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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Days after Super Typhoon Haiyan slammed through the Philippines, many people are still without power, food and water are scarce and medical supplies are quickly running out.

But with communications finally back up in some areas, we were able to Skype with one Filipino woman who works for a North Carolina company about the ordeal.

Gemma Fullon was one of the lucky ones. She says the storm only caused minor damages to her home in Iloilo. Others were not as fortunate.

“Some of our friends were affected because they live near the river, and it overflowed,” Fullon said. “So the water went as high as the thigh area.”

Fullon says the morning the storm hit the weather was so calm you would not have guessed a storm of this size was about to make landfall. But she says by afternoon, the wind became very strong, and by nightfall the heavy rain began.

“The wind was very strong, and the trees, some of the trees were (bent),” Fullon said. “Some fell down in the streets, and some of the houses here, their roofs were flipped.”

She says the aftermath of the storm is devastating for the Philippines.

“You see dead bodies in the streets, and then there is no medicine. There’s no food,” she said.

But Fullon says communities are coming together to help one another.

“The good thing about Filipinos is we work hand in hand. We help each other recover,” Fullone said.

She says her family has already donated food, water, and clothing to those in harder hit areas, but she says more help is needed.

If you having trouble finding your family in the Philippines, you can contact your local American Red Cross chapter to start a tracing case. Officials say many phone lines are still down, but with communications being restored in some areas, they say it’s important to keep trying.

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