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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A 15-year-old boy is recovering after Wilmington Police say he was shot in the ankle on McRae Street last night.

Police say the bullets also hit two homes on the street. One resident said the shots came too close for comfort.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang. You know it was a whole lot of bang, bang, bangs,” Angela Cannon said.

Cannon was sitting next to the window of her McRae St. home Wednesday night when she heard gunshots.

“I was sitting right there, and two more feet it would have been me,” she said.

She says two bullets hit the front of her house next to the window: one in the ceiling of her porch, and one on the rails.

“Somebody innocent is going to get killed soon, because it’s just escalating,” Cannon said.

Neighbors say a Jeep Cherokee was circling the neighborhood all day Wednesday flashing its lights. They say flashing lights are a symbol used my gangs to warn something is coming.

“You don’t know who to be careful about, but it obviously doesn’t matter, because it’s going to come and find you anyways,” Cannon said.

But Cannon says she is not worried the violence will find her again.

“I am not going to alter my life based on fear,” Cannon said. “I am not going to be fearful that this might happen again.”

Neighbors who did not want to go on camera say they saw the victim on crutches and in a cast this morning. Police say he could only describe the shooter as wearing black and in a black Jeep.

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  • tke1

    Looks like the local clergy is going to have to do an old fashioned tent revival or a Billy Graham style crusade to get the word out about that “cease fire”.
    I wonder why no one called the newly formed gang unit about the light flashing Jeep that was roaming around all day. Do you think they might have checked it out and perhaps prevented this shooting? The cops can’t just automatically, miraculously KNOW this stuff.

  • Guest Reply Redux

    “Neighbors say a Jeep Cherokee was circling the neighborhood all day Wednesday flashing its lights. They say flashing lights are a symbol used my <(should be BY) gangs to warn something is coming.” (Unquote) And no one called the police reporting suspicious activity about the vehicle cruising the hood? Hollywood can’t make this stuff up! The residents want something to happen gang related, no doubt. Stupid is…stupid does!

  • 10101

    When he was initially shot in the ankle, he was 19 years old according to the news report on 10/30/13. Now one day later, according to this report, he’s 15 years old.

    Apparently, after being shot in the ankle, he lost four years of his life. I wonder how many years he would have lost if he had been shot in the arm.

  • Guest Vader

    I have yet to read what time this event happened. Nobody had a right to shoot the kid, but sometimes common sense or lack of it can put some in an awkward situation. If it was early, that is one thing, if it was midnight, that is another.

  • beach guy

    See this is the kind of info us uniformed people need.

    So if there is a car driving around flashing the headlights the gang members are????

    A. recruiting for the local youth group
    B. checking the proper operation of the vehicle for when it does get dark.
    C. communicating a threat

    Take C.

    I know I got it from John Boy and Billy but hell it late Friday and I have nothing left in the tank.


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