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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A week after they marched through the streets following the same path government leaders took during the race riots of 1898, church leaders and members of the community joined together at the Central Missionary Baptist Church in Wilmington.

Church leaders and members of the NC Black Leadership Caucus hosted a candlelight vigil to honor and remember the 1898 Massacre.

“The things that had to happen for us to get where we are, we should remember it,” said church member and minister Cynthia Smith. “But we should move forward and reverse the curse. Things have changed, people have changed.”

Organizers say poverty, violence, and murder can all be traced directly and indirectly to our Wilmington’s racial past.

“When you think about the affluence of the African Americans at that time and that affluence being taken by force, it has left a legacy of generational poverty in our community,” said New Beginning Christian Church Pastor Robert Campbell.

They hope remembering and learning from 1898 can bring the community together and “Reverse the Curse” once and for all.

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9 Comments on "‘Reverse the Curse’ continues through a candlelight vigil"

2015 years 10 months ago

In a period of time where it looks like Sherman tanks and the Battleship North Carolina are needed to safely navigate Wilmington streets, due to gang violence centered around the African-American community, you are marching for what? People who reason with a total lack of objectivity and reason scare me.

2015 years 10 months ago

Yet once again, just one week after the latest march, “leaders” in the Black community are trotting out the 1898 race riot. By unofficial count, that’s about the gazillionth time this year it’s been used. Why do they keep going back to this particular well and nothing else? Because they’re addicted to it.

Like any other addiction, it provides a temporary feeling of well being, not to mention that it’s just so much easier than really dealing with whatever problems are actually on hand.

– Don’t have a genuine solution to the problems that are apparently endemic to so many members (not all) of today’s black community? … Just keep repeating the mantra “poverty, violence, and murder can all be traced directly and indirectly to our Wilmington’s racial past” … There, it’s not our problem, it’s someone else’s fault.

– “that affluence being taken by force, it has left a legacy of generational poverty in our community” … Well there you go, a “legacy of generational poverty”; nothing we can do to fix that, that kind of stuff is forever!

– “They hope remembering and learning from 1898 can bring the community together” … Yep, nothing brings an entire community of all ethnic groups together better than bringing up a race riot from 1898 over and over and over again.

– “Reverse the Curse” … Without a doubt, one of the cleverest uses of misdirection I’ve heard in a long time. It translates into: Hey, it’s a curse from the past; someone else did this to us. That’s why we’re not doing the right things now.

I can understand why black leaders are propagating this kind of nonsense. It just feels so darned good compared to actually addressing the issues of today. It’s addictive.

Common sense dictates that when I’m driving a car I spend most of my time looking through the windshield to determine where I’m going so that I can make the decisions necessary for a successful journey. That same journey will be less than successful if I keep trying to use my rear view mirror as my windshield.

You can not continue to successfully move forward by constantly looking backwards. You also can’t provide any meaningful leadership by attempting to “lead” from behind.

2015 years 10 months ago

Absolutely one of the best responses and analogies to date.

Black Flag
2015 years 10 months ago

to bad it will fall upon deaf ears. Not only does it apply here, but other people as well. How about a fun song!

Gimme gimme gimme
I need some more
Gimme gimme gimme
Don’t ask what for

Sitting here I’m a loaded gun
Waiting to go off
I’ve got nothing to do
But shoot my mouth off

Gimme gimme gimme
I need some more
Gimme gimme gimme
Don’t ask what for

You know I’m gonna go out
Get something for my head
If I keep on doing this
I’m gonna end up dead

Gimme gimme gimme
I need some more
Gimme gimme gimme
Don’t ask what for

2015 years 10 months ago

Their affluence is not being taken. They are freely giving it to the government and race hucksters like Sharpton.

beach guy
2015 years 10 months ago

How is this anyone’s fault that is alive today? The tax payers have spent over a trillion dollars since 1964 to try and give everyone an equal chance at a better life. And this is what they get for their efforts? This showboat mentality from a local church pastor that gets more on air advertising than any community effort put forth to help people, someone needs to put their foot down and let the whole world know that unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated from any demographic regardless of what excuse is used to justify it.
This blaming of everyone else but the one’s committing these crimes has got to stop if we ever want to have any peace.
The excuse of slavery and the 1898 riots is paper thin when you consider the amount of effort and money spent trying to improve the lives of the persons effected. How about parents teaching their kids that yes, this happened and it was a sad chapter of history but you cannot let this effect your responsibility to be a productive citizen.
Besides this was a over hundred years ago if you follow the vein of thought of this group Germany should be financially responsible for the health, housing and education of every poor person in Israel because without the Nazis and their extreme racial hatred there would be no Israel. The Jewish personage of Europe were enslaved and then systemically executed but you do not see them making excuses for anything.

2015 years 10 months ago

How many were killed in this massacre? And who were the white families involved? Are their descendants still living in Wilmington?

2015 years 10 months ago

the pastor Robert Campbell is just a trouble maker, making the gang violence some how “Whitey’s” fault. maybe he needs to look at himself and ask what am I not doing to prevent this in our neighborhoods

White Privilege Hell Bound
2015 years 10 months ago

Some whites hate when blacks bring up the past. Especially, when it places whites in a bad light. Let the past be the past? It happened over 100 years ago right? What is the purpose of teaching children history if the past is no longer relevant? Why do so many southern whites still proudly display the confederate flag if the past should remain in the past? Move on right? One of the strongest predictors of your future is your past. Stop picking and choosing which part of our past is relevant and which is not not. Hate runs deep in Wilmington, NC. Many of the blacks in Wilmington have a “stuck and content” mentality. Far too many whites have a “white privilege” mentality. The past is why Wilmington is in the state it is today. Only equality will bring forth change. Whites must realize that they are no better than anyone else and when they stand before God they will be judged. How many whites in Wilmington can say they have treated all men, including blacks the way they want themselves and children to be treated? I assure you not many can. I don’t care how many times you have been to church and how saved you are, treating others poorly will be your ticket to hell. White privilege must be banished in order for a diverse community to thrive. If your blood boils when someone mentions the past that is called guilt. Pray on it. Pray that your ancestors aren’t burning too bad in the heat of hell for the “past” sins they committed. I know you probably don’t see killing blacks as a sin but God doesn’t care about your misty vision. You still have time to change. Do it while you can or you will burn with them. Blacks have a whole list of their own problems associated with being 2nd class citizens for so long. Yes they can move forward too and be better citizens. They can go to college and move right next door to whites. Think about what you feel after reading that last sentence. All of a sudden you don’t want them doing that I would imagine. White privilege =hell bound. If you don’t know what “white privilege” is google it. You may see your face.


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