Sheriff defends deputies involved in Smith shooting

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Submitted: Sat, 11/02/2013 - 1:10am
Updated: Tue, 01/14/2014 - 10:29pm

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — At a news conference today we asked Sheriff Ed McMahon what he would say to those who think the deputies should not have shot Brandon Smith.

"I would say that those people are wrong and that is a small part of our community,” Sheriff McMahon stated. “When you live a certain life style and when you make choices there will be consequences. And it's not OK to shoot anybody, including officers."

District Attorney Ben David weighed in on the issue.

“Today there are going to be others who are not happy,” David told reporters. “It's simply a matter of looking at the facts, looking at the law and saying, here's what it is.”

The Sheriff also addressed the culture of violence that his deputies face.

“It's not OK when you are being apprehended to refuse and act aggressively, that's just not acceptable.“ The Sheriff said. “The violence has got to stop and law enforcement officers in your community are on the front lines.”


  • smith family says:

    Brandon davone smith was murdered by the Sheriffs department in Broad Daylight Unarmed with only a cell phone shot 27 times with one bullet to the head the police had k9 at the scenes did not release dogs they murdered Brandon in Daylight Sent Narcotics to kill him So Funny Brandon never had Drug charges but Why because they dont have dash cams in unmarked cars I feel for people in the community your not safe police with out dash cams or body cams Kill people Be Aware of unmarked cars that was sent to kill Brandon .

  • nonya says:

    You are a dumbass for such things. First of all the officer was shot by another officer so was the police smoking crack? Theyb didnt pull him over he tried to pull over and they kept ramming his car no one was in the car with him but plenty of people say them run him down qand shot him in cold blood while he yelled for help over and over so now who is really the crack head numb nuts.

  • Vog46 says:

    The victim was laying on the ground (a very poor shooting stance for a novice)

    The Fed and the Sheriffs were wearing ballistic vests

    They had tree cover to hide behind

    They fired 20+ shots

    I agree that this guy made his choice in life (and death)
    But this guy was showing all the signs of surrender.

    I have my suspicions about this situation.


  • taffin45 says:

    And the moral of the story is if you resist you will be shot and we will use extreme violence to fight violence.

  • family of brandon says:

    Brandon was killed in daylight Unarmed with only a cell phone shot 27 times with one shot to his head this is Murder the Police is not the D.A Or the jury they have a job title clock in and out ,October 13 they murdered a son father Husband brother and the Justice Department is working on this .

  • PublicAvenger says:

    We have our problems. But we are lucky to have Sheriff McMahon, and Chief Evangelous, who go to bat for their people.

    Just like the WPD incident. This was slowly, quietly, and professionally investigated. As procedure dictates, the men were taken off the line, to recover.

    Lots of kneejerk reactions, over the last month, but not from our local Law Enforcement leadership.

  • Chelle says:

    Did I miss something or did Brandon have his day in court and was already tried and convicted for shooting an officer. Everybody who knows the truth knows that another officer shot the officer. The SBI isn’t looking into the facts deep enough. Go back to the beginning. Let’s find out why a car with out of town tags is automatically suspicious. What is the problem, People who live I public housing aren’t allowed to have visitors from anywhere outside of the good ole state of NC?. Maybe it was a rental. If anyone can recall the first story given by the good ole country boys known se WPD they claim that Brandon jumped out of the car and turned and automatically fired at the officers. Now the report sys that he ran, they gave chase, he stooped behind a trash can (?) and then fired a shotgun. I never seen a shotgun that was the size of a pistol!!!??? the facts are changing and who is responsible for that? Brandon was murdered to ensure his silence and the people who matter know the truth. And for all of these redneck and racists people out here who will comment and say how all thugs need to be dead, the same can be said for you!!!

  • Right says:

    and 9/11 was an inside job, aliens live at Area 51, the Loch Ness monster is real, and Bigfoot is alive and well..your ideas and conspiracy theories on this are pathetic!!..he played the thug life game and lost, no conspiracy, no hidden story…he had two and half days to turn himself in but he chose his actions that led to his fate.

  • Houston says:

    Always racism. What a freaking shame. If the word wasn’t thrown around so cheaply it may have some meaning. Keep on though, it has done wonders for you the past 100 years.

