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NAACP calls for investigation into 'excessive force by police' in New Hanover Co.


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- North Carolina NAACP President Rev. William Barber says he believes street justice is overtaking courtroom justice in Wilmington. Now the civil rights group is calling for change.

During a news conference today, Barber called for the state to investigate recent officer-involved shootings in New Hanover County that killed three people. This morning he took his concerns to local leaders.

Barber came to the port city tuesday to deliver a letter calling for immediate action regarding what he calls "excessive force" by officers.

"The NAACP is concerned with the pattern of street justice rather than courthouse justice that emerges from the study of these four cases," Barber said.

District Attorney Ben David says there is a problem with street justice in Wilmington, but in a different way.

"In the sense that there are young men shooting and killing each other and then failing to report it when we are asking them the questions on who is doing it. They are engaging in what we call stop snitching culture," David said. "I don't believe that is happing with the police taking the law into their own hands."

Barber specifically mentioned the shooting death of Brandon Smith, who was wanted for shooting a deputy. The SBI's investigation into the October shooting by two New Hanover County Sheriff's deputies and an ATF agent led the District Attorney to decide the shooting was justified and no criminal charges should be filed.

Barber did not want to answer specific questions about each case or the months of gang violence that have plagued Wilmington. He did say the NAACP is concerned officers are becoming "judge, jury and executioner."

"We appreciate the NAACP's interest and concern of the recent officer involved shootings involving multiple agencies in the region in response to increased gang violence," Wilmington Police Chief Ralph Evangelous said in a statement. "We will continue to use every available resource to provide transparency, truthfulness and quality investigations for the Wilmington Police Department and the citizens of Wilmington.

"We welcome the opportunity to speak with the NAACP and those interested in the wellbeing of our community. We further solicit their support and input on reducing the black-on-black crime in our community that has led to the incarceration and victimization of a growing number of citizens in the City of Wilmington."

New Hanover County Sheriff Ed McMahon also said in a statement, "I have always requested that the SBI investigate any officer-involved shooting. Chief Evangelous and I are committed to share resources and work together to provide a safer community."

The NAACP wants the public release of police reports regarding these incidents. They also want an independent citizens' police review board, as well as a meeting with the DA, mayor and police chief to talk about some of the organization's concerns.

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Excessive Force ?

Please, Mr. So-Called "Reverend", explain the "excessive force". For if there was "excessive force", that would, indeed, make the law enforcement officers, criminals.

Apparently, you and the SBI, have two completely different conclusions. Of course, they base theirs on investigation, and fact. What factors did you use. What evidence do you have to reach your completely opposite conclusion ? Your racial hatred, and narrow mindedness ?

Why don't you, and your group, attack the "excessive force" used against a Chinese delivery driver, or a white college student, robbed and murdered, by groups of black attackers ?

Is it so hard to believe?

Is it so hard to believe that some of the police might be guilty of using excessive force and might engage in behavior that could be considered criminal? Should not police be held accountable if that is the case? Attackers and murderers should be prosecuted to the highest extent of the law, regardless of color, status or position held, but we know in America that the rules don't apply the same if you are black. The field that I work in testify to the case that ppl of all races commit crimes, use drugs, sell and transport drugs and receive some sort of subsidized or public assistance..but as usual, some whites want to continue to perpetuate the myth that police dont profile, and that whites dont commit as many crimes and represent a large part of the population that use public assistance. Whites dominate the prison system despite the fact that blacks are over represented for being a minority within the population. AS usual SOME white people continue to whitewash the facts to further deflect form themselves the truth that ppl of all colors are guilty of wickedness.

Just like it is hard for

Just like it is hard for blacks to accepts that they are not above the law,when they get out there acting like thugs robbing and beating people who are working hard trying to make a living,you sit on here talking crap about the cops but just as sure as you are sitting there typing if you were robbed at gun point or beat for your phone,or someone you love was killed by one of them then you would be saying they are not doing there job,until you walk in their shoes day in and day out dealing with drug addicts and thugs beating and robbing people,you are one to talk about people being people when you one here talking crap about all white people,you are one pathetic human,i dont care what color you act just like them thinking you are above any,but when your house is broke in or your car stolen or you are robbed or beat getting out of your car I hope to know when you call the police,that it is one of these officers that you so blutly sit here talking crap about could be one that says your life.if the shoe fits wear it,you are just as bad as the thugs.

Less then 3 dozen people.

Less then 3 dozen people. And I bet half, are family members, and baby-mamas, of Brandon Mitchell, and the Armed Robbers

This so-called "Reverend" is

This so-called "Reverend" is as hate-filled, and racist, as a member of the KKK. We don't need any demands from this guy. The last thing a law enforcement officer needs to think about, is skin color. Especially when they confront a armed robber, drug dealer, or someone trying to run over them, with a vehicle.

