn a language where you spell out actual words and have some knowledge of punctuation. Second of all, I will repeat myself…. YES, they were all cowards for running. They got caught red handed. You do the crime, you pay the time. They knew they weren’t going to get sprinkled with pixie dust as a result of committing ARMED ROBBERY. You either don’t get caught for jacking someone out of $100 and 2 cell phones, go to prison or pay with your life; those are the consequences. Seems as if 2 out of 3 chose the latter. Hmmmmm, is that a smart choice? Do the benefits outweigh the risks? You need to deal with the consequences instead of burying your head in the sand and pretending like they were innocent bystanders there to get a pizza. Quit trying to play the victim. The real victims are the poor employees coping with the trauma of being robbed at gunpoint. Why don’t you ask them how they feel being held up at gunpoint and ROBBED off their hard earned possesions. They have to deal with that trauma the rest of their lives. Let’ s call it like it is. The punks got caught red handed and as a result felt the consequence. What, did you expect the cops to fire back with a sling shot after all this violence going on???

  • Rusty says:

    You would do a lot better in your rebuttal to use actual words instead of text abbreviations or whatever “ur” means. It appears the people defending the perpetrators are not eurdite at all and resort to slang, text, ALL CAPS and such; please reply in a normal fashion if you want to be taken seriously.

    With that said my wife used to drive a taxi, and later deliver pizza for her job (Thank god that was many Years ago). Some years before that one of my friends on my dart team was involved in two robberies and two murders that involved a convenience store worker (also a dart league member) and a pizza shop where the slain assistant manager was someone I had worked with before. Was it easy to testify in court about his manner and actions those nights.. NO. Was it easy to swallow the fact someone I considered a friend was capable of robbery and murder with a stolen gun? NO. Did I shed a tear when he got two death penalties? No. (Later commuted to life without parole on technicalities).

    One of my best friends sons started getting into trouble after trying heroin; a few break ins and burglaries to support the habit; I did not rush to his defense (although I did send a dinner his way on his birthday while in jail), He chose that path and has since gone straight after release. What one decides to do the actions beget the consequences. I’m sure like the people I’ve cited above they (the involved perps) were nice and good people outwardly but that does not negate the fact they chose to break laws and endanger other people in the process. Break the law and not follow a law officer command you get what you brought upon yourself… Sad that they paid the ultimate price, but also not a drain on our prison system OR be released again after a slap on the wrist

  • Not Sorry says:

    Sir you are very wrong. If it had been my family I would have been PISSED! There is something called TOUGH LOVE. I can still love you and not APPROVE or LIKE or Justify what they did. I can honestly say if it was my son, or brother, or nephew, or family member that I would not defend them when they clearly were not the person I thought them to be. Most of us have morals and values in our family and when it comes to killing, and robbing, and thiefing… There is a RED line~ Cept some peoples red lines are RED not pink!

  • Wilmington Observer says:

    The, above, commenter was voicing his opinion which could be, in your loosely regarded grammar and pronunction, defined as “doing an act”. But, you judge him for doing an act just as you chastised him for doing. I’m not sure how far your got before (apparently) dropping out of school, but it seems to have been before the word hypocritical was included in a vocabulary test.

    Wilmington Observer

  • Curious says:

    Comparing doctors and nurses (who receive many years of higher education) to LEO who spend 6 months at community college for basic law enforcement training is idiotic

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