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Suspect: Explosives were for defense in case of apocalypse


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Wilmington Police and ATF officers arrested Erik Rudolph Arnebold after an investigation into drugs turned up 24 explosive devices.

Detectives say 23 of them were hidden down in a trap door under the house at 4705 Patrick Ave. in Wilmington.

"It's not like I was ever intending on using them unless they were ever needed," Arnebold said during at interview at the New Hanover County Jail Thursday. "That's what the 2nd Amendment is about: the right to bear arms if they're ever needed. That's where I feel that this has all gone haywire. I mean they were dry walled into my house."

Police say they were investigating the 37-year-old for having illegal narcotics. They say during the investigation, evidence showed Arnebold was making explosives, some built with shrapnel (lead shot) inside.

"Almost M-80 sized cherry bomb type explosives," Arnebold said. "They have to be made of something. If it's cardboard it's still a pipe."

Additional items found were materials commonly used for making pipe bombs. A handgun, a rifle, and an extensive amount of ammunition were also located in the home, which police say was constructed much like a fortress with windows and doors barricaded.

Investigators say they have no idea why he was making and storing the bombs. They also say they won't be commenting on the arrest until they get more info from Arnebold.

Neighbors say they are just glad law enforcement was able to defuse the situation.

"Anybody who has their windows boarded up you just kind of get a shaky feeling about," neighbor Logan Davis said.

"Really it scares the living daylights out of me knowing that we lived so close to him that if anything would have went off it could have hurt any of us," Ashlyn Hooks said.

Still Arnebold maintains the charges against him are blown out of proportion.

"If I would have had to use them, it would have been for survival," he said. "My curiosity got to me years ago when they were talking about that kind of stuff. This is what you get when you fear your government. Don't put down your arms. Keep them up."

Arnebold is in the New Hanover County Jail under a $1.5 million bond. He faces 24 weapon of mass destruction counts, possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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I've know Eric for years,

I've know Eric for years, Very talented artist, and we all know the great artist are a bit touched, lets say... He was probably just trying to protect his paintings..

He is an ARTIST!!!!

that's exactly what he was is always wrong and he was paranoid for a REASON!!!! He knew they were after him and his art :( poor eric

too early?

Is it wrong that I laughed when I read the suspects comments... that the charges were being "blown out of proportion"?

Brian Berger's long lost brother?

They are two peas in a pod.

Paranoid Teabager

He's gotta stop watching Fox News... It'll do it every time


Listening to MSNBC/CNN/CBS/ABC/NBC to learn about politics is like listening to farts to learn about cooking.

trailblazer I'm sure

you've blazed many trails by now. You've got to be the best chef in town.

Keep it up Trailblazer, you

Keep it up Trailblazer, you just fire up the Tea Party even more.
Bloggers like you are the best recruiting tool the Tea Part has.
Great Job!!!!!


Yes, keep it up. Who cares if a bunch of tea-baggers get upset? They stay upset. Nothing is ever good enough for them and they are like a bunch of spoiled babies crying about something all the time.

Not hiding...or

I consider myself a Constitutional Conservtive. If that makes me a member of the Tea Party then I am good with it. I would love some little limp wristed left-wing socialist to come and try and tell me I am a whiny "tea bagger".

I work my ass off, take care of my family, pay much more than my fair share of taxes, and don't whine about it. I do question the direction our government is going in as everyone should.

Arnebold is a meth head and paranoid delusional. Hmmm...druggie who has locked himself in his house out of paranoia...doesn't work...and DOES NOT osund like a Tea Party member. He fits much more into the moldy mold of an "occupier".

spoon fed liberal

Yea, because CNN is so much better.

In his defense

If he were to say ZOMBIE apocalypse then things would be different.

This incident saved his

This incident saved his life. This is the only thing that could get him sober and of needles. Meth is bad and this is proof. Not a terrorist plot, but deep psychological issues. I hope he receives help henneeds, cause he needs lots.

Way To Go WPD!

Another bad guy down. Too bad he didn't walk out with a gun. Keep up the good work and please be safe!


This guy is a junkie has a nice record for drugs. paranoid nutbag.

As if a (likely) meth lab in

As if a (likely) meth lab in the neighborhood isn't scary enough - pipe bombs added to the mix is just plain crazy! Glad that the neighbors are safe.

Meth is a helluva drug

Meth=paranoia? Until he's linked to terrorist group, that's my bet.

White People Problems

only 2 comments? where is the outrage?

I Love It

Go ahead, harbor that hate; Come up with excuses; Don't step up to the plate and say stop. It only hurts you. Go ahead and stress yourself out over your victim mentality. You deserve it.

no outrage

That is why there is no outrage, a lot of people have food and weapons stored up in preparation for a coming "apocalypse" or government takeover. they have bunkers under their houses etc. so , we all hear of people like this. they are barricading themselves IN and the outside world out for when the time they think is coming comes.
why be outraged, he wasn't bothering anyone. was in his house using illegal drugs. not out in the streets shooting and robbing people.
Not being outraged has nothing to do with race. His story as to why he had them is believable.




From the nature of your post, it sounds like the police need to come and search your house.

From the nature of YOUR

From the nature of YOUR post, you would have fit well in Nazi Germany!


you don't read this post often because I'm probably the most liberal person on here. I've been called socialist, communist, and just about every other kind of "ist" but never a Nazi, you tea-bagging anarchist.

Now, now Children! Play nice in the sandbox....

...or else the cats will come and cover you up!

What is a tea-bagging

What is a tea-bagging anarchist?

It's a name leftists hurl

It's a name leftists hurl when they run out of real arguments. It doesn't really have a meaning.

I could explain

I could explain this to you but I doubt you would understand then either. There is an argument that all tea-baggers are anarchists, so if you can use a dictionary on line, maybe , just maybe, you can figure it out.

I knew you were a

I knew you were a liberal.
You reek of handouts and entitlements mentality.
Tree hugging, baby killers. Who whine if a person is executed but never bat an eye over a life being ripped from the womb.
I wouldn't brag about being a liberal. I would be ashamed.
And that goes for the other parties. Think for yourself you puppet.


To be sure nothing good was to come from this guy. Potentially many people were to be hurt/killed with whatever his plan was.