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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Two Wilmington Police Officers are on paid administrative leave as the SBI investigates another officer-involved shooting in the Port City last night.

WPD spokeswoman Linda Rawley says around 6:50 last night police responded to a breaking and entering call at 5052 Lamp Post Circle, where Anthony Bernard Brown said three men kicked in his backdoor and pointed a gun at him.

Officers found the suspects sitting in a gold Cadillac parked off Lullwater Dr. When officers approached the vehicle Rawley says they gave the suspects several commands and ordered them to show their hands. She says the suspects refused to follow the commands and drove at the officers. Two of the officers fired several shots at the vehicle. One of the suspects, Jhahie Dunham Mitchell, 20, was shot in the foot. He was treated for minor injuries and released from the hospital into police custody.

Mitchell, Derrick Anthony Hayes, 19, and Gerrod Rashon Hughes, 19, all of Wilmington, are charged with conspiracy robbery with a dangerous weapon, attempted first-degree burglary and two counts each of assault with a deadly weapon on a law enforcement officer. All three are in the New Hanover County Jail under $300,000 bond.

Police have also charged the victim in the case with multiple drug charges after searching his home and finding drugs. Brown, 40, is charged with possession with intent to sell & deliver schedule VI, felony possession of marijuana, maintaining a dwelling and possession with intent to sell & deliver within 1,000 feet of a daycare. He is in the New Hanover County Jail under $100,000 bond.

No officers were injured in the incident. The State Bureau of Investigation has been called in as part of the agency’s standard procedure with any officer involved shooting. Both officers are on paid Administrative Leave pending the outcome of the investigation. WPD has not released the names of the officers involved.

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  • tke1

    No one has ever said cops “never hurt anybody”. I suppose you think that when someone deliberately drives a vehicle at a cop he is supposed to just stand there and hope the crooks change their minds as they get close. When people fail to obey lawful orders of the police, they are inviting a bad outcome.
    Maybe things would be better if the cops had the option of saying “OOOH, this looks scary! Someone might get hurt or we might have to hurt someone. Let’s just go away.”

  • guesty

    They are all good guys and never hurt anybody.


  • Guest28451

    Thankfully the officers were not injured. Great job in capturing these 2 men along with the drug dealer! More money for tax payers to pay to house them in jail but it’s better than them being on the street. Raise your children right people! The suspects are still babies. It starts in the home!

  • Guest1221

    I think Guesty was being facetious.. I took Guesty’s comment as mocking all the families/friends of the thugs who come out in full force to trumpet and tout “they are good boys and never caused any trouble…”

  • guesty

    I was referring to the criminals, not the cops. I wish the officers had fatally shot all 3.

    Perhaps you have missed on EVERY single story on WWAY about the police dealing with criminals some family member of one of the criminals gets on spouting out what a good guy he was.

  • guesty

    Thank you.

  • tweety13

    No one expects the police or anyone to stand in front of a moving car.
    Still a jacka@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ss.

  • N/a

    First off I do know one of them, not the one carrying the gun and it’s safe to say he is a good kid and this was his first time ever getting into trouble he just got caught up in the wrong crowd and yes I understand that his actions were wrong but who are you to judge another human being as if you aren’t a sinner like the rest of us. We live and we learn from our decisions everyday and I truly hope he has, he now knows jail isn’t a joke. As times get worst I strongly suggest that instead of judging others, you make sure that your living right and make it to the place we all dream about. God bless

  • kzpony

    Perhaps this is what the thug gangs want…they know that if an officer shoots, they have to go on paid leave while the powers that be determine if it was “justified”. The more officers that are forced to use gun power to fight this frightful blight on our city, the more are essentially pulled from active duty for a time.

    Good job Officers….we appreciate your sacrifices and for trying to take back our city. You put yourselves in harms way just to be judged when you take action against these gun toting thugs.

  • Stephen

    Good job WPD but if these crimes keep happening, half the WPD will be on paid leave lol.

  • PublicAvenger

    Another great job by the Wilmington Police Dept. It’s procedure to put them on leave, so they can recover. I hope they relax, and understand that the law abiding citizens are proud, and grateful, for the way they have handled themselves in recent life threatening situations.

  • Speaking Out

    Great show of force WPD! I will pray that none of the men and women in law enforcement get hurt, but like I read on a recent post “we are at war” and I am on the side of the good guys. Please stop telling us how unfair the criminals are being treated, the citizen of Wilmington are sick and tired and are going to back our officers all the way!!

  • Margaret

    End prohibition and stop the flow of money that buys them the guns and the ammo the gold Cadillac’s
    Without money from drug sales,young men like this would have to get an honest job.
    Or starve.
    And don’t tell me they will just resort to stealing-some will, but without drug money, they will be doing it unarmed and without a car. Its hard to carry a gun safe from Castle Hayne to the pawn shop.

  • Grateful

    Thank you Wilmington Police Officers for risking your lives to protect our community!!


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