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Suspect faces felony charges after shots fired at 7th and Wright streets


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Wilmington Police arrested 20-year-old Kenzolis Le'meake Stukes after several people called 911 and ShotSpotter picked up gunfire just before 9 a.m. Sunday.

When officers arrived to the 700 block of 7th and Wright streets, they found two cars hit by bullets and found several shell casings.

Witnesses told police they saw a black man in dark clothing running with a handgun. Soon after, officers located a man matching this description near 6th and Dawson streets. They say the suspect had a small semi-automatic handgun in his pocket.

Stukes awaiting trial in the New Hanover County Jail under $25,000 bond. He faces two felony charges, including possession of a stolen firearm and carrying a concealed weapon. He is also accused of violating a city ordinance by firing a shotgun within city limits.

Lt. Fanta with WPD said Stukes claimed he was using the gun in self-defense.

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7th and wright is NOT

7th and wright is NOT CREEKWOOD its by the downtown area idiots they dont have curfew..i bet everybody thats big and.bad behind the computer is scared as heck to even through.creekwood...why do you think young black men get so much time for herion? Its because the white ppl are over dosing on it..these boys.make off your kids and family

But that location is easily within...

...a brief walking distance!

nice try

The only true fact in your post is that 7th & Wright isn't Creekwood and no curfew. But nice try attempting to put drug abuse in the laps of white people. Drug abuse knows no color, just like criminals come in all colors.

You need to learn some

You need to learn some reading comprehension. They said that he lives in Creekwood, not that the crime happened in Creekwood.

You can pull the "oh pitiful black people who are unfairly treated by 'The Man', all you want to. But the simple fact is that if those "boys" didn't commit crimes, then they wouldn't have to worry about the police.

Ol' Stukes here already has a conviction....

...for carrying a concealed weapon. Conviction date 1/07/2013, less than a year ago. Looks like he needs to learn a real lesson this time!
Wonder what reason he has to be continually carrying and firing a pistol? Awwww, damm, that's right...he lives in Creekwood! How stupid of me!


Please tell me this isn't true. Some momma's good little boy that never did nothing to nobody did this! It couldn't be true - another young black man using a weapon. The police are profiling again aren't they - NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How about giving this mans name.... we can find out if he is yet another convicted FELON "in possession of a stolen firearm".


After an actual act of self-defense, it seems like one would call in the attempt on your life. Especially, if you missed. At least he basically confessed, bye-bye, buddy.

"The suspect is charged with

"The suspect is charged with carrying a concealed weapon and possession of a stolen firearm." (Unquote)

They forgot to mention...
1. firing a weapon in city limits.
2. Almost breaking Curfew rules by a few hours. (but he was over 17 though...never mind)
3. Never reading about the Cease Fire (but that expired, didn't it?)
4. No auto insurance.
5. Expired tags.