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Troubles persist for NC's next driver's license


Associated Press

RALEIGH, NC (AP) -- North Carolina's efforts to create a more secure driver's license have hit roadblocks that could lead the state to spending millions of dollars with little to show for it.

The Division of Motor Vehicles and a Virginia-based subsidiary of a French company have been fighting for more than two years over a contract signed in 2010 for the state's Next Generation Secure License program. The licenses will include laser-embossed 3-D images of the driver and other anti-counterfeit measures to comply with federal license standards.

MorphoTrak was told to stop working on the project twice by the DMV, which said the company was not doing its part in the contract. DMV terminated the contract in September, but the cancellation has been delayed while the two sides try to work out differences.

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If we can't get a "secure" drives license I guess that means we can't get secure Voter ID's?????????


For pete's sake, what does a

For pete's sake, what does a "French" company have any business making NC driver's license, this is more of Perdue legend I assume.

The name Perdue is

The name Perdue is French...come to think of it. all will start getting junk mail in your mailboxes...from France!!!


No wonder so many in the Cape of Fear area drive without a license. They couldn't figure out what was what...and whom all was who all...Y'all.
Wasn't the age of computers invented to help? Oh yeah...people have to learn how to use them Pa.
What's France got to do with a US based DMV system? (The Division of Motor Vehicles and a Virginia-based subsidiary of a French company)??? Should have had a deal with would have cost less ;-O
Is this story reported correctly???

DMV is a total disaster from

DMV is a total disaster from the license plate agencies on up. I think the whole outfit is run by certified morons. It never seems to millions to replace perfectly good driver's license cards. Just the other day, a friend went to the plate office in Shallotte. He lives in Leland and was charged taxes for Bald Head Island. When he questioned it, he was told he would have to go to the Brunswick County Tax Office to get his money back.........Jeez......what a bunch of trolls.