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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Police say a man who hit several cars after leaving a Wilmington Hooters last night now faces multiple charges following his arrest in the Schaeffer BMW parking lot.

Lt. Obbie Blanton says the man was arrested just after 10:30 p.m. at the car dealership on New Centre Drive. He says it all started when the man, who was driving a Honda CRV, backed into a parked car when leaving the Hooters parking lot. That’s when Blanton says the man pulled out on Market Street, where he sideswiped a Jeep that was sent spinning out of control.

While the Jeep was spinning out, police say they believe it may have hit a curb, causing it to then collide with another car. Lt. Blanton says that crash sent the Jeep airborne before it flipped over the other vehicle.

The driver in the CRV continued driving on Market Street, and turned onto New Centre Dr., where police soon caught up with and arrested him at the BMW’s lot.

Police say one of the drivers that was hit was taken to the hospital for injuries from the crash. The driver who caused the multiple crashes faces charges for DWI, reckless driving, and no operator’s license. Lt. Blanton says he may also be charged with hit and run.

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  • guesty

    Why are people so stupid when it comes to drunk driving? Are they that selfish and don’t care about anybody else that they drive after drinking too much? There are so many solutions available to get home after drinking too much. Take a cab, call a friend, sleep in your car, have a sober driver. Don’t want to leave your car behind? Call a tow truck and pay 40-60 dollars to have you and your car taken home.

  • Guest2020

    I heard a group of people talking about how they like to go out and get drunk on the weekends. One of the people said that when she is going to a bar, she either calls a taxi or arranges for a friend to take her there so that she wouldn’t have the option of getting behind the wheel. More people should use a common sense approach like that.

    I never got the appeal of getting drunk. A few years ago I was at a concert at the pavilion in Raliegh. My sister had won tickets and we had lawn “seats”. People drank so heavily they couldn’t walk straight and I couldn’t even tell you how many bumped into my sister and me. I was thinking how we were going to have to be on the road with these people. And why get drunk at a concert when you’re not even going to remember half of it? I just don’t get it.

  • Guest Reply Redux

    Don’t forget guesty…(More check points/more patrolling of officers) too.

  • Guest Reply Redux

    You sure this wasn’t Criss Angel and another one of his tricks?
    He (Criss) levitated over the Hotel Luxor’s Pyramid building in Las Vegas a few years ago, and they found out he had helium filled underwear…after an FAA investigation that is.


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