The NAACP is just as "Anti-Racist", as this guy is, a non-fat, fair-minded, Christian minister.

"And Mr. NAACP President,

"And Mr. NAACP President, what are you doing to help explain or stop the violence of black on black crime"? "Omm, no more questions, we are out of time". Yeah, run from the real problems but put blame on others for your stupidity.

This kind of outlet or free

This kind of outlet or free for all, to rant and rave about differences in opinions sheds light on and fuels the racist community.

Make the call...

Make the call to the Rev. Al Sharpton and the Rev.Jesse Jackson. They will get the answers we lookin fo!!!


I was watching a broadcast on cable TV day before yesterday about when the Vikings were all but ruling the European world. And do you know folks what they did to WHITE people in Europe all the way to the Slavik part of the world?
Yep, made them slaves. And that is where the word SLAVE comes from the word Slavik. Also in many broadcast I have seen where over the past black communities in Africa captured other tribes and made them slaves same with South America inhabitants. Also Indians in the early Americas and other whites did this to their own from other communities. As in the Viking conquest usually the "attractive" women were put in harems and many of the stronger men were castrated and used for the heavy duties etc. But you know what is different here? My ancestors in Europe have not laid around hollering how we were misused as slaves for so long. As history past many eventually came to America as Indentured Servants and were not allowed to learn to read or write but were able when owned by a fair owner to work their way to freedom. However if the owner was not fair he/she could keep them under their rule forever. But that is where a difference came into play. Instead of lying back and screaming injustices all the time against us the poor whites worked and moved on with life instead of expecting to be given "special" rights for being misused and abused. No I am not upholding any whites that had slaves back in the early days of the USA but look at History folks. The USA was NOT the only country doing this. It was world wide. Not only that it was blacks in Africa that helped capture their fellow black people to sell and became rich too. But it seems to me that here in the USA the blacks don't want to give it up and want to keep slavery alive! Many blacks in the USA have it like they want it in they just hold on to screaming how unfair they were and are treated. Yes you were in the past as were my ancestors. But you have to let it go and move on and stop expecting everything to be given to you in "special rights." Look at the successful blacks that have made it in this world. And how did they get that way. Not by lying back and wallowing in self pity and wanting the world handed to them on a silver platter. My ancestors here in the USA never owned a slave. We got ahead by being share croppers (and mistreated by the big MAN) but little by little and education my ancestors moved my branch into a better life. That is all it takes. Now you blacks that want to keep the race card alive are hurting your people on and on. When I was a teen in growing up and the schools were integrated I worked with the blacks doing this. I made signs and joined marches. No race should be kept down but now the black community is doing it to themselves on and on and turning the other races against them in doing this. Wake up, work hard and stop this bickering and expecting "special" rights. And by the way if a police man says hold up your hands or lie on the ground DO IT. I WOULD! But then I never will do anything to put myself in that predicament as I live by the law.
But now the NAACP is wanting the blacks to be treated special when being arrested. Okay so what happens when the criminal doesn't give up but runs or shoots? And this is exactly what the criminals are wanting so you better believe they are the ones out there hollering the loudest about being mistreated. Do you think your fellow blacks that live lawfully are wanting to uphold you criminals? No they want to live peacefully like the majority of whites and all races. BTW, have the NAACP look at the criminal whites that do not give it up when told to do so by the law enforcement. What happens to them? Same as with blacks or any race. Force is used.

To try to minimize American

To try to minimize American slavery by saying that everyone is doing it makes you ignorant. Were there "Viking only" water fountains? Were there laws put in place during the 21st century to continue control over whites? Are white being currently affected and profiled in Europe due to this human injustice? SHould the JEwsih be asked to get over the holocaust? SHould the Irish forget the brutal famine in Ireland which forced them to come to America? If youd suffered a great injustice would it be fair of me to ask you to get over it, when you continue to suffer that injustice?
You have the luxury of saying get over it because youre white. To ignore the fact that there does exist racism in America toward the black man, SIMPLy because hes black is to prove that some white people continue to be in denial,ignore the obvious and this ignorance continues to feed the very thriving prejudice that refuses to die in America.

We are not stupid, of course there was slavery all over the world, but Americans always have had a way of out doing the world, even when it comes to slavery. Regarding black on black a myth..crime is crime commited by criminals of all colors. Black on black crime is a term used to further criminalize blacks while deflecting the fact that people of all races, creeds and cultures are committing crimes in America regardless of race. WHen we consider all of the "white collar crimes" committed by that called white on white crime? When execs are found embezzling millions from investors and companies is that called white on white crime. America is the most hypocritical country in the world.

Someone needs to give the

Someone needs to give the NAACP a job. All they want to do is stir up trouble. They are no better than the "Thugs" that comit the crimes. Always causing trouble. Maybe if they go into those areas they can teach them not to rob and steal.