  • LegalEagle says:

    Law Enforcement has the right to attempt to make a consenual contact with anyone. A car with out of state tags is not “automatically suspicious” but when the operator of that car suddenly pulls over upon seeing Law Enforcement behind them, and jumps out of the car in an excited manner, then that will raise any eyebrow. Now, when after suddenly getting out of the car, that individual turns away from Law Enforcement and takes head long flight, that again raises eyebrows. What that person does not have the right to do is pull out a firearm, and shoot at said Officers. You will most likely say that they have the right to run. However, if you do your research young grasshopper, you will see that the US Supreme Court has ruled that given a specific set of circumstances, running from Law Enforcement is illegal. You say that you have never seen a shotgun the size of a pistol, but I bet you haven’t heard of “The Judge” which can shoot a .410 gauge shotgun round. And please, let’s not forget that the “getaway driver”, who was an impartial witness in the beginning, told members of Law Enforcement that Brandon had shown him a firearm while going down the road, just prior to him being shot. Here endeth the lesson…

  • shane head says:

    In case no one has never told you,a thug isn’t something one should strive to be.It isn’t a title of prestige or endearment.Its a name given to those who would rob,steal or murder,all not good qualities.To the mothers,fathers,and children who have lost love ones due to violence caused by thugs or thug life,my heart goes out to you.To the thugs who have perished due to their choice to be what they were.Good riddance.

  • gramps1945 says:

    Is this the summary of the Black Panther, or the Al Sharpton, investigation of the incident ?

  • Tracie C says:

    Um…who exactly is “everybody”?? And if “everybody” KNOWS the truth there ARE other agencies that can be called upon to uncover said “truth”.
    If YOU know the “truth” WHY didn’t you encourage your “buddy” Smith to take his lawyer and go stand up for himself? Why wouldn’t “everybody” stand with him? He had DAYS after the original incident to have “everybody” bring up the “truth”.
    Yet…”everybody” did NOTHING and let their buddy be an idiot and run away.
    Maybe “everybody” should be blaming themselves for how Smith ended up?
    Do yourself a favor and WAKE UP. Please.
    And, for your own safety, look into shotguns that look like pistols. You’ll need this information for your own children it seems (you know, how they’re growing up being led to believe people like Smith are “heroes” or “decent family men”).
    And give me a break on your big “conspiracy theory” (“ensure his silence?? REALLY?). He was a common thug, common, meaning NOT even a criminal anyone loses sleep over.

  • truth says:

    The sheriff thinks its OK to shoot and kill a unarmed person y’all said he was on the wat was the reason for not being able to apprehend him u guys have tasers don’t you. And to do it over 2 dozen times and it took 3 of you guys to do it that was cold blooded murder. that was somebody son,brother, father. I feel like the sheriff department was wrong

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    …and allow it to cool before it fries your lips like it has your tiny brain.
    1. He intentionally SHOT a police officer and ran. Only good thing…he didn’t know how to shoot and hit the broad side of a barn.
    2. He refused repeated requests to turn himself in as a fugitive wanted for attempted murder of a government official.
    3. His entire family refused repeated requests to get him to turn himself in as a fugitive wanted for attempted murder of a government official.
    4. When he was located, he and his accomplice decided to AGAIN run from police until the idiot driver found a dead end road.
    5. The fugitive exited the car and attempted to run on foot to evade arrest as a fugitive wanted for attempted murder of a government official, never attempting to peacefully surrender.
    6. They shot and killed him due to HIS decision making and erratic behavior.

    So tell us “truth”, what did you want them to do? Sit down and play a coupla rounds of checkers to see who the winner will be? Geeez….before you take that next hit, work those 3 brain cells that remain and ask yourself this: How would that police officers mother, wife and daughter felt had that bullet killed him while he was doing his job? One more tidbit for ya Einstein, if he was willing to shoot an experienced and armed detective out of his desperation, he would’ve shot a mother, a father, a child or any other innocent person that happened to get in his way and wouldn’t have taken a second thought about it. So…howz about THOSE mothers, brothers and fathers, huh?

  • Guestilm says:

    Well, as for me I stand by the officers who were doing their job. Yes, and their job may include shooting a person that is known to care less about law and order. I am glad they got him before he kill someone. With his back ground I would not be surprise that this nice young family man hasn’t already killed some.

    PS. learn to spell. It might help you not to look too stupid

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