FIRST ON 3: Man bitten by WPD K-9 tells his side of story

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Submitted: Fri, 11/08/2013 - 4:24am
Updated: Fri, 11/08/2013 - 3:52pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The SBI is investigating the involvement of a Wilmington Police K-9 in the arrest last week of a man who led officers from several agencies on a chase.

Now the suspect is talking about his injuries from the dog police used to get him out of his car.

“The skin was hanging like this before I went to the hospital that night,” Johnnie Williams said as he showed his injuries during an interview at the New Hanover County Jail.

Williams says he got six stitches on his cheek and a four-inch deep wound on his shoulder from the WPD K-9 that pulled him out of his car Nov. 1.

“There’s damage to my nerves,” he said. “I know there is, because I can hardly feel my left hand.”

The 42-year-old says he was not under the influence during the chase, but he would not say why he failed to stop at a checkpoint sparking the pursuit through the north side of town.

“Um, I can’t really. No,” Williams said. “There really isn’t anything I can really say.”

Williams says he was driving home from getting medicine for pain from a recent surgery.

Dash cam video from a New Hanover County Sheriff’s car shows Williams driving the wrong way down multiple one-way streets and even on the wrong side of the road at times. The chase lasted about 10 minutes before officers could stop the car and used a K-9 to get Williams from his car.

“Just look at the evidence and wait till the whole thing comes out,” Williams said. “Don’t prejudge me as a person.”

Now WPD has called in state investigators.

“We have asked the SBI to review this case,” Police Chief Ralph Evangelous said in a statement last night, “because of the number of agencies involved in the pursuit and we want to make sure our officers followed proper procedure in assisting with this arrest. Bringing in the SBI will help to provide an objective review of the incident.”

The K-9 officer involved in the arrest is on paid administrative leave as SBI investigates. The dog stays with the handler, so it is also on leave.


  • Richard D Beacham says:

    He got six stitches and say’s “The skin was hanging like this before I went to the hospital that night,” The two do not add up. Did the police stab him or was the dog actually a saber-toothed tiger. He is not a huge man but a 4 inch deep wound would have gone nearly clean through the man’s shoulder. If a canine tooth did the hole where he showed the camera, there would have to be two holes. Bottom line is this does not add up. Says he was not under the influence of anything, yet will not offer any explanation as to why he refused to stop anytime during the 10 minutes he drove around town trying to elude police, driving the wrong way on more than one street, running stop signs. Really can’t feel sorry for him.

  • jl0223 says:

    I wonder why you would even waste money, and time to interview this POS? He is a waste of air time, you guys at WWAY must be out of things to report on. Give him a band-aid, and tell him to whine to someone who cares!!

  • History says:

    What do you think the story would have been if they would have tased him or shot him? I am all out for the police offices using all the tools they have to protect themselves. I bet you would too if that guy had broken into your house or threatening your family. The problem is with people like you. You always think the police are the bad guys until you need them and then you will complain that they didn’t do enough.

    So, let’s think about this a minute. Police car behind you and blue lights come on. If you pull over the police office will be cautious, but he doesn’t think you are up to something. Now if you run from them they are very cautious and will take whatever means there is to protect themselves. You do the math…

  • 10101 says:

    Why else would Wilmingtonians keep putting the same idiots back into positions of “leadership”? Apparently, they’re only comfortable when being led by their same kind.

  • live in the city says:

    well did they take the k9 to the vet, for shots . theres no telling what kind of disease that k9 can get from williams

  • 1492 says:

    “Just look at the evidence and wait till the whole thing comes out,” … “Don’t prejudge me as a person” Williams said as he desperately tried to sway viewers to prejudge him favorably.

  • Tracie C says:

    Oh man, I laughed so hard listening to this guy I almost wet my pants. Really? So, multiple cop cars are chasing you for more than 10 minutes and you “didn’t have a chance to surrender”?
    I can’t believe the SBI has to waste their time on this.

  • nofaithnlaw says:

    What a freaking moron! This poor idiot is a victim! This goes to show you how little gray matter there is between his stupide ears! NONE!

  • Guest Reply Redux says:

    He went to the Vet…Vet gave him an MRI…2 days for results…Spot is fine playing “catch the stick” a lot in the back yard with his time off.
    Thanks for asking…but it was Ruff for him at first :-)

  • jl0223 says:

    We will not, Moron is more like it!!!!

