Gang possibly targeting Wilmington police, says FBI

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Submitted: Fri, 11/08/2013 - 4:58am
Updated: Fri, 11/08/2013 - 6:20pm

By Adam Wagner

WILMINGTON, NC ( — Members of one Wilmington gang are “committed to engage in shootings,” possibly focusing on law enforcement, after the shooting death of Brandon Devone Smith, according to an FBI memo sent to the state’s police chiefs.

Smith was shot to death Oct. 13 by two New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office deputies and an ATF agent three days after allegedly firing on Michael Spencer, a member of the FBI Safe Streets Task Force and sheriff’s office detective, in Creekwood.

Spencer is recovering after being shot in the left leg. A Wilmington Police Department detective who was with Spencer when he was shot and who returned fire on Smith is still on paid administrative leave pending an internal investigation.

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24 Comments on "Gang possibly targeting Wilmington police, says FBI"

2015 years 8 months ago

why has the Governor not directed the head of Public Safety to create a multi-agency task force to be dispatched to Wilmington, and any other similar area with orders to seek and destroy gang bangers.

At the same time, reinstate public hangings as the method for dealing with pistol toting gang members. How tough will the first one be as he is walked up the stairs to the scaffold; placed on the hatch; black hood placed over head; and his family wailing about him being a misunderstood youth who was a loving family member? He’ll be sobbing as they place the noose around his neck.

2015 years 8 months ago

You win the award for longest run-on sentence ever. Here are some extra periods I had laying around, feel free to use some next time you post.

2015 years 8 months ago

I love how the gang bangers and the people that “hate cops” are out there telling the world that “I know that cop was shot by the other officer… I know this… I know that….. The cops are bad… this guy was innocent…. blah blah blah… Shut UP already…. Your people are destroying this city… Your PEOPLES is not “GOOD KIDS”…trust me… if your people keep this up… tourists will quit showing up… no tax money… you have no where to sleep and nothing to eat…

Fed up
2015 years 8 months ago

How could the officer hit the front inside of his leg when he was behind him ? Brandon turned and shot hitting that officer plain and simple. He had no value of the life he was trying to take, he just didnt want to get caught with the drugs he was selling.

dont matter
2015 years 8 months ago

people of wilmington and the wpd there is bad eveywhere there are cops that do things by the book that is a good thing i know for a fact that there are wpd cops that should be took off the force the wpd cheif should revew all wpd officers or the city should they are driving the wpd cars home they did not drive them there to get the job they spead home they have gps on these cars off work in leland wrecking cars going to wrecks calling tow companys to come get the wrecked cars instead of the rotation list its true some cops even know of the crimes before they happen and dont care i really think the sbi should look into this as far as people doing the crimes they do it life it is not going to stop till we get real cops that care y0u dont hear the sheriff dept putting up with it i hope and pray that soon he takes over the whole city then it will be a better place peace too the familys for there loss i hope and pray that you sue the city all the money they have love allways and may god be with your familys to the cops that shot may you walk the earth with a restless soul