Take a hike , Barber!

The NAACP ( National Association of Always Complaining People ) consist of a group of race pimps , who exploit the dysfunctional black community. They never have any real solutions and perpetuate the serious plight of black men. Young black men will never be free from their self inflicted bondage by their unwillingness to assimilate into the civilized world. Their rejection of acquiring a sound education, dressing properly ,learning to speak without their ghetto dialect are serious impairments , living a disciplined lifestyle , and having family structure within their fatherless homes. If you want to be a victim you will always be a victim. Their future usually entails the prison or the cemetery.The NAACP is on par with the KKK. They do not want racial harmony because the Jessie Jackson's, Rev. Al Sharpetons and Rev. Barbers are always trolling for an opportunity. How about calling upon that racist Attorney General, Eric Holder , if you think there has been such an injustice carried out by a rogue police force. I stand by local law enforcement for looking out for the welfare of " law abiding " citizens. How about the FBI assessment that a local gang is looking to target law enforcement? Shame on the black religious community , you have no credibility in this town. Supposedly , you are the few leaders who can convey a serious message but go silent when the Race Pimp rolls into town. Do you sincerely stand with local law enforcement or with the Race Pimp?

NAACP helping?

Look what all they have done for Detroit.

I am a concerned white citizen of Wilmington

I am 54 yrs old, and white. Yet, I too have recently expressed concerns that it appears justice is being carried out on the streets, not the court rooms by our police dept and the NH Sheriffs department.

I mean let's get real here. A deputy gets shot in the leg and the whole police department and sheriffs dept, as well as many from other law enforcement agencies slam into Creekwood. The wooded area in Wrightsboro that this offender ran into is less than a half mile in diameter. If half of them had shown up there, he would not have been able to escape. A few hours, or even a few days later, he would have come out on his own, still alive.

Two deputies ran into that wooded area after him. They shot 23 rounds, hitting him nine times. He was not armed, so its apparent he did not shoot at them and bring them to a place of having to use deadly force to defend themselves, and he was laying on the ground when they pumped him full of bullets.

Sorry folks, this is not a white or black issue. It's an issue of excessive force being used to apprehend a alleged criminal (innocent until proven guilty by a court of law) and justice being dispensed by our law enforcement agencies not our courts.

This man is dead. We will only hear the officers side of what transpired in those woods. This will result in gang violence escalating, not diminishing. Respect for authority is already at a all time low for gang members, thugs, and the sort... this action does not enhance any form of public relations with them, that would result in a peaceful resolution. But instead will entice more gun related violence in Wilmington.

I believe that had this been one of their sons, brothers, etc, who had done such a thing and then ran into such a small area of woods...they would have found an alternative method of gaining a peaceful surrender and justice would be left to the courts.

Just my two cents worth.

Please allow your crack pipe to cool... before getting too awfully concerned. Save those last three brain cells and get back to reality here. Allow me to show you how it works as a FUGITVE that has shot a police officer. That person has very serious decisions to make, quickly:

"Turn yourself in...carefully with family and attorney surrounding you. Do not run, do not evade, turn yourself in with your hands high, open and clear!" The police made repeated requests to him and his family to get him to peacefully surrender. They didn't and he didn't and he is where he is. Are you able to follow this?

Basic fact number one: When a person intentionally pulls, aims, fires and shoots a police trained officer with a handgun, that person will kill anyone that gets in his way during his criminal activities! Could be YOUR mother, daughter or YOUR son! When an idiot continually runs when knowingly wanted, exactly as in this case, he faces very serious consequences. He was asked many times to surrender and HAVE his opportunity in court. He decided not to take that route, he decided to run. That, my fried brain friend, was HIS choice and the unfortunate result IS justice. Compassion for people is one thing, compassion for impulsive criminals with a death wish is yet another!

Finally someone willing to

Finally someone willing to state the obvious. It was the same in the Jim Crow era, wHite folks scared to acknowledge the obvious, despite the obvious. OF course they killed him because the cop was injured...If you must discuss issues, at least be honest about it. America had always been known to downplay their guilt while maximizing others..just as they had done the American Indian, who was labeled a savage and the black man labeled lazy during a time when blacks worked under harsh conditions for centuries...for free. Had the person running in the woods been white...the likelihood of him being shot at 23 times.....would have been slim to none.

That what I was trying to

That what I was trying to say in my previous posts but apparently I'm the racist one. Every citizen in Wilmington should come together regardless of race and stop the violence.

You can rest assured that the violence will stop quickly...

...when someone decides to attempt to kick my door in! This really has nothing to do with race, as you believe. It's all about protecting yourself against criminals that believe they have the right to violently TAKE anything of yours they force.

The criminals only care about themselves. I care about my family and myself. Is that little ringly-dingly bell soundin' off for ya yet?

