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UPDATE: Police looking for 5 robbery suspects armed with shotgun, pistol


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Wilmington Police are searching for five suspects who they say robbed several people at gunpoint after breaking into an apartment late last night.

It happened around 10:30 p.m. at 603 Tulane Drive in The Glen Apartments. Police say three black men dressed in dark hoodies and masks and two black women were armed with a shotgun and pistol.

Police say when the group of robbers forced their way into one of the units in the complex, there were six people inside the apartment.

According to a 911 call, the suspects got away in a silver or gray Toyota Camry.

One of the victims was hit in the head during the robbery, and police say the person was taken to the hospital to be treated for the head injury. When the group of suspects took off, they got away with electronics a small amount of money, according to police.

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Asked and answered

This is why the police have been shooting people. They are violent dangerous criminals. They do not follow laws or morality, they will hurt others just for their own pleasure. Most of us work everyday and don't go do robberies in people's homes.

I'm guessing the naacp will support these people too, and speak negatively of the police. it seems all they speak up for are criminals. Where are all the naacp's outburst when actual victims are harmed? Never heard it.

Neglecting to report facts

I understand that there is tension within Wilmington neighborhoods and the housing projects contained within the city limits. WWAY HAS CHOSEN NOT TO REPORT THE DESCRIPTION OF THESE CRIMINALS. By researching other news reports, they could have provided the public with helpful information regarding not one...but five criminals that broke into someone's home. This is not news, do not candy coat the fact or lack of. Your duty is to find out and report the facts. I could have found this out on my own by looking at a police report. Report facts and let the public decide. At least let us the description of these thugs!

please be white

What if this crew is white? What then wilmington?

They're not

We all know they're not

hate whites much?

Probably the most dumbest comment have seen in a while. The descrption is out 3black men 2 black females. Sound familar?

well if you check out mr

well if you check out mr barber so call head of the naacp u find them with him.

Get a few more thugs off the street

"We want to ban guns so the bad guys can't get ahold of them". If anything, the victims would have been better off if they did have guns. It's time that the good guys show the bad guys a thing or two about bullying. They better be glad that they didn't come in my house. When the WPD finds these thugs and they don't give in, it's possible that the cops will have to shoot inorder to protect themselves but the NAACP will say that's unlawful. And if the people are white, I want to know where the lady who said "NAACP is for all people" is sitting.


Can we as the public get more descriptions beyond 3 men and 2 women?

If the police don't give it at first call them up.

I see this time and time again...crime committed but only description is male or female.

If law enforcement is getting 100's of thousands of dollars creating a task force against crime and they can't even give the public up to date descriptions of dangerous criminals to be aware of something is seriously wrong.

Hide your women, hide your

Hide your women, hide your children, hide your husbands....they robbin' errbody out there....

I hope

I hope the police shoot and eliminate these losers too!

The world won't miss these leeches either. But I bet their people will say how wonderful these morons are!
I just wish they would break into my house!


Maybe the NAACP can help them search.

Where was Reverand Barber

and all of his NAACP minions? They could have joined in the search; and had the armed desperados been located, they could have stepped forward and shown how to disarm desperados quickly and peacefully. Or, they could have acted as shields for the police officers had the desperados decided they wanted to remain armed.

Funny how the NAACP only raises its head during the day and not at night when most of the thugs and desperados are armed and on the prowl.

And so it continues

I say WPD needs to shoot a few more of these guys for us

Thats just mere feet away

Thats just mere feet away from UNCW!

Somebody better call the

Somebody better call the NAACP.


Quick! Tell the reverend! Maybe the NAACP has an opinion on this! If you ask them those white residents instigated the problem having stuff they worked for-damn them! Maybe this is an infringement on their rights - isn't this a new "dear leader" program? The Obama-gun program for mutts?