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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Cub scouts with Wesley United Methodist Church collected food this weekend to donate to several Winter Park Elementary School students who spend most weekends hungry.

Scouts left empty bags on doors last weekend, and picked up the donations this weekend.

“These children will hopefully have enough food to provide for them and their family so when they do come back to school on Monday morning, they have been well fed,” said Pack 226 Cub Master Matthew Collins.

Pack 226 gathered over 1,500 pounds of food. The scouts plan to collect more donations for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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  • guesty

    Notice in parks in bear country they have signs warning people not to feed the bears because they will associate people with getting food and will then expect it. They lose the drive to hunt and forage because it is just given to them. These people are now like bears.

  • Bdhdhfhhf

    Here’s an idea!!! Keep crying about it, that should solve everything! Yep, nothing like a crying blowhard to fix a situation. So much gets accomplished screaming on that soapbox of yours! Keep up the good work!!

  • Guest2020

    Your compassion is astounding. With the poor economy and the lack of jobs, it is a bit harsh to want to deny kids an opportunity to eat. I guess you would rather they just be hungry all the time and suffer the illnesses that happen because of a lack of nutrition.

    There was a kid that went to school with my daughter. On paper, the boy’s father made too much money for him to get a free or even reduced lunch. The mother had cancer and their money went towards paying her medical bills and to pay for her funeral. He didn’t have money for lunch. I don’t reckon he or his family were “unmotivated, entitled feeling individuals”.

    I have an aunt who suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of a car accident. She was not able to work. Her husband left her with two kids. She remarried and the second husband died they had one child together. I am glad her children had a way to eat at school, because they were dirt poor and not guaranteed a meal at home. My cousins weren’t “unmotivated, entitled feeling individuals”.

    You know, it’s rather funny that you, a former teacher, would accuse someone of being an entitled feeling individual. Teachers have that same sense of entitlement. Teachers think that they are entitled to raises although their salaries are above the average in North
    Carolina. Teachers think they are entitled to keep their job regardless of how poorly they do their jobs. Teachers think that they are entitled to be free from competition in the workplace.

  • Amy Blanford

    I am sick to my stomach reading all of these ridiculous comments on this story. The cub scouts are reaching out to those in need. Believe it or not, there are hungry people all over the world, not just in Africa. I can’t believe that you all have the heart to even say that they don’t deserve a nice warm cooked meal. Every family has their own situations that they have to live with. I am a lucky 26 year old woman with a daughter that attends Winter Park and do not need the assistance that these young boys are providing; however, my heart aches for those in need. A lot of the families in need are the ones that typically bust their butts still only making minimum wage because that is all that is out there in this economy. To the former teacher whose boy helped contribute….if you have such a huge problem with what they were doing, why didn’t you take the donations to the homeless shelter then?? Also, THANK GOD you are no longer a teacher…your the scumbag that would take a kids lunch for talking at the table. I hope you will open your eyes a bit wider and see that no family is perfect and that children do not need to suffer because of it. I believe you need get your sins washed away as well. Go enjoy your perfect little life eating ribeyes everynight. I applaud your son for doing whats right and feel bad that he has to put up with you!! Just sayin..

  • You know who…

    God bless your sweet heart lippit!

  • jasssds

    I agree with Guest 350. Sick and tired of all the handouts these unmotivated, entitled feeling individuals receive. They always have their grubby hands out wanting and expecting more, more, more! My son is one of these Scouts, I for sure, would rather see the food donations go to people who really deserve the help such as our many senior citizens living on barely nothing. If you can’t take care of your kids, stop procreating and contributing to sociatal problems. These kids, no doubt, are getting FREE lunch and breakfast at school. I know, I am a former teacher.

  • Guest350

    Why are kids going hungry on weekends? This implies they only eat at school. Why are parents not held accountable? What are they doing with their grocery/food stamp money? Why does Social Services not do something? While it is commendable the scouts care enough to help, this situation should not exist to begin with.

  • nc123456

    Im now 29 but as a child and teen I was to close to hunger. My mother did her best but there were many times I didnt get meals ( she would become sick from not eating) Dont think its a life that you would never have…I never thought at 8 I would be homeless, but it does go on at no fault of the parents. But thank you to the many people who helped my mother and myself. IM not a system seaker, I now work for no pay with many charities and recieve no goverment help..but sorry to those who feel like we shouldnt of recieved help while I was a child.

  • Elizabeth A Owens

    I am all for less government, but how heartless can you be? That you would deny food from a food bank, food that is donated of people’s own volition, is just above and beyond the height of stinginess.


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