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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A New Hanover County teacher arrested earlier this year and later indicted for drug possession has quit her job.

New Hanover County Schools spokeswoman Valita Quattlebaum says Catherine Elizabeth Entrocaso, 29, resigned Oct. 21.

An Alcohol Law Enforcement (ALE) agent pulled Entrocaso over for speeding May 23 on US 421 in New Hanover County. ALE Assistant Special Agent Jason Locklear said Entrocaso was arrested with 13 Adderall pills in non-prescription bottles without a label. Adderall is a stimulant, often prescribed for attention deficit disorder.

The school district suspended Entrocaso from her job as an English teacher at New Hanover High School five days after the arrest.

In August a New Hanover County grand jury indicted Entrocaso for possession of a schedule II drug.

Court records show Entrocaso is due back in New Hanover County Court Tuesday to face the felony charge.

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  • Bill OBrien

    Maybe she can get hired as an administrative assistant for the school district now…she has plenty of “outside job skills”.

  • Natchez

    The WPD is really doing a great job of taking dangerous felons off the road. Now everyone in the line of fire at Creekwood can rest easier. What a farce!

  • guest3367

    You sound like an idiot

  • law

    If she had a good lawyer she would have gotten off. I would have question why ALE searched her car.

  • Natchez

    I will be double-checking to make sure I don’t have any Tylenol in an incorrectly labeled bottle. While I understand this law, I think this arrest and subsequent handling of the arrest by the school system is the work of an overzealous police officer and school board. I’ve carried Tylenol and Zyrtec or Claritin in the same bottle many times to reduce clutter in my purse. Now, I learn that is a crime and my purse can arbitrarily be searched by an ALE officer, if he feels like it. None of it makes sense. Wish they’d take it to a jury.

  • guesty

    Tylenol, Zyrtec or Claritin are not controlled substances.

  • SYP

    You can carry all the tylenol, zyrtec, claritin, birth control, asprin,jelly beans,etc in anything you want, labeled or non-labeled. What you can’t do is have controlled substances in a non-prescription bottle with no name or someone else’s name on it.(any narcotic)

  • Guest2020

    The story doesn’t state whether or not the ALE had probable cause to search. They also don’t tell us if she gave them permission to search. If ALE did a search outside of those parameters, then the case should be thrown out due to her fourth amendment rights being violated.

    I tend to carry medicine in those little plastic pill boxes that you can get at the pharmacy. If anything happened to where I would be subject to a search, then I would be breaking the law. It was a pain taking a trip last year having to keep the medicines in their labeled bottles so that it wouldn’t cause a problem with the airport nazis.

  • bennie

    It’s hard for me to believe this case is still in the system and still proceeding as a felony. I feel bad for this young lady. There is so much other, more serious, crime in the community now. Of course, I don’t know all the facts of this case, but those facts which have been reported hardly demonstrate the need for this type of response.

  • Hope

    Another demonstration of Mr. Finn’s poor judgement in hiring and promotion.

  • Disgusted

    Because it is the principal’s job to babysit his employees after hours. Right? She obviously passed the criminal background check. Let’s continue to pull in the principal to every school system related story so that you can take shots at him, just like you did with the Markley story. I am disgusted with whomever this is. You will be judged at a higher level someday.

  • 9743

    I’m sure if this woman had a prescription for these drugs there would have been no problem and she could have gone on about her business even if they were in an unmarked/different container but I suspect something else was going on here, and so did WPD, they didn’t charge her just because they couldn’t find anybody else doing something wrong. Good work WPD!!!

  • Guest-o-matic

    While your basic point is correct. You’ll still be in for a huge hassle, just due to the fact that “pills” aren’t in their original bottles. My in-laws routinely put their meds in a daily dose divisible container, that is fully un-marked. They have blood pressue, cholesteral, blood thinners and other non-narcotic meds there. Many people use this method for daily dosage for multiple meds. These overzealous “Barneys” would think they’re getting a promotion for finding something like that.

    I seriously doubt this young woman has a criminal record or any history of drug abuse. With all of the violent felons that are continually realeased back into the law-abiding public, there is no valid reason why this woman had to be smeared so badly and to lose her entire career!

    I always try to support our LEO’s and expect their stategy to be prudent. I just can’t do that with this case!

  • Guest1851658

    This is a perfect example, based on what we have been told, why so many are losing respect for law enforcement. They seem to be turning into Nazis. We need protection from them, not by them.

  • Sherry Taylor

    I do believe that there is more to the story that she was just pulled over and searched, especially by the ALE. Regardless, if it belonged to her as a legal prescription or an immediate family member, I doubt that she would have been charged with a felony. I may be wrong but I don’t think so.
    As well, it is my opinion, that ALL teachers/staff in any county/state job be randomly drug tested. If it is good enough for a position such as mine, it should be even more so in these occupations.


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