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WILMINGTON, NC, (WWAY) — The State Bureau of Investigation is reviewing a recent arrest involving a K-9, as requested by Wilmington Police Chief Ralph Evangelous and District Attorney Ben David. 
During a checkpoint in the 1500 block of Market Street on Oct. 31, a suspect failed to stop. Police said the driver, Johnnie Williams, attempted to hit several of the officers with his car and then led them on a chase. The chase ended at the intersection of Castle Hayne Road and N. 23rd Street. 
A Wilmington Police K-9 Officer used his K-9 to try and stop Williams, which resulted in him getting hurt. The New Hanover County Sheriff's Department arrested Williams, who faces charges of four counts of assault with a deadly weapon on law enforcement, felony speeding to elude, along with numerous traffic violations.

Before being booked in jail, Williams was taken to the hospital for injuries he suffered from the police dog.

"We have asked the SBI to review this case because of the number of agencies involved in the pursuit and we want to make sure our officers followed proper procedure in assisting with this arrest", said Police Chief Ralph Evangelous.  "Bringing in the SBI will help to provide an objective review of the incident."
The K-9 Officer is currently on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

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  • Gramps1945

    Why shouldn’t he overrun the check-point, and lead the police on a deadly chase. He probably already has a dozen charges. Half the time, they get away. So what if he wrecks, or kills somebody? We never blame the thugs. My bet is…. He’s probably not even in jail right now. And the courts will give him another ‘slap on the wrist’.

    While every police officer involved is being investigated, up one side, and down the other.

  • 9743

    I wasn’t “everybody wants to blame the police” Tammy, it was Ralphie and Ben that called for the investigation, nobody else!!

  • Tammy

    Why is that every time one of these thugs get out there and break the law and gets hurt or killed everybody want to blame the police for the criminal getting hurt when the criminals are in the wrong to cause the police to be after them in the first place.They are out there fighting these thugs for our safety to keep our house from being broke in to and robbed by gun point killing every day hard working people because their sorry butts are to lazy to work.Leave the police alone,they are crap until you need them that is kinda hypocritical,when it comes to a officers life or a criminals life God Bless them both but I am rutting for the officer.

  • PublicAvenger

    Nobody likes being bit by a dog. A good ‘Rule Of Thumb’, is not to drive without a license, then attempt to strike(Kill) police officers with a car. Then resist arrest, when they try to apprehend you. Especially in that area, where there are a ton of woods.

  • Whatever

    Ask to see the video WWAY.. Not the one from the chopper. The SBI is reviewing it because an outside agency saw the video that’s not as flattering. A video that shows more. Ralph isn’t telling you the whole truth..

  • JL0223

    Personally he better be glad the dog got to take him down! Nothing said about it, did the dog get put on Admin Leave also? This is a joke! DumbA## ran, tried to run over officers, and then would not listen? He should have been used as the “Test Dummy” for the dog.

  • Guest2020

    The police dogs stay with their handlers, so when the handler got put on leave, the dog did also. The dog did his job. If I could afford it, I would by him a t-bone steak.

  • jl0223

    I would buy him one for a week!!!!!


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