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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A Wilmington woman brought a little holiday cheer to the hillcrest community to bring local leaders and residents together. Sheriff Ed McMahon attended and took some time to talk to us about recent comments by the NAACP.

Thanksgiving came a little early to the Hillcrest community. For the 14th year in a row organizer Sylvia Colbert put together a Thanksgiving dinner for seniors and asked local leaders to join. Colbert says she invited local leaders in an effort to open the lines of communication.

Sheriff McMahon stopped by to enjoy the holiday festivities and talk with residents.

After NC NAACP President Rev. William Barber said yesterday the civil rights group is concerned officers are becoming the “judge, jury, and executioner,” we wanted to know his thoughts.

“Unfortunate. I mean it’s an incorrect feeling,” McMahon said. “You know, we welcome the SBI. We welcome the investigations. We ask for them.”

McMahon says along with Wilmington Police, they are working hard to keep our streets safe. He says one part of that is enforcement, but the other part is gaining the trust of the community.

McMahon says events like today’s at Hillcrest,where leaders and residents can come together, discuss issues and support each other, can make our community a safer place.

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  • tke1

    Barber’s moments of fame with the Moral Monday gig have faded away so he has to create another issue. Funny how you never hear of him questioning or counseling the gang members and other thugs about why they cannot act like civilized people, or is that a “racist” attitude to expect them to shed the gang culture for a life that would co-exist with the rest of the community and society in general.
    All you folks who are “amening” Mr. Barber need to get his cellphone number and call him when shots ring out in your neighbor hood. Let him respond and locate the shooters and show how the cops should bring them to justice.

  • Goes to work

    The naacp is The most one sided orginization. These are violent dangerous offenders who either tried to kill the police, robbed at gun point scared citizens in public, or in their own homes. They got killed because they put police and innocent people in harms way, sounds like they were their own judge, jury, and executioner. Alot of people go to work, pay their bills, and don’t commit violent crime, they don’t seem to have these problems.

    Where is the naacp’s outcry for the actual real victims when these same people shot at and robbed them? And to be clear, all the news sources confirmed that the ones who got killed were either the ones who shot at police or were robbing someone.

  • Jasper Fant

    I recommend that the NAACP organize neighborhood watch programs for defined areas. They can monitor and observe suspicious behavior and call the police when they deem it necessary. It would be much more effective than spending excessive time seeking out the media for favorable coverage.

  • Roger K

    So the NAACP doesn’t like officers shooting armed punks robbing a pizza joint and putting many lives at risk?
    Too Bad

  • Doesn’t commit crimes

    The naacp is one sided. Violent armed criminals got killed while commuting violent crimes. Where is the naacp’s outcry for the actual innocent people these people harm?

  • Curious

    Where was Ralph ? Probably on monster.com .

  • wandap

    I didn’t see where Barber or Maxwell attended.Oh, I know.that would be contrary to their goals. They should support the Sheriff and law enforcement instead of criticizing efforts to make communities safe. They want to keep chaos in the communities by encouraging violence and gang activities. Just got to keep something stirred up!

  • SurfCityTom

    “McMahon says events like today’s at Hillcrest,where leaders and residents can come together, discuss issues and support each other, can make our community a safer place.”

    The politician is speaking now with re-election in mind.

    When the parents get off their duffs and accept accountability for all of the little gun toting gang bangers; when grandparents start questioning why the 16 year old is out all night and not in school; when the baby machines stop production; and when WHA starts policing the projects and limits residency to those who apply and are eligible, then perhaps the community will be a safer place.

    The authorities are making the best effort possible. They have mandated state oversight and ineffective DAs to deal with.

    Now they have to contend with the NAACP and its band of clowns.

  • Vog46

    I must have missed something.
    The NAACP, according to even your posts is doing a record breaking job this year in Wilmington so I don’t know why you complain about it.
    More crime equals more success
    The National Association for the Advancement of Crime Perpetrators.

    Isn’t that right?


  • Theresa

    Whether it is this article, or the one that was written about the Pastor in Wilmington who stood for for the police and the need to keep families safe, it is so encouraging to read stories such as this that show the good that is in the hearts of people on all sides.

    Keeping people safe and keeping in mind that there are so many families that need help and need to know that those they love are safe is so important. Thank you to all those in law enforcement who are doing their best to do so, and to all the families that love their children and are just doing their best to raise them. And thank you for publishing this story!

    May God Bless you all, each and every one.


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