Very well spoken. Its good

Very well spoken. Its good to know that some of us CAN see past the color of this incident!

this thug caused his own

this thug caused his own death by his actions.. by the way , were you in the swamp /woods with them when this happened? i didnt think so. get off your arm chair quarterback sofa and go be the police and then , only after 25 years , come and tell me what you would do. My 3 cents worth.

your three cents?

your three cents ? not even worth a penny.....fool you werent in the woods either so you can no more presume his guilt, than he can presume his innocence..unless you mean to say that hes guilty by the mere fact that hes black..then that makes you a nasty son of a kkk......Im sure youre dying to burn a cross right now arent you.....
Get off your high horse.....youre sh** stinks just like the rest of us......stop acting like your completely innocent of any wrong doing ever in your life. Im not even going to ask if youve ever been to court because we can only assume that black ppl are the only ones who commit crime right....there is nothing worse than an ignorant man..well, yes there ignorant lying one

What do you expect?

Whatdo you expect from this race-baiter and "moral monday" rabble rouzer? He now runs the NC Democrat Party and is a hero to the local New Hanover County Democrat Party. He is leading the effort to defeat Senator Thom Goolsby in the next election. He never criticizes the murderers, only the police. Kick this moron out of Wilmington!


Please fix your thinking, just because I may vote the same way the NAACP members do, does not mean I like them or what they stand for. Just like on both sides we have our crazies... Im a Dem and do not suport them or what they do, horrible people. Im sure Rep have their own groups ( westbro church ) hey like i said we both have our crazies.

Let's play devils advocate

I for one think the 3 guys at Pizza Hut DESERVE to be shot at.
They were carrying REAL weapons and charged AT the Police. ANYONE doing this sort of thing will rightfully get shot at. Why? Well, in my feeble mind if YOU are charging at me with a weapon I don't CARE if it's loaded or not I'm shooting you.
The guy in Creekwood however MAY be a different story.

Lets assume something.
Lets assume the Sheriff got shot by the other LEO - I DID say devils advocate here.
Assume he was running away from the Police who were just following his car.
IF in fact the he was running away AND the Sheriff was shot by another LEO did the Police have the right to shoot him in the woods two days later?
Lying down - out numbered 3 to 1 LEOs protected by trees and wearing ballistic vests.
Should they have shot the victim.
I STILL Say yes but I have some serious questions.

So play devils advocate - no race involved.


Vog Is Correct

Yep, Vog is correct, hands down. If you shoot at a officer, you will be shot. About the Creekwood incident, I need to read that story again. I was thinking about that incident that the man pulled out a weapon and started shooting at them. Then again, I could be wrong.

First the police said they

First the police said they were responding to an armed robbery in progress which was FALSE, then they admitted they were staking out the area. Its OBVIOUS, they were not staking out the area in UNIFORMS and with PATROL CARS! These "police" approached these individuals ARMED in street clothing making demands. Apparently these individuals thought they were in danger. FURTHERMORE, citizens have the right to carry CONCEALED WEAPONS, in which the article clearly states, they were CONCEALED and found after the fact.

ok yea i am sure a convicted

ok yea i am sure a convicted felon had a permit to carry a gun,if they were not up to no good they would have never run,i have never been in a car or on the street and run,why because I had not done anything wrong or even when I had been stopped for my tag out did it cross my mind to run, no i stayed got my ticket and went straight to get my tag,darn i guess i should have run and said they were harassing and was raciest to me cause the officer was black, but no i stayed and face the music and even thanked the officer and told him to have a great day.They all have a job to do,until you have walked in their shoes in any situation black or white you can't judge. I was raised to respect authority not color

@ VERY CONCERNED-- citizens

@ VERY CONCERNED-- citizens do not have the right to carry concealed 'weapons' only concealed 'handguns'. however, citizens can also 'open' carry as well, honest law abiding citizens. I guess you fail to understand what undercover means when working cases. Patrol cars that are marked and uniform officers are not used to 'stakeout' crime ridden areas of interest. as long as i am shouting POLICE, HANDS UP to THUGS that just ROBBED a place and people, they better do it!! and before i shout these demands, i do have some type of 'POLICE /DEPUTY LOGO that can I.D. myself to the THUGS providing that they CAN READ. i know the scales of justice lady is BLIND, but the old lady can still HEAR. you are a very SMALL MINDED PERSON . i am sure that is why they released from the test lab!!!

One skipped fact

Citizens that are not criminals have the right to carry concealed weapons. Criminals can't pass the required background check to obtain the necessary permit to legally conceal carry.

How sad, the criminals thought they were in danger. Boo hoo.

Nice try but fail.

One More Fact Skipped

These poor, mistaken, "citizens" pointed their guns at the manager, demanding money.