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PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A fired New Hanover County Sheriff’s deputy has been charged with simple assault.

The Pender County Clerk of Court’s office says Reed Roberts was served Friday for an offense that happened Thursday, according to court records.

Friday Sheriff Ed McMahon fired Roberts a day after Roberts allegedly fired his Taser at a utility worker who had come to Roberts’s home in Pender County to restore electrical service.

Roberts is due back in court Dec. 10.

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  • guesty

    Good job Barney, not only did you flush your job down the drain, now you face a criminal charge. And possibly any tickets you have written and cases you were involved with may now be dismissed.

  • guestwho

    Scary this guy was ever a LEO with judgment like that.

  • Tom Byron

    All cops think like that, cops have always had a us vs. them mentality, but its been accelerated with the militarization of the local police forces since the late 90s.

    If you think the average cop gives one whit about your problems you probably think you can keep your doctor with Obamacare! Cops only think about themselves and what they can get away with.

    At least with Bloods or Crips you know what to expect, with cops you never know, they are unstable and dangerous, especially the ones being hired right out of the military after being in the arab wars. Unless you are affiliated through friendship blood or marriage, cops consider you as just another lying perp. Its just the ones who get caught abusing power that get attention, they all abuse their authority on an almost daily basis. If you deny this, then you live in Obamaville, not Realville.

  • John

    I admire the way you show your ignorance by stating “all cops think like that”. For the average reader I need not post this response due to them already knowing that you are a cop hater. But for those that share your opinion, ALL cops do not think that way.

  • Tom Byron

    Cops dont cross it. They are the biggest organized gang in the US. You are the ignorant one, living like a troll under a toadstool in Obamaville.

  • Guest2020

    I know a police officer whose brother turned out to be a dirty cop. The good officer rarely even speaks to his brother now. He didn’t only cross the thin, blue line, he crossed the blood line. Your blanket statement is what is ignorant.

  • Get this

    After reading your post, i can only think of one word. IDIOT!!!

    You are an idiot sir.


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