  • Guest Reply Redux says:

    Did anyone ask this guy (Williams) if he was late for a City Council meeting, like the deal a couple of months ago, where the city guy didn’t stop for the officer for speeding…and the officer let him go (in a hurry)????
    Someone should ask Williams…maybe he will go free if he was going to a meeting…or he can just say he was. That works too!!!
    Maybe he was upset over your city election results too, and so was the Police Dog. That would require pain meds. It would!
    PS: A story so ridiculous as this guys is…and you air it?????

    WWAY…an Advertisement promo in your Solve Media box??? Come on now!!
    Next time use the clue…”XANAX”…or Gang members names that got shot :-O

  • Guest2020 says:

    The headline states that the man is going to tell his side of the story. If he was interested in telling his side of the story, he would give the reason as to why he fled. If I drove like he did after leaving the pharmacy, I would quickly wind up in the Intracoastal Waterway.

  • Sick of it! says:

    Oh whaaaa!!! I’m sick of these punks whining and crying about getting hurt or having “friends” killed by the police when they act like the narcissistic, selfish, ignorant people that they are. All I could think of while watching this guy drive recklessly throughout a residential neighborhood, in the dark, running stop sign after stop sign was, Thank God no one was injured or killed. All I could think of was a parent driving their kid home and being T-boned by this idiot. What do you expect the police to do when you have put their lives, not to mention every other citizen’s life and property in danger? Do you expect them to politely tap on your car window, smile and patiently encourage you to exit the vehicle? Do you really think they were going to tie up resources, block off streets and wait for you to decide to either get out of the car or continue with your antics, possibly killing someone? This is not a case where we should wait to pass judgment. Watching the dash cam more than proves that this guy has no place in society and deserves far more than some nerve damage caused by his own cowardliness! Keep up the good work WPD and NHSD. My thoughts are with you guys/gals daily!

  • Ok says:

    This guy has a history of putting his dog on people that have already surrendered ..I understand that the Brunswick Co dash cam shows a much different story ..why do you think SBI is involved ?

  • live in the city says:

    seens to me this town has alot of idiots in it,

  • CarolinaGirl says:

    We don’t have to “prejudge” you, moron. We can totally judge you by your actions – the things you’ve already done. We saw on cam what you did, you worthless d-bag. 1) FACT: You blew through a checkpoint. 2) FACT: You led LEO’s on a chase in order to attempt to elude them. 3) FACT: You purposely tried to injure/kill LEO’s by ramming them with your car. 4) FACT: You had plenty of opportunities to stop being an idiot. You refused them all.

    These are NOT the actions of a law-abiding, peace-loving citizen.

    And they’re most certainly not the actions of someone who deserves a 2nd chance. You certainly didn’t try to stop ANY of your attempts to kill LEO’s. Therefore, I hope you rot and die in prison, you cockroach.

  • Gramps1955 says:

    How much in medical and court costs will this selfish idiot cost the taxpayers ? Absolutely no remorse. And it looks like he’s trying to play victim, and squeeze a few bucks out of it.

  • RSmith says:

    The K9 and the Officer get a nice paid vacation for doing an excellent job! Sleep late, play catch in the yard, just make sure you enjoy the time off. Your reward for a job well done!

  • dknwilmnc says:

    I feel sorry for the K-9 he’s on desk duty

  • I Care Why says:

    Just when I thought criminals stooped to the lowest level ever, here comes another sliding under them all.

  • PublicAvenger says:

    This monster, just like Rashawn Hines, and Daniel Henry (17 year old killer of Cape Fear student). Have been featured, and interviewed on Channel 3.

    I think WWAY is the best. They actually give the citizens a peak, into the minds of these selfish, criminal, animals, the police have to deal with daily.

    This guy threatened the lives of hundreds of people, on the road, would not conform to police orders, cost the taxpayers thousands already.

    And is he even slightly remorseful ? Absolutely not. Just like the other two, he’s trying to come across as a victim, and looks like he hopes to get money, or ruin the life of a cop, who was just doing his job.

    A picture says a thousand words. And to show these guys. Absolutely no remorse, purely selfish. It gives us citizens, a true look into the sick, psychopathic, mind of these criminals.

    This great interview clearly shows a man who blasted through several stop signs, and could have easily killed or paralyzed someone, and he couldn’t care less. Just like the other two, he honestly sees himself as a police victim, who is being picked on.

