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Police officer shoots breaking and entering suspect


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The State Bureau of Investigation is on the scene of a shooting, after Wilmington Police opened fire on three breaking and entering suspects.

It started at 5002 Lamp Post Circle. A person inside the home called 911 to report someone was breaking in. According to police, three black males kicked in the door and pointed a gun at the resident. The men then ran out the door and through a wooded area on Lullwater Drive.

Officers responding to the call spotted a gold Cadillac with three males fitting the description of the suspects. Police say the driver refused to stop and tried to run over the officers. Officers say that's when police opened fire and hit one suspect in the leg. That suspect was treated at New Hanover Regional Medical Center for minor injuries.

He is in police custody with the other two suspects.

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Its time....

Ok, they talked too much, were too lenient, got shot, and even brought the churches in on the whole mess. But you wanna be mutt thugs went and POKED THE BEAR!

Who gives a crap how lenient some magistrate or judge will be! Give them a reason to defend themselves and the rest of us! PLEASE give them a reason!


Oh yeah, work on your aim.

Lot of criminals getting

Lot of criminals getting shot these days. I hope innocent bystanders do not get caught up in a shootout. WPD needs to get to the shooting range quick.

Who is Committing Violent Crime in Downtown Wilmington

Please excuse me for asking this question, but I think it needs to be asked:

Are young black males the ones that are committing the most violent crimes in Downtown Wilmington?

If you know the statistics based on race, please print them. Or where can I find the statistics?

The reason I ask is that every day I read about crimes in the downtown area, and the criminals nearly always are identified as young black males.

My neighbor has told me that I am wrong, that ALL races commit about the same number of violent crimes in Wilmington.

Crime by race

I'm afraid that your neighbor is very much mistaken; violent crime is not committed equally by race. To not acknowledge that black youths are responsible for the majority of crime in Wilmington is a sad liberal lie. Why are we afraid of facing reality? Do you (we) fear being labelled a racist? Being called a racist is a great way of stifling productive debate. But labelling people racist fosters the illusion of normalcy amongst blacks.

Over the last 2 or 3 months

Over the last 2 or 3 months young black males are committing the majority of violent crimes downtown but I am sure young white males(or whatever race) are committing just as many in the county. The crimes may not be as violent. Maybe the other races just aren't committing any crimes this year. Stats would help.

Home Invasion

This is why I just purchased a 12 guage security shotgun. You may break my door down and walk in, but you will fly right back out. No questions asked, although I doubt you will be able to answer any.

Rule Of Thumb

I don't care how black, or white, you are.
It is a dumb idea to break into a house, with a gun, then try to kill police officers, as you try to escape. Don't do it.

When you do things like this, you leave the officer, no other choice. It's the officers duty to apprehend, and common sense, to defend his life.

Verbal commands, open handed force, spray, and a K-9, are no longer options, at this time.

Sayonara, punks.

Sayonara, punks.

The perfect reason to keep a 12ga pump handy!

Three black males (oh, racist me!) kick in someones door in the middle of the brazen! This is the very reason every homeowner should keep that 12ga pump handy. It would save the police a lot of time looking for them and it'd save some prison space too! Nothing but a win-win here!

When we have violent thugs willing to be this brave to break into some random persons property and commit armed robbery, the prudent citizen needs to insure he and his family are properly prepared snd protected. This is becoming a very serious and "nightly" occurring problem.

Just remember, when your life depends on the next few seconds, the police are only minutes away...

THANK YOU, WPD, thank you!

Wonder if any of your tax dollars are at work on something that's TRULY worthwhile? This news story confirms it. Thanks to WPD officers, more worthless scum is off the streets for a while.

Next up to prove their worth is the DA's office. DO NOT let us - the public citizens you serve - down at this crucial juncture. DO NOT allow these idiots back out onto our streets. More often than not, it's the judicial portion of our legal system that lets us down. Don't believe me? Check out public records. You can request to see who was arrested and why. You'll discover that the police officers and the deputies are doing their jobs. They're diligently working to make arrests. And for those of you who fall into the mental slug category, let me just stop you right here before you say something that will cause you to embarrass yourselves. NO - they are NOT out making frivolous arrests. To do so would undermine public perception of those who work in public safety, and there is absolutely NO reason why ANY department would ever want to do that.

So now it's up to you, judges and attorneys. You can choose to sell us all out in the name of expediency or laziness, or you can do the job for which you're being paid, and that is to uphold our laws. Repeat offenders...criminals who are repeat's up to YOU, judges and attorneys to put an end to that kind of behavior. That means NO dismissing and NO pleading down.

You are 100% correct! That is exactly where the problem lies!

The police work hard and put their lives on the line to keep scum like these men off the streets. The judges, the DA's and the wormy slime, ambulance chasing attornies put them right back out on the street...over and over and over again!

Way to go

Although they seem to need more practice on their aim.


A vehicle coming at you trying to run you down. A windshield and possibly a car body which would have to be penetrated by a round and would, in all possibility, severely affect it's trajectory. Have you ever worked in law enforcement and/or fired a gun? It's one thing to stand on a firing line with several other officers and put a nice little grouping in the center mass of a paper target. It's quite another when you're adrenaline is pumping while a vehicle full of felons tries to run you down. Try it sometime.

Good job WPD.

Let me see..... Suspected

Let me see.....
Suspected armed burglars, refusing to submit to lawful arrest, an attempt to kill the officers. If the officer did not fire, I believe we could be reading about another slain officer.

Ok let's hear how great

Ok let's hear how great these guys are, how racist the cops are and how unjustified this was. We're sick of it, WPD is sick of it. You're blind and/or ignorant if you don't see it and anything you say is meaningless. Fix your "community" or get shot and/or killed. Wilmington is Little Texas at this point, this will not continue to happen here. You don't like it? MOVE! Sick of this.

one out of three is fairly

one out of three is fairly good, but looks like they could have made it three for three.

if I read correctly

there were multiple officers responding. Only 1 of 3 intruders shot; and that was in the leg.

Sounds like some target plinking is in order.

Excellent work by Law Enforcement

Thank you for putting yourselves in harm's way to protect your community. I am proud of the WPD!

I wished the homeowner would

I wished the homeowner would have blown these punks away.

People that terrorize

People that terrorize others, break the law and put lives at risk need to understand that they cannot continue without the risk of being shot and killed themselves.