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UPDATE: The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office says the teens were found safe in Supply this morning.

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Detectives are looking for two teens from Supply who were last seen yesterday afternoon in Brunswick County, according to the sheriff’s office. They say the two teens who are missing are believed to be together.

Detectives say 15-year-old Danny Huston Parker, Jr., who was last seen at West Brunswick High School around 3 yesterday afternoon, has blue eyes and brown hair, is 6 feet tall, and weighs 145 pounds. They say Danny was wearing light-colored jeans and a grey t-shirt when he was last seen.

They say 15-year-old Breanna Delaware Hewett was last seen yesterday, also around 3 p.m., at Brunswick Early College High School at BCC. Detectives say Breanna has hazel eyes, brown hair, is 5 feet tall and weighs 97 pounds, and was wearing a black hoodie with pink lettering, black pants and black and white Sketchers when she went missing.

Detectives say the two are thought to be together. If you have any information on either teen’s whereabouts, please call the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office at 880-4951.

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  • Breanna Hewett

    No, this was not a case of “screw you mom and dad I’ll do what I want.” This was a case of running away from a place where I knew had trouble and get somewhere where I knew I could tell the truth about things without having someone try to make me lie and keep the county handing out their money and time to help a family ‘in need’ of things we really already had. Thank you for trying to guess the reason, but no, it was not anything close to what it really was.

  • Guest-o-matic

    These articles never state why these teens go missing or how they found them. While I am glad they are safe, if this was the again the case of “Screw you mom and dad, I’ll do what I want”. They should be held liable for all costs of emergency search efforts, then a size 11 can get buried deeply in their narrow hindquarters!

  • Andreagirl75

    Whatever happened to belts and switches? I thank my parents for spanking me and my son thanks me for spanking him. One or four welts will not hurt a child. However, child abuse is different.

  • guest1774

    I agree…………what happened with the teens. very glad that they are ok, but did they attempt to runaway together? did someone pick them up? should parents be looking for something? a little more info would be appreciated

  • Breanna Hewett

    Yes, you are completely correct. It should have been kept private. There were multiple reasons for me running away. It was for the best and for me to be able to get away and tell the truth about an incident that happened. It’s really none of peoples business what went on, but thank you guys for hoping for our safety.

  • Guest000000

    Perhaps we don’t hear why they were missing, or where they were found because it’s none of our business. For all we know, they are being forced to reimburse any additional money that is used to search for them. If indeed it was a private family matter that caused the missing person alert, it should stay just that: PRIVATE! All we need to know is to be on the look out and when they are found.

  • Guestshelia

    Well, then let the families and law enforcement look for these missing kids and quit reporting them in the media! They obviously leave for a reason-maybe they’re escaping from abuse and are better off.

    Why do we need to be on the look out if it’s NONE of our business?

  • nofaithnlaw

    I agree Guestomatic…I noticed that this summer multiple women went missing within a few weeks of each other & memory serves me correct there were a couple in a weeks time. Just like this article & the one from Monday about the young boy missing from Leland. They tell you just enough that you will read it & then drop it!

  • GuestFred

    These stories and “Amber Alerts” become so frequent and ubiquitous that often the public just tune them out. And then there’s no follow-up as to what happened.

  • Guest000000

    It’s reported because law enforcement asked for help locating someone. And if you don’t want to be on the lookout for someone unless you get their complete life story, don’t look. Just admit you’re a nosy gossip and that’s why you want to know why they’re missing and where they’re found.


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