  • WilmingtonTruthTeller says:

    That looks like a “Teardrop Tattoo”, under his right eye.

    A “Teardrop Tattoo” is “awarded” to a gang member, when he kills someone. To symbolize the last teardrop he will ever shed.

  • guesty says:

    Don’t run from the police next time.

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    You couldn’t have come up with a better description! That is so funny! Zipper head…LOL! That just about damaged MY nerves!

  • zebsaid says:

    “There’s damage to my nerves” he says. Well guess what zipper head, you and all the other thug life in town are on our last NERVE. I have no care for for these idiots. This man placed so many lives in danger, Law Enforcement and citizens by driving like a fool on our roads. Good job Officer K-9 and your four legged partner. Good job to all the officers that stopped this maniac from killing a family member or a friend when he was on the way home “from getting medicine for his pain”. Truth be known he was probably on the way home from smoking his crack for his habit or scoring his drug of choice…..

  • gramps1935 says:

    So what if……..
    Your vehicle was probably uninsured, and you probably had no license.
    You led them on a life threatening chase.
    You obviously refused to come out.

    Oh, he was in a hurry to get home, a “medical situation”. I guess they shouldn’t have bothered him. What a joke. Of course a dog bite hurts. So does a fatal car wreck. Not that he’ll pay for any of it, he’s probably “indigent”.

    Maybe next time, you might want to consider, driving legally, and obeying lawful police orders.

  • guest 757 says:

    Ok did he get the pain meds from the local pharmacy?? or the local dealer.. he should have just got out of the car.. and none of this would have happened..

  • deputy25 says:

    yawn! HO HUM, Ah next story please.

  • Shocked says:

    This guy clearly was breaking the law and refuses to accept responsibility for his actions that put the lives of everyone on the road in danger. This article is not news worthy, please stop trying to judge law enforcement in the news by giving criminals and law breakers media attention.

  • Tired of low life criminals says:

    What a disgrace, that an officer is under investigation for doing his job. Did this man flee a traffic check point, did this man Fail to Stop for blue lights, did this man endanger the lives of hundreds of innocent people, did this man do anything that deserves the sympathy of this community?
    The answer is NO to each.
    Now the Officer is under investigation for putting an end to the chase in the safest manner possible?
    Are you kidding me?
    That man showed he wasn’t going to follow commands when he first failed to obey the officer at the check point. He then continued to show disregard for the law and the safety of the community by driving recklessly for ten minutes, without once obeying any traffic laws.
    The K9 Officer then took command, using a tool that he is trained to use, and thus ending what could have been a deadly pursuit.
    Driving a three thousand pound car recklessly at high speeds on a busy Halloween Night is deadly force. The officer did not use deadly force, he used less than lethal force. He used a tool that possibly kept the man from trying to run the Police over, then allowing them to use deadly force(firearm’s) to stop him.

    All of that was averted by this Officers quick thinking and actions.
    Now we the taxpayers are waisting our money on a BS investigation.
    End the Investigation, get the Hero back to Work!

  • guesty says:

    From Tired of low life criminals: “What a disgrace, that an officer is under investigation for doing his job. Did this man flee a traffic check point, did this man Fail to Stop for blue lights, did this man endanger the lives of hundreds of innocent people, did this man do anything that deserves the sympathy of this community?
    The answer is NO to each.”

    No, the answer is yes, he did flee a traffic check point, Yes he did fail to stop, Yes he did endanger the lives of many. The only one that gets a No is does he deserve sympathy.

  • Max says:

    Police can’t win here. They use trained K-9 instead of guns and they still get the third degree. These criminals are poor victims. “it’s not my fault! I ain’t do nuttin!”
    whatever, dude. He could have killed someone driving like that, and all he cares about is the damage sustained due to HIS choice not to follow the law. I’m so sick of reading these headlines every day. Not one of these criminals or their families takes any responsibility for their actions. It’s the police’s fault, according to them. Then neighbors and by standards get caught in the crossfire. Round these people up and lock them away forever. Keep them off the roads and out of our city. That one guy earlier this week had 7 DUIs and killed someone!!!! What is wrong with the justice system to where they keep letting these people out on the streets? Put the addicts in mandatory rehab and the violent offenders on prison. Stop the cycle by removing their influence from our young people. Domestic terrorism at its finest.

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