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WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Kite flyers took advantage of overcast and breezy conditions at Shell Island for the 5th Annual Cape Fear Kite Festival this weekend.

Kids and adults say windy weather is ideal for getting their colorful kites off the ground at Wrightsville Beach. But they say what seems like a pretty easy thing to do, actually takes serious kite flyers years of experience to perfect.

“It helps to have an assistant that is going to help you get something off the ground,” said veteran kite-flyer Michael Gerber. “But with wind like this, say maybe 10 to 12 miles an hour, things move along really well.”

Gerber started flying kites nearly a decade ago. He said he loves the look kids get when his kite ducks and dives through the air.

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  • ChefnSurf

    I like flying kites at the beach and have been doing it for over three decades now. Over the years, I’ve probably spent far too much of my discretionary income on them. I fly larger than average size single line kites, normally with a thousand feet of specialized line, and both two or four line stunt kites if there is enough room to safely fly them around other beach goers. My largest single line kite was (I sold it) a 13’4″ Delta Conyne and sometimes required a second person to help me retrieve it with a secondary reel if the wind picked up

    I’ve never required an assistant to launch one though. The kite flyers code clearly states that “thou shalt get one’s own kite up based solely upon one’s own ability to do so”. Anything less than that is a clear violation of the gentleman’s international rules of kite flying.

    Chef :-)

  • Jim Martin

    Hiya Chef!

    I fly some larger than average kites, too, and I can tell you that sometimes you need all the assistants you can get! Fortunately, the Code is pretty relaxed about this… ^_^


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