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WPD: Shootout at nightclub may be retaliation after earlier dispute


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Police are investigating a shootout that happened just outside a Wilmington nightclub, where they say bullet holes were found in the side of the club's private building while customers were inside.

It happened just before 4:30 a.m. Wednesday when Wilmington Police got a call about a shooting at Mya's Club in the 3400 block of Wrightsville Avenue.

Police say investigators found multiple holes in the side of the building, and even more in the side of cars parked there. Police say though several customers were inside the club when the shots were fired, but no one was hurt.

Lt. Blanton with the Wilmington Police Department says investigators believe the shootout is likely some sort of retaliation related to a call they responded to earlier last night.

He says the first call police responded to was about a disturbance at the club. Blanton says other officers investigated the first call, but believes there was a dispute there before the shots were fired.

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Why is it still open. Shut down sketchy places

Why is it open??? Sketchy dark hangout a with a million cars outside. Must be operating without license


Whew. I thought we may have missed a night without a shooting. Thank goodness the "Thugs" are still keeping the residents on their toes.

Mischief at a club at 4:30

Mischief at a club at 4:30 am. Who would have thought?

They were celebrating....

...celebrating the results of the city council elections from yesterday. Two more years of getting by with more violence.
Celebrating like Yosemite Sam would do, in a Bugs Bunny cartoon.
Free drinks all around!

Why were they open at 4:30 in the Morning ?

Why were they open at 4:30 in the Morning and Why were there still Costumers inside so late ? Sounds Fishy to me...

Because this is a free

Because this is a free market society and a business is allowed to remain open as long as they want. A bar however may not sell spirits after 1:45-2 am but they are more then welcome to continue to earn a living and customers are allowed to contiue to support the business.

Get the facts straight

It's not a bar for starters nor club. It's sketchy as hell

You must have this place

You must have this place confused with a nursery school or something.......I guess they need to set up some basketball goals and have another cookout or two.

No more cookouts/etc...the

No more cookouts/etc...the elections are over now.
All is well in the garden.