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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — New details on the traffic stop that ended with a Leland Police officer’s resignation last month. We now have the dashcam video that paints a clearer picture.

“Just remember: once you leave your jurisdiction you are just a normal citizen,” Sgt. Anthony Nathan is heard telling a Navassa officer on the video.

In the dashcam video, you can hear Nathan repeatedly questioning and at times belittling a Navassa officer making a traffic stop near the Leland town line.

“I am disappointed, because this was an officer that had a lot of experience,” Leland Police Chief Mike James said. “He had worked other agencies before he came here. He was an experienced officer, somebody that knows better.”

James says Leland and Navassa have a mutual aid agreement and Sgt. Nathan’s actions were out of line.

“We tell our guys that we work for the citizens,” James said. “It’s not the other way around, and we are going to do the right thing and we are going to work well with other departments.”

Chief James says this is not the first time Nathan has had an altercation over jurisdictional control with the Navassa PD.

“If you ask us for assistance, that’s a different story, but for somebody to go into another jurisdiction and start taking enforcement action is a problem,” Nathan said on the video.

Chief James says he has spent the past several years trying to erase the stigma associated with his department. He worries this latest incident will tarnish it.

“One of the things that Leland had a reputation of was not wanting to work well with other departments, and that’s one thing we have worked really hard to try and change that,” James said.

James says he will continue to make his department transparent so it can better serve the Town of Leland.

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  • Whit A

    Not that I doubt LEOs act like asses to the public or each other, so I’ll believe it when I see it. POST THE VIDEO, don’t just talk about it.

  • really?

    So this Officer was forced to resign after this incident. I agree what he did was wrong, thought it sounds like he was explaining to a rookie Navassa Officer about jurisdiction, he just went about it a really wrong way. Will someone explain this to me…… how is it this Officer was forced to resign but another Officer still has a job there after getting charged with DWI while in a patrol car? Sounds like the good old boy system in Leland is still alive and well.

  • Guest Reply Redux

    …For the smart mouth officer.
    At least he didn’t tell the other officer…”My Father can beat up your Father!”…or…”Your Mother’s so fat…they will have to have her funeral TWICE!!!”
    That would have opened a whole different can of worms, you know?

  • amber

    How is it that officer O’Connor who was charged with the DWI in his undercover vehicle is still with the department? What happened to that internal investigation? Doesn’t seem to be equal treatment.


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