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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police say the suspects involved in Friday night’s shooting outside a restaurant ran at officers but did not fire shots.

Police Chief Ralph Evangelous said this afternoon information WPD gathered through investigations of recent restaurant robberies, including through collaboration with Leland Police, led officers to keep an eye on the Pizza Hut on S. 17th. St. Friday night.

“As the officers arrived they observed what they believed to be an armed robbery in progress,” Evangelous read from a prepared statement. “Officers saw guns being used during the robbery. When the suspects left the building officers challenged the suspects and gave them several commands to surrender. The suspects refused to comply with the officers commands and ran towards our officers. The suspects were then fired upon by the officers.”

Two of the men, Tevin Robinson and Ronald Roland, died in the shooting. A third, Jalani Smith was injured and later charged in connection to the robbery. Evangelous said the investigation in the days since proved the suspects did not fire at officers, but investigators did take two weapons from the suspects after the incident.

Evangelous says six officers are on administrative leave as WPD conducts and internal review of the incident and while SBI investigates as well. He said the names of the officers will be released when the review is done.

“No one wins when lives are lost,” Evangelous said. “This recent incident affects everyone and I am asking for the community’s support as we move through this.”

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61 Comments on "Chief: Suspects in Pizza Hut robbery ran at cops, did not shoot"

2015 years 10 months ago

These little punks went to rob a Pizza Hut. They put guns in the faces of poor people working at a restaurant. Then they couldn’t get on the ground when the cops told them to. They had guns, probably pistols, which none of them could have bought legally. You have to be 21 to buy a pistol, so they probably stole them. This town is being destroyed by gangs and is filled with young punks listening to rap music and doing drugs. If these boys were White the same outcome would have happened, they would be dead and filled with bullet holes. This is not a race issue. This is a laziness issue. These idiots think that robbing and pillaging is easier than working a real job. The music they all listen to says robbing people and shooting people is just fine. The families should have taught these boys to get a real job and not stick deadly weapons in peoples faces and take their money. These boys chose their fate and that fate was being shot to death by the cops. White or black the cops don’t kill people at work or school, they kill armed robbers and murderers. WPD keep it up!!!! Shoot some more please!!! I am a proud gun owner, so please come and break into my house, let me get my own news slot and make famous!!!!

2015 years 10 months ago

I don’t care if they were using water guns, the fact is they robbed the place with a weapon. Stupidity reigns!!!!!!!!!!!!

The cops have a moment to react. You state that you know 2 of the 2. Did you know that they are thiefs? Did you know that they were robbing people?

It is time to stop making excuses for those who think it is okay to steal other people’s money and things. Does it justify being shot? Maybe not – but they set in motion the circumstances – and unfortunately they had to pay for it.

guest 111
2015 years 10 months ago

You are truly a man of intelligence and common sense. You are not a traitor you are logical in your thinking. Maybe they can’t think. Don’t worry about it. They could call you worse. You have to live with yourself and making your own decisions based on good judgement.

2015 years 10 months ago

You may want to back your timeline up a little. Consider this; the employees would be “alive and well” and so would the two men IF THEY HADN’T DECIDED TO USE GUNS, ROB A BUSINESS AND THEN RUN WHEN TOLD NOT TO.


Fant C
2015 years 10 months ago

What happened to the dash cam. You know the cop cars are equipped with dash cams. That would show a great deal of what actually happened as the boys came out. The police probably convieniently had their squad cars pointing away from the action. Oh well…


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